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Red-tinted Blight storms carry the Blight far beyond Red Mountain

The Blight is a weather phenomenon originating from Red Mountain. Dense red ash storms called "blight storms" rage from behind the Ghostfence, spilling out into the Ashlands. Those who come into contact with blight storms become infected with one of four Blight diseases. Infected animals become stronger, uglier, and more aggressive, making travel in Blight-prone areas dangerous. The Blight can also affect people in much the same way; angry, twisted husks have been shambling out from beneath Red Mountain, bringing death and disease along with them. The Ghostfence was erected to prevent the Blight from consuming all of Vvardenfell, and to try to prevent Blighted creatures from easily finding their way out to the rest of the island. Dagoth Ur is believed to be responsible for the occurrence of the Blight.

Blight storms look and behave like ash storms. The difference is that the dust kicked up by ash storms is grey, while Blight storms possess a vicious, ruddy hue.

Blight DiseasesEdit

For more information, see the main lore article.

The greatest, and most obscure, threat is the Blight, a mysterious weather-like phenomenon emanating from the crater of Dagoth Ur, warping and poisoning creatures in its path, and creating diseased horrors that attack travelers and outlying settlements.
—A Savant

You cannot actually contract Blight diseases just by spending time in a blight storm. Instead you may contract them when fighting Blighted creatures, which were themselves infected by the storms. Blighted creatures are most often encountered in the Ashlands, and are guaranteed to be found inside the Ghostfence. The following Blighted creatures can be encountered while out and about:

Additionally, kwama foragers, kwama warriors, and kwama workers are especially susceptible to the Blight. They aren't named as such, but be wary when entering a Blighted kwama mine.

The Weakness to Blight Disease effect reduces a target's resistance to Blight diseases, while the Resist Blight Disease effect increases an affected individual's resistance to Blight diseases.

Blight diseases can't be cured by regular cure common disease spells and potions. Natives try and avoid exposure to the Blight, and wear special protective garments when traveling in regions exposed to Blight storms. Those infected can be cured by praying at Temple shrines, as well as the use of special potions and spells of Cure Blight Disease. Only two ingredients can be used to create Cure Blight Disease potions: ash salts and scrib jelly.

See Blight Diseases for more information.

Related QuestsEdit

  • Cure Blight: Deliver three Cure Blight potions to an alchemist in Tel Vos.


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