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Morrowind:Resist Magicka

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MW-icon-effect-Resist Magicka.jpg Resist Magicka
School Restoration
Type Defensive
Base Cost 2
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Built-in Potions
Magic Apparel

Resist Magicka M% for D seconds

Resist Magicka decreases the damage or other negative effects done by most spell effects.

These include Absorb Health, Damage Health, Drain Health, Absorb Fatigue, Damage Fatigue, Drain Fatigue, Absorb Attribute, Damage Attribute, Drain Attribute, Absorb Skill, Damage Skill, Drain Skill, Blind, Burden, Sound, Silence, Calm, Charm, Command, Demoralize, Frenzy, and any Weakness to Element effects. It protects from the effects of disease as well, as all diseases apply only these resisted effects.

This does not resist Fire Damage, Frost Damage, Shock Damage, or Poison. It does not protect against Paralyze.

Some races possess a natural Resist Magicka effect. Bretons are 50% resistant to magicka, and Orcs are 25% resistant. High Elves have 50% Weakness to Magicka, so you may want spells and items with Resist Magicka when playing as a High Elf.


  • Certain magical items have negative effects which can be resisted, but Resist Magicka will not nullify the positive effects.
  • Creating a custom 100% Resist Magicka spell that lasts 1 second costs around 140 gold. Opening the inventory immediately after casting this spell will allow time to equip constant effect items and resist their negative effects for the remaining time the items are equipped. This trick is most popular to use with the Boots of Blinding Speed.
  • Once Resist Magicka reaches 100%, it's the only type of resistance that can't be broken by a Weakness effect, since Weakness is itself a magicka type spell.
  • Several artifacts and unique items make Resist Magicka available as a constant effect:

Related EffectsEdit

Alchemy IngredientsEdit

The following ingredients can be used to create potions of Resist Magicka:

* This is a first-effect ingredient, so just eating them raw will give you a small dose of the effect.