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Lore:Isle of Balfiera

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Isle of Balfiera
Type Island
Continent Tamriel
Province High Rock
Region Iliac Bay
Demonym(s) Balfieran[1]
Appears in Daggerfall, ESO
The isles of Balfiera

The Isle of Balfiera (also called Balfiera Island[2] or simply Balfiera)[3] is an island region within the northern portion of Iliac Bay. There are at least eight islands in the chain. In the late Third Era, the largest settlement was the town of Upvale, the dominant vampire bloodline was Lyrezi, and the regional deity was Akatosh.[4]

Balfiera was known as a neutral meeting place for the kingdoms of High Rock, who used it to facilitate negotiations and treaties.[5] However, the isle is most renowned as the site of the Direnni Tower, formerly the Adamantine Tower, the oldest known structure in Tamriel.[2] Legends say it was constructed on the "little island" by the gods themselves so they could hold their own negotiations.[6] The title for the ruler of the isle is the Castellan of Balfiera, derived from the title originally used for the commander of the tower.[5] The isle was an independent, unconquered territory before the events of the Warp in the West, after which it fell under the dominion of one of the four surviving kingdoms of the Iliac Bay region.[7]


Upvale, the largest settlement on Balfiera
Part of Balfiera

Archaeological study of the Adamantine Tower on the Isle of Balfiera has dated its construction to around ME 2500, the earliest known date in Aldmeri and Nordic history, making it the oldest known structure in Tamriel.[2][5]

According to Beredalmo the Signifier, Direnni Cygnus, was the progenitor to Clan Direnni as she discovered the Isle of Balfiera and decreed that her descendants should carry her name.[8] In the Middle Merethic Era, Clan Direnni rediscovered and captured the Adamantine Tower.[2][8] Some believe the Direnni were following their destiny to rule from Balfiera, while others believed that the clan was exiled.[9]

The Direnni's claim over the Isle of Balfiera was strengthened when it was purchased by Ryain Direnni in 1E 461.[10][11]

After the downfall of the Direnni Hegmony around 1E 500, the Direnni retreated to the isle.[5] In 1E 907, Peregrine Direnni‎ repelled an attempted invasion and drove an entire Ra Gada flotilla back to Sentinel by using her sorcery to manipulate the waves of the Iliac Bay.[12][13]

The Second Empire was established in 1E 2703 after Reman Cyrodiil suppressed the Akaviri invasion of Tamriel at the battle of Pale Pass.[14] With the Akaviri's number and their tactics boosting his ranks, Reman continued on to pacify the rest of Tamriel.[15][14] High Rock was already weakened by the Akaviri invasion,[16] and an alliance known as the League of Unrest was created between Daggerfall, Wayrest, and Balfiera, to stop Reman's forces.[17] They were defeated however, and Reman formed modern-day Cyrodiil using the Colovian Estates, Nibenay, and parts of High Rock.[14]

Queen Ayrenn studied at the Isle of Balfiera after having run away from home in 2E 573.[18][19]

Circa 2E 582, Balfiera was invaded by a Harvester known as Shyazzel the Traveler. A representative of the Sinderill, Norianwe, was assisted by the Vestige in defending the isle from the daedric intrusion. Once peace was restored to the isle, Norianwe brought the hero into a chamber with inactive portals and the arcane helix. The arrival of the Vestige activated the chamber's portals, connecting the island to numerous locations across Tamriel, places which Norianwe suspected desperately needed saving. According to her, the Vestige was chosen by the Gallery, or perhaps even the Adamantine Tower itself, to aid the citizens of the Tamriel in need.[20][21]

As of 3E 405 Balfiera housed multiple Balfiera accommodated several settlements, with Upvale being the largest among them. Additionally, there were smaller settlements like Warwych, Blackhead, Gallomarket, Singbrugh, and Singbury.[4]

Thalmor agents were harassing and possibly murdering refugees in Balfiera and Sentinel around 4E 48; the victims were all of mixed blood or had associations considered by the Aldmeri Dominion to be "unclean".[22]

Historic FiguresEdit

The island came into the hands of the Direnni Clan in the early First Era when Ryain Direnni bought the Isle of Balfiera.[10] The mother of Pelagius the Mad, Utheilla, was of the Direnni blood and brought Pelagius and his siblings to the island as she fled from the assault brought upon Wayrest by Uriel III and Queen Potema of Solitude.[23] Shortly before the Warp in the West, the island was ruled by Medora Direnni.[24]



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