This template can be used to display the amount of time left until another moment in time as of the page loading.

This template was originally copied from Wikipedia.


Parameter Scope Description
1 optional The time to which the counter is counting down. Uses the time parser function, which is really flexible as far as what time formats it will accept. Required unless using the alternate input form. Insufficient information will be filled in with the user's "current" time. For example, Dec 25 will count down to Christmas 2021, enter the "over" state for the remainder of the year, then count down to Christmas 2022 at the beginning of 2022.
threshold optional The number of time units the countdown will display at any time. Always displays the largest non-zero units.
over optional Text to display when the countdown has ended. Defaults to a basic "(Time) has passed."
append optional Text to display between the countdown and the refresh.
pre optional Text to display in front of the countdown.
style optional CSS to apply to just the numbers. color:red; and font-weight:bold; might be some common ones.
refresh optional Defaults to a small link. Set to image or img for a refresh icon or 0 to disable (not recommended).
w optional Text to display instead of week/weeks
d optional Text to display instead of day/days
h optional Text to display instead of hour/hours
m optional Text to display instead of minute/minutes
s optional Text to display instead of second/seconds
year optional Alternative input year
month optional Alternative input month
day optional Alternative input day
hour optional Alternative input hour (24 hr format)
minute optional Alternative input minute
second optional Alternative input second


{{Countdown|November 14, 2021 8:15:00pm}}

2 weeks 3 days 22 hours 21 minutes 32 seconds (refresh)