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Job symbol

Jobs are small, dynamic quests that get added to your menu over time. There are three variants: Normal, Daily, and Weekly. There are four slots for Normal jobs, with a new replacement whenever one is completed. Every 24 hours at 5am UTC, in 19H 42M 9S 00000000Time, all Normal jobs refresh. At this time, a new Daily job will also become available or the uncompleted one refreshed. Every Monday at 5am UTC, in 2D 19H 42M 9S 00000000Time (refresh), a new Weekly job will become available or the uncompleted one refreshed.

All jobs take place in a dynamic location: an Arena for the Duel jobs, and a job place for the rest. The Normal jobs will award a leveled amount ofa leveled amount ofGold. Daily jobs will award 000000044Gems and Weekly jobs will award 0000001212Gems. Each job has a boss. The boss will drop 1 Uncommon or better Gear or 1-3 Soul Gems and Jewels on the Normal jobs. The Daily and Weekly jobs' boss drops 1 Rare or better Gear.

Defeat JobsEdit

  • Enemy: Lich, Skeleton, Bandit, Dremora Raider, Spriggan, Wispmother, Troll (?)
  • Enemies: Undead, Trolls, Outlaws, Daedra, (?)
  • Track down and eliminate the listed targets to complete this job and receive the bounty. Show no mercy!
  • Defeat 3/5/6 (Enemies)
  • Defeat the boss
  • Boss can counts towards objective

Duel JobsEdit

Explore JobsEdit

  • Scout the area for hidden treasure and find the exit to complete this job. You will also need to take out the leader of any foes you encounter. Leave no stone unturned!
  • Explore the (Place)
  • Defeat the boss

Fetch JobsEdit

Gather JobsEdit

  • Item: Dye, Crystal, Frost Salts, Fire Salts, Lumber, Glow Dust, Seeds, Limestone, Fabric, Deathbell, Honeycomb, (?)
  • #:4, 5, 6
  • Explore the area to pick up (Item) (#) times, and take out the leader of any group of foes you may encounter.
  • Collect items
  • Defeat the boss

Rescue JobsEdit

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