Morrowind: Spell Effects
MW-icon-effect-Blind.jpg Blind
School Illusion
Type Offensive
Base Cost 1
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Blind M% for D seconds
Causes the target's vision to be obscured, making it harder for them to see. The Magnitude is the degree of blindness. At 100%, they will be completely unable to see anything. However, as a hostile effect, they will still try to find and attack you. If you are within melee range, they may still be able to attack and hit you. If you attack a blinded opponent, they may attempt to flee. A blinded object (should) have a lower hit rate and a decreased ability to spot sneaking targets.


  • When the player is affected with 100% Blind the screen turns black.
  • Raising your monitor's brightness and gamma (not the game's) can help if you're the victim of a Blind spell.
  • While Blind affects the player's vision itself, it does not turn off the Mini Map.
  • Resist Magicka effects deter Blind's effect. One such example is on the Boots of Blinding Speed, which can be worn from the beginning without complete blindness if the wearer is a Breton or an Orc due to their natural resistance to magic.


Related EffectsEdit

Alchemy IngredientsEdit

The following alchemy ingredients will give you the Blind effect:

Since there are only 2 ingredients with this effect, all you need to be sure of is not to use both of these together in any potion (not likely, since they don't share any other effects). The only thing to be careful of is not to eat Bristleback Leather straight, since it is a first-effect ingredient.