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Tribunal box art
Setting Mournhold, Morrowind
Time Period 3E 427
Developer Bethesda Softworks
Release Date
6 Nov 2002 (NA)
Xbox (GotY)
Release Date
31 Oct 2003 (NA)

The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal is the first expansion pack for Morrowind, followed by Bloodmoon. It is set in Mournhold, a Temple city within the capital of the Dunmer homeland of Morrowind. Drawn to the city, the Nerevarine finds themselves involved with two opposing forces—the ambitious new king Hlaalu Helseth seeking to establish his authority amidst the controversy of his coronation, and the divine Almalexia eager to retain the grasp on her people. The machinations and intrigues of both sides draw the Nerevarine deep into the sewers, caves, and ruins under Mournhold, and to a place lost to Tamriel itself.

Tribunal was released for Windows on 6 November 2002, and was packaged into the Morrowind Game of the Year Edition released for Windows and Xbox on 31 October 2003.

Today, Tribunal is playable as part of the Morrowind Game of the Year Edition available digitally for Windows from Steam and, and for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S from the Microsoft Store (also being included with Xbox Game Pass). The physical Xbox releases of the Game of the Year editions is backwards-compatible with Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Quest Information

  • Quests — All quests that can be embarked upon in the expansion

Gameplay Information

  • Quick Info — Overview of the Tribunal expansion pack
  • Hints — All sorts of game playing tips and hints to help you enjoy the game more
  • Items — Details on all the new items added by the expansion
  • Souls — A list of new souls to trap in Tribunal
  • Spells — A list of new spells to learn in Tribunal

World Information

  • Creatures — A list of the new creatures added by the expansion
  • Factions — Information on the different factions of Tribunal
  • Maps — A complete overview of Mournhold, and the sewers and ruins that lie beneath
  • People — All of the named individuals in Mournhold
    • NPC Classes — Unique classes for NPCs in the expansion
  • Places — The city of Mournhold, as well as sewers, ruins, and other locations in Tribunal
  • Services — Services offered by citizens of Mournhold

Technical Information

Miscellaneous Information

  • Credits — The list of those credited for working on Tribunal
  • Easter Eggs — A list of Easter eggs and other oddities in Tribunal
  • Glitches — Known glitches and oversights in Tribunal
  • Wallpapers — Official wallpapers, available in various sizes

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