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Wraiths are a type of powerful and aggressive spirit which can be formed naturally from individuals who have suffered from a great injustice or from those that have left important work undone. Necromancers have also discovered methods by which to create these hateful spectres and enslave them as guardians.[1]

Some wraiths are described as being the spirits of long dead mages, trapped into this state of existence either by circumstances of their death or by being called by a powerful wizard and are often found guarding objects or patrolling certain areas. They are known to cast spells, see invisible foes and attack those that trespass into their domain.[2]

Wraiths are known by the people of Tamriel as beings that haunt tombs and lurk in the dark, being featured even in children stories as creatures that will deliver doom.[3] The fear of wraiths exists even amongst the ranks of the Dark Brotherhood due to the Wrath of Sithis, a type of wraith sometimes sent against the members of the organization of assassins who break their Five Tenets, which are the greatest rules of the group. This kind of wraith being sent is said to be a worse punishment than expulsion for the traitors of the Brotherhood and breaking each of the five rules can allow for the Wrath to be sent.[4][5]

Faded wraiths are a less powerful form of wraith.


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