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Status ailments are constant negative effects sometimes applied by enemies you encounter. Though the severity of the ailments vary, it is generally best to seek treatment as soon as possible. Status ailments can be cured by Eustacia for free, by casting Remove Ailment, with an Ailment Ointment, or with a 25% chance through camping.

Status AilmentsEdit

Name Effect Vectors
Blind The map is disabled and vision becomes limited with black. Jagged Trollkin
Elemental Scout
Elemental Warrior
Elemental Leader
Frost Limbs Casting spells deals damage to Fatigue and attacking deals damage to Health. Ice Scout
Snow Scout
Winter Scout
Glacier Curse Instantly depletes all Magicka. Regenerates Magicka over time. When the player's Magicka becomes full, it deals large damage to Health, again depleting all Magicka. Effect ends after some time. Shadowthief
Blood Cutthroat
Dawn Raider
Grievous Harm The player takes damage to Health and Fatigue with every spell cast or weapon swing. Highwayman
Dark Highwayman
Base Mountain Troll
Summit Troll
Ridge Troll
Snowline Troll
Thriceborn Warrior
Snow Mirage The player is randomly attacked by newly spawned enemies. They do not drop items. Festering Trollkin
Terrified Ailment vanishes at the next enemy encounter. (?) Ice Leader
Troll Thirst Vision becomes red, player suffers fast damage over time. Successful kills will restore Health. Effect ends after some time. Ice Warrior
Hungry Warrior
Snow Warrior
Winter Warrior
Winter Worn The player only restores 75% of their missing Health, Magicka, and Fatigue when camping, rounded down. Can be cured via camping, but its effect will still trigger one final time. Troll Leader
Bone Breaker
Iron Breaker
Steel Breaker
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