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Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province Valenwood
Subregions Green Hall
Long Coast
Tarlain Heights
Appears in ESO
Grahtwood circa 2E 582

Grahtwood, previously known as the Kingdom of Grahtwood,[1][2] is a large region which forms southeastern Valenwood. Much of it is covered in impenetrable jungle, though a western portion of the region was devastated by Molag Bal circa 1E 2920 and has never recovered. The Tarlain Heights lie west of Green Hall, and the coastal region south of both areas is known as Longcoast. Many cities and settlements can be found in Grahtwood, including Haven, Cormount, Goldfolly, Southpoint, and Elden Root. Historically, the walking city Falinesti settled in Grahtwood during the winter.[3]

Many races besides the Bosmer have made Grahtwood their home. Orc strongholds are not unheard of, and numerous Ayleid ruins dot the landscape.[3] The Bosmer have allowed both Imperials and Argonians to establish autonomous settlements in their land.[4] In fact, men have been coming from Cyrodiil to seek great wealth from Grahtwood's resources since the First Era.[2][5] Non-native Bosmer who return to their ancestral homeland are frequently drawn to Grahtwood. As a result, relations between them and native Bosmer are particularly tense in the region, and this has often led to conflict. In 2E 489, the Blacksap Movement was founded with the aim of formalizing the Bosmeri approach to the Green Pact, and thereby prevent any further violent "misunderstandings" between the two groups.[6]


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