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Oblivion:The Forlorn Watchman (quest)

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Lay to rest the spirit of a former sailor.
Quest Giver: Gilgondorin in Bravil
Location(s): Bravil, Bawnwatch Camp, Mouth of the Panther
Reward: Various treasure
Fame/Infamy: Fame +1
ID: MS06
The Forlorn Watchman, watching forlornly

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Ask about rumors in town and hear about the ghost.
  2. Talk to Gilgondorin about the ghost.
  3. Speak with the ghost to learn about the Mouth of the Panther.
  4. Ask Gilgondorin about the Mouth of the Panther.
  5. Visit the Mouth of the Panther, and discover the wrecked Emma May.
  6. Make your way through the wreck, taking out the ethereal undead on the way, until you reach the cabin's log book.
  7. After reading the log, reach the lower level, and defeat the leader.
  8. Take the leader's key to unlock the last room.
  9. Free Blakely's corpse, and his ghost appears. He tells you to take the map to lead you to underwater treasure.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Ghost of the ShoresEdit

A rumor in Bravil tells of a ghost that walks the shores of Niben Bay each night. Speak to the proprietor of the Silverhome on the Water inn, Gilgondorin, to find out more.

Gilgondorin will direct you to Bawnwatch Camp, where the ghost appears each night at 8pm.

Confront a GhostEdit

Go to Bawnwatch Camp and observe the ghost. After a short pause the ghost will begin his lonely trek around the water's edge. Follow him to a spot near Fort Irony.

Once the ghost stops, speak with him to learn that he was once Grantham Blakely. He cryptically states that he now lies "stuck in the Mouth of the Panther". He will then ask that you release him. Return to Gilgondorin to inquire about the Mouth of the Panther. He will inform you that it is the place where the Panther River empties into the Niben Bay. Several rocks protrude from the surface like teeth, earning the area its name. He will also inform you that it is a treacherous place for ships. A marker noting its location will be added to your map.

Mouth of the PantherEdit

Locate the wreck of the Emma May and enter the ship through a crack in the hull. The wreck is inhabited by ethereal undead (ghosts or wraiths, depending on your level).

After entering, open the door directly ahead. On a table within the cabin lies a log book, whose contents describe a mutiny that had taken place during a great storm. Against the mutineers, the Captain and Grantham Blakely stood alone. When the mutiny succeeded, the mutinous crew sought refuge in the Mouth of the Panther, only to run aground. All perished in the wreck. Make your way down to the mid-level of the hull, fighting past the ethereal spirits of the crew, and eventually to the lower level, where you will be attacked by Gable the Traitor, the gloom wraith spirit of the mutiny's leader.

Free BlakelyEdit

After defeating the traitor, take the Small Key from his remains and unlock the final room of the wrecked ship. Within you will find Grantham Blakely's corpse chained to a pillar. Upon releasing Blakely from his bonds, his ghost will appear and thank you.

Grantham Blakely's treasure map

He also tells you to look on the floor for a map, behind the remains of his body. The map indicates the location of some treasure, which Grantham wishes you to find in recompense for his salvation. The map marker will direct you to cross the winding Panther River, heading due east, where you will discover the treasure underwater near Black Dog Camp lodged between rocks. Swim southwest from the boat at the bandit camp, and you should find a group of four rocks on the bottom; the chest is between the rocks.

The non-respawning chest contains leveled loot consisting of:

  • One empty soul gem
  • Two unenchanted rings
  • Two unenchanted pieces of jewelry (rings or amulets)
  • Six gems and/or silver nuggets
  • 60-2235 gold
  • One leveled magical weapon


  • There is no need to return to Gilgondorin for information about the Mouth of the Panther if you carefully observe the direction the Forlorn Watchman is pointing; by walking in this direction, you will eventually notice a landmark icon appear on your compass, which will lead you to your destination.
  • It is not technically necessary to speak to Gilgondorin in order to complete the quest; being at Bawnwatch Camp after 8pm allows the remainder of the quest to fall into place.
  • You can avoid following the Watchman on his long trek along the southern coast of the bay if you simply encounter him at Fort Irony.
  • It is possible, particularly if you fast travel to Bawnwatch Camp late at night, for the Watchman to start the trek late. If morning arrives before he completes his journey, he will disappear and you will have to wait to continue the quest until that evening. It is therefore recommended that you arrive at Bawnwatch Camp as close to 8pm as possible.


  • Gable the Traitor is not categorized as a member of the undead faction. Therefore, if you get the other creatures in the ship to follow you down to his level (e.g., by running through the first two levels and getting them to chase you), they are likely to attack Gable instead of you. Gable is stronger than the other undead in the ship, and therefore generally wins, but in the meantime you have an opportunity to attack him while he is distracted.
  • Killing Gable and taking the key will lead to the journal message mentioning the log book even if you never read it. Reading the log book afterwards does not add that entry into your journal.
  • You can run into Blakely's ghost and hear his plea to free his soul without talking to Gilgondorin. This breaks the quest since you can no longer ask Gilgondorin about the ghost himself, only the directions to the Mouth of the Panther. But if you do not speak to Gilgondorin about the ghost, neither the log book nor, more importantly, Gable the Traitor appears, and without the latter, you cannot get the key to open the door leading to the skeleton. You can fix this by using console command "setstage MS06 18" on PC. ?

Journal EntriesEdit

The Forlorn Watchman (MS06)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I've heard a rumor about the ghost of an old man who walks the shores of Niben Bay at night. It's said that he walks slowly along the coast, and then looks mournfully out into the Bay until the sun rises. The people of Bravil have taken to calling him 'the Forlorn Watchman'. I was referred to Gilgondorin at Silverhome-on-the-Water to learn more.
18 Gilgondorin told me that the Forlorn Watchman appears at Bawnwatch Camp every night at 8 on the shore of Niben Bay. He was very helpful, and even marked the camp's location on my map. Perhaps I should make my way out there and see what this local legend is all about.
20 The ghostly figure of the Forlorn Watchman has appeared on the shore of Niben Bay. Perhaps I should watch him for a bit and see what he does.
30 The ghost stopped its somber walk at a rocky outcropping jutting into Niben Bay. He identified himself as Grantham Blakeley, and simply said "Look for me in the mouth of the panther. Please, release me." Then it turned back out to the Bay and looked out over the water. I think it was looking that way specifically. I should try and ask Gilgondorin about the "mouth of the panther". (If the player found out about the ghost from Gilgondorin) or

The ghost stopped its somber walk at a rocky outcropping jutting into Niben Bay. He identified himself as Grantham Blakeley, and simply said "Look for me in the mouth of the panther. Please, release me." Then it turned back out to the Bay and looked out over the water. I think it was looking that way specifically. Perhaps someone in Bravil would know more about this spirit and the "mouth of the panther". (If the player did not talk to Gilgondorin in advance)

40 Gilgondorin said that the "mouth of the panther" is a reference to the old nautical term for the Panther River and the delta where it meets Niben Bay. The name was given to it by sailors because of the pointed rock formations jutting from the water that vaguely resemble teeth. He added its location to my map. I should make my way over there to unravel Grantham's cryptic message.
50 I've arrived at the Mouth of the Panther. Beyond the tooth-like rocks is the remains of a small cargo ship named the Emma May that looks like it sank a long time ago. I should investigate this wreck.
60 In the wreck of the Emma May, a spirit attacked me. The vessel seems completely infested with them. I suspect them to be the remains of the Emma May's crew. Why this happened to them puzzles me. I should press forward and investigate further.
70 I've discovered the logbook of the Emma May. It appears that at some point, there was a mutiny and the ship was diverted from its course. Two men tried to stop the mutiny, but were imprisoned below decks. Seeking shelter from a bad storm, the ship pulled into what looked like a safe cove. That was the last entry. I fear that they didn't see the rocks of the Mouth of the Panther and ran aground. I should continue investigating.
80 I've found a key in the remains of Gable, the traitor named in the Emma May's log. I should search the Emma May for a lock to match.
90 I've found a skeleton chained to the wall in the lowest deck of the Emma May. I believe these to be the remains of Grantham Blakeley. I should use the key I found to unlock his shackles.
100 The ghost of Grantham Blakeley appeared after I unlocked the shackles. He thanked me for freeing him and said to take the map concealed somewhere in this room. I think the map leads to the old man's treasure. I should take the map and leave this place. My work here is done.
110 I now have Grantham's map in my possession. With it, I should be able to find the location of his treasure.
120 Yes  Grantham's map has led me to a treasure chest concealed among some rocks. This must be where Grantham hid his belongings while he was at sea. He has passed this on to me now, as a reward for helping free his spirit.
  • Not all Journal Entries may appear in your journal; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the quest is done.
  • Stages are not always in order of progress. This is usually the case with quests that have multiple possible outcomes or quests where certain tasks may be done in random order.
  • If an entry is marked as "Finishes Quest" it means the quest disappears from the Active Quest list, but you may still receive new entries for that quest.
  •   It is possible to use the console to advance through the quest by entering setstage MS06 stage, where stage is the number of the stage you wish to complete. It is not possible to un-complete (i.e. go back) quest stages. See SetStage for more information.