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Morrowind:Damage Fatigue

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MW-icon-effect-Damage Fatigue.jpg Damage Fatigue
School Destruction
Type Offensive
Base Cost 4
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Magic Apparel

Damage Fatigue M points

Permanently lowers the Fatigue of the target by M points. If the target's Fatigue is reduced below 0, they will pass out and collapse to the ground. Additionally, fatigued opponents are less effective at combat and spellcasting. Fatigue can be restored with a Restore Fatigue effect, by resting, or simply waiting, as it regenerates naturally over time.


  • Spells that reduce fatigue will not cause the value to be reduced below zero, so it is not possible to knock down a target with spells alone. One must give the final blow with physical combat to knock the opponent out.
  • There are a few quests - one in each of the two expansions - which require you to knock out an opponent without physically harming them. While you're expected to use your fists, if you lack skill in this respect, a Damage Fatigue or Drain Fatigue spell is a much faster way to accomplish this.

Related EffectsEdit

Alchemy IngredientsEdit

Only one ingredient in the game has a Damage Fatigue effect. Since there is only one, and since it is not a first-effect ingredient, it is impossible to get this effect via alchemy without 3rd-party mods.