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Lore:Ald Sotha

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Ald Sotha
Type Daedric Ruin
Continent Tamriel
Province Morrowind
Region Vvardenfell
(Ascadian Isles)
Appears in Morrowind, ESO
The ruins at Ald Sotha circa 3E 427

Ald Sotha (meaning "Old Sotha" in Dark Elvish) was an ancient, ruined settlement located northeast of Vivec City, in the Ascadian Isles region of Vvardenfell.

Roland's Tear, a rare variation of the common gold kanet flower, is known to grow in the ruins. It was sacred to the Tribunal,[1] and is prized by alchemists for its wondrous powers when used in potion making.[2]


Ald Sotha circa 2E 582

Originally, Ald Sotha was the seat of House Sotha, a minor house of the settled Chimer in the early First Era. It was the birthplace of Sotha Sil, who would later achieve godhood through the power of the Heart of Lorkhan and become a member of the Tribunal. The town was destroyed by Mehrunes Dagon early in the First Era; Sotha Sil was the sole survivor, having been saved by Vivec.[3][4]

Prior to its destruction, sometime during the reign of Wulfharth in Skyrim, a representative from Ald Sotha traveled to the vast temple of Assurnabitashpi in light of the death of Mordrin Hanin. On the ninth day of mourning, everyone drank from the cup of passage, and a great many of them were killed by the deadly concoction, supplying Hanin with companions to the next world. It is unknown if the Ald Sotha diplomat was among these perished souls.[5]

A shrine to Mehrunes Dagon was later built at the location, likely in remembrance of the Prince's destruction of the original city. The shrine fell into ruin, although it continued to be populated by Daedra. The Tribunal Temple occasionally made pilgrimages to Dagon's shrine deep within the ruins,[3] and the Ordinators were charged with keeping away Daedra worshippers.[6]

Mehrunes Dagon's sentiments towards Sotha Sil's threats for not upholding the Coldharbour Compact were of indifference, with Ald Sotha used a reference for how easily he can destroy things that he pleases.[7] After Dagon violated the pact by attacking Mournhold, the Clockwork God was finally able to enact revenge for Ald Sotha, and banished the oathbreaker with the aid of Almalexia to the Deadlands.[8][9]

By 3E 427, the Dark Brotherhood had taken over the ruins, and it became the headquarters of the Brotherhood in Vvardenfell. This attempt at expansion was viciously repelled by the native Morag Tong, the ancient enemies of the Brotherhood. The Tong infiltrated the ruins and executed the local Night Mother, Severa Magia, which helped to put an end to the Dark Brotherhood's activities on Vvardenfell.[10] The Tong also liberated several Threads of the Webspinner from the ruins, artifacts created by Sanguine which rightfully belonged to their patron, Mephala.[11] The Tribunal Temple also made a pilgrimage to Dagon's shrine that year, and recovered the shoes of St. Rilms from the ruins.[12]

The ruins were likely destroyed in 4E 5, when Baar Dau crashed into Vivec City. This impact devastated the surrounding area, creating Scathing Bay, a large crater filled with boiling water from the Inner Sea.[13]

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