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Bone Flayer
Location Betnikh,
Antediluvian VaultsImperial City, Traitor's Vault Summerset, Fang LairFang Lair
Defense Force Outpost, Hidden Moon Crypts Elsweyr
Kagnthamz, Greymoor Keep Greymoor, Bloodrun Cave Blackwood
Race Skeleton Gender No Gender
Health 13846
32515 (Cyrodiil)
62200 (Shada's Tear), 205724 (Zal'ik summon)
31364 (necromancer summons, Imperial Sewers)Imperial City
Normal(?)Veteran64808 (Fang Lair), Normal(?)Veteran18455 (Thurvokun) Dragon Bones
22402 (summoned by Baxilt-Gah)Murkmire
Reaction Hostile Class Feral
Bone Flayer

Bone Flayers are diminutive skeletons which can be found throughout Tamriel.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

A series of quick swipes.
Rending Slash
Devastating Leap
Enemy will leap at the target, knocking them down. The attack is blockable.

Bone Flayer
Location Malabal Tor, in a cave northeast of the bridge leading north out of Tanglehaven, Western Skyrim,Labyrinthian
Race Skeleton Gender No Gender
Health 60370
Reaction Hostile Class Foot Soldier
Bone Flayer

Three Bone Flayers wearing Imperial-style armor can be found in a cave northeast of the bridge leading north out of Tanglehaven. They are guarding a keg, a heavy sack and a chest. These Bone Flayers are foot soldiers.


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