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I'm Feeling Lucky Refresh

I first began contributing to the UESP with the creation of Dawnstar:Status Ailments and began to find a passion in editing. I have a web developing background, so the site formatting became familiar to me quite quickly. I continued contributing to the Dawnstar namespace; I love TES, obscure games, I am very documentation-minded, and this unfilled canvas laid before me, creating the perfect storm for me to exercise my newfound passion. I slowly made edits over time, treating editing as an occasional free-time hobby until my first edit to Blades with overhauling Blades:Skills. The state of the Bladesspace was similar to that of Dawnstar, and yet the sheer size difference made Blades much more "sorely" lacking in information. I wasn't planning on making a thing out of contributing to Blades, but that one edit caught the attention of Jeancey, whose encouragement propelled me to getting my hands dirty with Blades stuff, with more contributions more often. I eventually began templating too with {{Blades Quality}} as my first template experience. To this day, the same pattern continues of slowly expanding the domain of what is documented about Blades and designing templates to make it as easy as possible for would-be editors to begin contributing with them. I like to see my edits not as important themselves, but more as laying groundwork or creating infrastructure for others to unleash their own passions. I also make Skyrim mods, but that's pretty disconnected from what I do here.

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