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Prince Naemon
ON-npc-Prince Naemon.jpg
Prince Naemon during the Alliance War
Race Altmer Gender Male
Died 2E 582
Resided in Alinor
Appears in ESO

Prince Naemon was the eldest son of King Hidellith and Kinlady Tuinden. Upon the disappearance of his elder sister Ayrenn, he was named heir in her stead. He studied the Royal Ceremoniarchy for nearly ten years to prepare for his future rule,[1] and in 2E 575 he matriculated into the Sapiarchs' Labyrinth. He was noted to seemingly delight in the traditional responsibilities required of an heir. When King Hidellith passed in 2E 580, Naemon made preparations to speak the eighty-eight day Coronation Liturgy, which would enable him to inherit the throne. However, Ayrenn made an unexpected return and claimed the throne of Alinor, assuming the position on the 7th of Frost Fall.[2]

At some point, Naemon married High Kinlady Estre, the canonreeve of Skywatch. During the Alliance War of 2E 582, he and Estre accompanied Queen Ayrenn in her visitations to Aldmeri Dominion territory, and eventually Ayrenn ordered Estre's death for leading the Veiled Heritance, an Altmeri nationalist group. He was visibly distressed by Estre's death, but carried on to make preparations for Ayrenn's ratification ceremony in the Orrery of Elden Root. He used the opportunity to betray his sister and entered the heart of the Orrery. The Orrery painfully transformed him into an ogrim, which made him fly into a rage. He was soon killed.[3] Queen Ayrenn covered up the truth of her brother's demise, and claimed that Naemon died a hero.[4]

However, his corpse was taken by his devoted attendant, Vicereeve Pelidil, who assumed leadership of the remnants of the Veiled Heritance and stole the Staff of Magnus from its vault in Marbruk. Using its power, he returned Naemon from the dead as a lich to lead armies of undead and unleash corruption in Greenshade, with plans to supplant all of Valenwood with a realm of darkness known as the Shadow Wood. Using the Staff, Naemon attempted to corrupt the Heart of Valenwood in the Ayleid ruins of Hectahame. However, his shade was ultimately destroyed by Dominion forces who infiltrated the ruins.[3]

In death, Naemon's soul was claimed by Molag Bal, who brought him to his palace of Heart's Grief in Coldharbour to be tortured for all eternity, trapped beneath a sheet of ice. The Five Companions encountered him here, but were unable to free him from his torment.[5] However, his spirit is believed to have eventually passed on to Aetherius.[6][7]


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