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The Adamantine Tower
"[A]s the world congealed into reality, the Gods made a great tower to discuss how best to proceed with the making of Mundus. The physical, temporal, spiritual, and magical elements of Nirn were set at this Convention, and the tower itself remained behind even as some of the Gods disappeared into Aetherius."
Pocket Guide to the Empire, Third Edition

Convention, also known as the Moot at the House of We,[UOL 1] was an event during the Dawn Era that took place on the Adamantine Tower. According to legend, Akatosh arranged a meeting of the et'Ada outside aurbic time. The purpose of this meeting was twofold - decide Lorkhan's punishment for his involvement in the creation of the mortal plane, and for the et'Ada to decide to either leave Mundus or stay behind.[1][UOL 2]

The outcome of the Convention was to separate Lorkhan from his divine heart. Trinimac tore out Lorkhan's heart and Auri-El fastened it to an arrow and shot it into the sea where Red Mountain eventually formed.[2] According to Mankar Camoran, the "First Tower Dictate" describes this as "render the mutant bound where he may do no more harm. As God of the Mundus, alike shall be his progeny, split from their divine sparks. We are Eight time eight Exarchs. Let the home of Padomay see us as sole exit".[3]


Note: The following references are considered to be unofficial sources. They are included to round off this article and may not be authoritative or conclusive.

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