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Morrowind:Absorb Fatigue

Morrowind: Spell Effects
MW-icon-effect-Absorb Fatigue.jpg Absorb Fatigue
School Mysticism
Type Offensive
Base Cost 4
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Magic Apparel
Veloth's Judgement
Vampiric Ring

Absorb Fatigue M points for D seconds

Transfers Fatigue from the target to the caster, tiring the target and revitalizing the caster. The caster may not exceed their own natural maximum Fatigue value, but even if the caster is at full Fatigue, casting this spell will still drain the target's Fatigue.


  • If this effect is Reflected by the target, the target does not absorb Fatigue from the caster. Rather, the spell simply drains and replenishes the caster in equal amounts, essentially having no end effect.
  • This effect can be devastating when used during a Hand-to-hand fight.

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