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Lore:Direnni Cygnus

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Direnni Cygnus
Race Aldmer Gender Female
Born Merethic Era
Tyrigel, Summerset Isle
Died Merethic Era
Resided in Tyrigel
Isle of Balfiera
Isle of Balfiera

Direnni Cygnus, also known as the Swan of Tyrigel was an Aldmeri explorer and the progenitor of the clan Direnni, originating from Tyrigel in the Summerset Isle.[1][2]

In the Middle Merethic Era, she discovered the Isle of Balfiera and the Adamantine Tower. Direnni Cygnus claimed the land for her own and decreed that all of her clan, starting from that day would bear her name, giving birth to the family name Direnni, used by the elven family, who later rose into prominence during the First Era.[1][2]


  • Other sources suggest that the family name Direnni originates from the Diren River, on which banks the ancestral clan holdings of Tyrigel were located.[3]
  • Although Cygnus discovered the Isle of Balfiera during Merethic Era,[1] and it was rediscovered by her clan in the Middle Merethic Era,[2] it was not purchased by Ryain Direnni until 1E 461.[4]