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(RefID: 000A3168)
Location Cloud Ruler Temple
Race Breton Gender Male
Level PC+2 (range=15-25) Class Blade Class
RefID 000A3168 BaseID 000A3165
Other Information
Health 40 + (6+2.6)x(PC+1), PC=3-17
Magicka 175 + 1.5x(PC+1) (max=300)
Responsibility 100 Aggression 5
Faction(s) Weynon Priory Citizen; Blades Grandmaster(Grandmaster); Chorrol Citizen
Ferrum at Cloud Ruler Temple

Ferrum is a Breton Blade residing in Cloud Ruler Temple, the haven of the Blades found in the Jerall Mountains north of Bruma.

While the other Blades spend the majority of their waking hours guarding the Temple, Ferrum practically lives in the Temple Armory, tirelessly building up his sword skills on the training dummy in the southeastern corner of the room. After 4 hours of sleep on his mat in the East Wing, at 6am he heads for the armory and pulls out his katana as soon as he arrives. He will continue to hack away at the dummy for a whopping thirteen hours; taking a one-hour break at midday and relaxing on the nearby stool. After another hour-long breather, at 8pm he starts to pace around the Armory until his late bedtime at 2am.

Ferrum wears an almost complete set of Blades armor, including a cuirass, shield, boots, greaves, and gauntlets. In combat, he wields an Akaviri katana. Before going to bed, he un-equips his armor and slips into a more comfortable brown shirt and light brown linens. He only carries whatever clothing he is not wearing and a small amount of gold.


Upon being greeted, he will always tell you he's too busy to speak with you and will point you to other Blades with one of these three randomly selected rejections:

"Please forgive me, but I'm afraid I haven't got time to talk right now. One of the other Blades should be able to assist you. Try Jena or Steffan."
"Sorry, but I'm too busy to talk right now. Try one of the other Blades. Perhaps Roliand or Cyrus?"
"I haven't time to talk right now, I'm afraid. But I'm sure one of the other Blades can help. Try speaking with Belisarius, or Caroline."


  • Ferrum was supposed to eat for five hours in the Great Hall, starting at 8pm. However, the conditions on the package specify that it will only occur if you haven't started Paradise and have finished Light the Dragonfires. Because the two conditions are obviously conflicting, he will simply wander around the Armory.