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Type Daedric Ruin
Continent Tamriel
Province Morrowind
Region Vvardenfell
Appears in Morrowind, ESO
Ashurnabitashpi Circa 3E 427 (Morrowind}

Ashurnabitashpi, sometimes spelled Assurnabitashpi, is a ruin found in the Ashlands of northern Vvardenfell. The site is notable for being associated with the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon.


In the Fifth Century of the First Era, in the midst of High King Wulfharth's reign in Skyrim, the revered Mordrin Hanin met his end at the hands of traitors. In light of his passing, representatives from Ashalmawia, Maelkashishi, and Ald Sotha, as well as the creators of Skull Crusher, Dorach Gusal and Hilbongard Rolamus, gathered in Ashurnabitashpi. Many slaves and enemies were sacrificed, and on the ninth day of mourning, the Cup of Passage was mixed with a lethal concoction and passed to every guest that attended. The drink killed most of the attendees and provided Hanin with companions for his trip to the next world.[1] Mordrin Hanin was entombed in close proximity to Ashurnabitashpi, southwest in the cave of Ibar-Dad.[2]

Circa 2E 582, the ruins became a refuge for the Red Exiles clan of Ashlanders that followed the false Nerevarine, Conoon Chodala. They began to prey upon those that traverse the wastes, so the Urshilaku Tribe hired an adventurer to clear out the ruins, and also to recover any relics that were in the ruins, so that they could be preserved by the clan's wise woman.[3]

The Ordinators had the duty of keeping worshippers from restoring old Daedric sites such as Ashurnabitashpi, as worship of the Bad Daedra was forbidden by the Tribunal Temple. However, by 3E 427, the Ordinators had begun to neglect this duty due to being occupied with the suppression of heretics and dissidents, allowing many of the temples to come back to life.[4][5] That same year, the Dark Brotherhood attempted to gain a foothold within the island of Vvardenfell, and negotiated with cultists of Mehrunes Dagon so they could be sheltered by them in their associated temples throughout Vvardenfell. Eno Hlaalu, grandmaster of the Morag Tong, took notice and began ordering an assassin to wipe out the strongholds of the Brotherhood.[6] Additionally, the Dark Brotherhood and the Dagonites stole many of the Threads of the Webspinner from the Morag Tong, which are artifacts associated with both Sanguine and Mephala. And so Eno Hlaalu sent an assassin to slay the cultists and to retrieve the Ring of Sanguine Silver Wisdom, one of the artifacts.[7]


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