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Artifact: Wraithguard (wraithguard / wraithguard_jury_rig)
(lore page)
Type Right Gauntlet (Left for jury_rig)
Armor Rating Rating 80 (266 Max)
Armor Rating Rating 80 (266 Max) Health Health 400
Weight Weight 15 (Heavy) Value Value 500,000
(10,000 for jury_rig)
Constant Effect
Shield Shield 10 pts on Self
Resist Blight Disease Resist Blight Disease 50% on Self
Reflect Reflect 20% on Self
Resist Shock Resist Shock 10% on Self
Resist Fire Resist Fire 10% on Self
Resist Frost Resist Frost 10% on Self
Resist Magicka Resist Magicka 10% on Self
Resist Poison Resist Poison 10% on Self

Wraithguard is a legendary gauntlet crafted by the Dwemer Tonal Architect Lord Kagrenac, in order to handle Keening and Sunder. Together they make the tools necessary to handle the Heart of Lorkhan.

The right gauntlet is given to you by Vivec during the Main Quest. Alternatively, you can kill Vivec and have the Unique Dwemer Artifact glove found on his corpse activated as Wraithguard by Yagrum Bagarn, though not without some serious consequences for the player character due to a bug.

See the Hortator and Nerevarine quest for more information.


  • You can complete the Main Quest line without Wraithguard; it is just more difficult, since you will lose health continuously (50-125 damage/sec with 0% Resist Magicka) while using Keening or Sunder.
  • The second item ID is the one for a Wraithguard activated by Bagarn from the Unique Dwemer Artifact glove you get from killing Vivec. This version is left-handed, and has the appearance of a Daedric Left Gauntlet when worn.
  • The Resist Blight Disease effect is only significant if Wraithguard is obtained by killing Vivec; at the point in the Main Quest when Vivec would give you Wraithguard voluntarily, you would already have 100% resistance.
  • Wraithguard appears as an unobtainable card during "The Tools", a quest in the Legends story expansion, Return to Clockwork City. It also appears in the Sunder & Wraithguard Creation for Skyrim.