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Disciple Sildras
Home City Ebonheart
Location Tribunal Temple
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Tribunal Temple
Disciple Sildras

Disciple Sildras is a Dark Elf priest located in the Tribunal Temple of Ebonheart.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

He will be kneeling in disbelief if you haven't started the quest:

"They can't be … they wouldn't!"

Upon your first encounter, he is cynical and will attempt to brush you off.

"I have no reassurance to offer. Do what you think best in the time remaining."
What troubles you?
"I am a disciple of the Tribunal. My people come to me for comfort, yet I have none to give. The Three are silent. I lift my voice, but they do not answer.
The Covenant circles Ebonheart, and I cannot even pray for wisdom."
Why can't you pray to the Three?
"The Tribunal punishes the people for my faithless ways. The shrines to Almalexia, Sotha Sil, and Vivec are surrounded by a foul smell and angry alit.
Please. Do what I cannot. Burn these flowers at the shrines. Then pray for Ebonheart."
I'll see what I can do.
"Burn the flowers at each shrine. They're a rare variety of gold kanet called 'Roland's Tears' and are sacred to the Three.
I pray they hear you."

Speaking to him again to ask further questions:

"The shrines are outside the city—north, southeast, and southwest.
Vivec's shrine is across the river to the southwest of Ebonheart. Almalexia's is to the southeast. The shrine to Sotha Sil is on an island north of the Argonian quarter."
What should I do at the shrines?
"Burn the flowers at each shrine. They're a rare variety of gold kanet called 'Roland's Tears' and are sacred to the Three.
I pray they hear you."

Returning with the blessings:

"I can feel the blessings upon you. It's a power I've not felt myself for many years."
I am to comfort you. Almalexia protects us. She relies on you to aid her children.
"I … I see. I hadn't considered there might be threats more grave than the Covenant invasion. You would think, given all we know of the treachery of Coldharbour, that I would see that.
What of Sotha Sil?"
His messenger said he knows you are strong enough to bear your tasks.
"I am ashamed. The Three have shown more faith in me than I have in them.
I dread asking this, but what of Lord Vivec."
He said not to worry about your true concern: that he is not what he once was.
"Ha! I should have known. Vivec is the most subtle of the Three.
It's true. I've been counseling a Dunmer who questions his faith. He told me the Tribunal are losing their powers."
Did this Dark Elf have any proof?
"Only indirectly. We see the Three less every year. They no longer make their annual pilgrimage to Red Mountain on Vvardenfell, and no one knows why.
It all seemed so convincing when he said it."
What is this Dark Elf's name?
"His name is Rhavil Urano. He hasn't come to pray for days now. He was in such despair.
I think he'd even stopped bathing. The last time I saw him, he smelled terrible, like fresh offal."
Interesting. The beasts surrounding the shrines were drawn there by piles of offal.
"What? Have I been a fool? I questioned my faith for the flimsiest of reasons and caused others to question theirs. I have much to do to correct my failure.
I wish I knew why Rhavil Urano's doubting words were so compelling."

If you exit the conversation before turning in the quest, he will alternatively say:

"The Three have not forgotten us."
The beasts at the shrines were deliberately drawn by piles of offal. (Leads to quest completion dialogue)

After the quest:

"I fear I've done terrible harm to the morale of my people in Ebonheart.
I'll do all I can to convince them to work with House Dres. They've been constant in their defense against the Covenant invaders."