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Lore:Transcribed Words of Mehrunes Dagon

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Transcribed Words of Mehrunes Dagon
A recorded speech of the Prince of Destruction, prior to his attack in Mournhold circa 1E 2920

Lead Writer Bill Slavicsek created a lorebook for an ESO Live stream, which was a reward for hitting the $7000 mark for the Extra Life donations. It was read by Steven French, who is the voice actor for Mehrunes Dagon in The Elder Scrolls Online. It was streamed at this link here (27:04-29:38) on December 1, 2021. An official article about the stream itself can be found in ESO's official site, though the reading was a surprise.

He means to bind me. Me, the Hope of Blood, the Sea's Flame Redeemer, and the Mer-Pride's End.

Hear me, kyn, of what consequence is an Ash-Elf's words? By what artifice does he think to hinder me? A mortal begetting gears and springs is a mortal still, ever weak, ever kindling for the pyre of my will.

So, let the Clockmaker come. I shall sunder his bones just as I sundered his childhood home, for I am Mehrunes Dagon, there is no dam I cannot breach, no field I cannot burn.

All the pale wonders of Nirn are mine to destroy. The mortal's souls shall blaze like sparks from a hammer blow, ignited and lost in one thunderous stroke.

Do you hear me, kyn? Arise for the Lord of Fire and Flood. Arise for the Prince of Disaster and Destruction. I wield the Razor that cleaves nations in twain. I wake the storm that shears flesh from bone, I call forth the winds of long rending anguish.

Draw your swords, kyn! Arise, for I am the Aurbis' howling redeemer. Fight and die, and fight again. Reap blood and ash, and I shall deliver you a blazing paradise.

I am Mehrunes Dagon, and I shall not be denied.