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Morrowind:Shock Damage

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MW-icon-effect-Shock Damage.jpg Shock Damage
School Destruction
Type Offensive
Base Cost 7
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Magic Weapons
Magic Apparel

Shock Damage M points for D seconds

Damages the target using shock by M points for D seconds.


  • Shock Damage is more expensive to cast than Fire or Frost Damage, but far fewer enemies are resistant to shock (only Nords, and Storm Atronachs resist it without resisting everything), so it's likely to be more universally useful for enchantments.
    • Many premade magic items that deal Shock Damage are equally as effective as their Fire and Frost Damage dealing counterparts for no extra cost.
  • For spellcasting, consider having a spell that deals Fire Damage and a separate spell that deals Frost Damage instead: Few enemies resist both Fire and Frost without also resisting Shock.

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