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Hoggwild5 is my long-held nickname since the times of AOL. I'm a retired project manager and human resources consultant who was originally hooked on Morrowind by my son, and have become a huge fan of the game. I also play Oblivion. While I own the PC versions of both games, I tend to concentrate my gametime on the XBox and XBox 360 -- this takes away my temptation to cheat.

I became involved in contributing to UESP in a major fashion in September 2006 as a way to give back to the resource site that I have used during my ElderScrolls gameplay for years.

Lately I've embarked on iPhone programming -- what a platform! So much potential in such a tiny machine. For those of you that have scoffed at the iPhone as a serious gaming platform, check out Rage, by id Software. Awesome! I wonder if Bethesda will step up?

When playing both Morrowind and Oblivion, I tend to migrate my character toward Imperial Battlemages or Imperial Assassins. I don't go for the bloody-massacre type of gameplay; I prefer stealth and minimal conflict, killing only when necessary.

My favorite character quote from Morrowind is: "A nudist! How wonderful! You seem to be a lively spirit!"

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Morrowind: To Whom do you talk to Join?Edit

House Hlaalu: Nilena Dorvayn, Balmora
House Redoran: Neminda, Ald'ruhn
House Telvanni: any of the Mouths, Sadrith Mora (Arara Uvulas, Enar Releth, Felissa Ulessen, Galos Mathendis, Mallam Ryon, Raven Omayn)
Mages Guild: Malven Romori, Vivec Foreign Quarter; Trebonius Antorius, Vivec Foreign Quarter; Ranis Athrys, Balmora; Skink-in-Tree's Shade, Sadrith Mora Wolverine Hall; Folms Mirel, Caldera; Edwinna Elbert, Ald'ruhn
Fighters Guild: Percius Mercius, Ald'ruhn; Eydis Fire-Eye, Balmora; Hrundi, Sadrith Mora; Sjoring Hard-Heart, Vivec; Lorbumol gro-Aglakh, Vivec
Imperial Cult: Ygfa, Fort Pelagiad; Syloria Siruluilus, Fort Buckmoth; Somutis Vunnis, Fort Moonmoth; Ruccia Conecan, Ebonhart Grand Council Chambers; Lalatia Varian, Ebonhart Imperial Chapels
Imperial Legion: General Darius, Madach Tradehouse, Gnisis
Morag Tong: Eno Hlaalu, Vivec Arena Hidden Area
Tribunal Temple: Tuls Valen, Ald'ruhn; Tharer Rotheloth, Molag Mar; Endryn Llethan, High Fane, Vivec; Feldero Sadri, Balmora; (what about Uvoo Llaren, Ghostgate -- need to verify)
Thieves Guild: Big Helende, Dirty Muriel's, Sadrith Mora; Aengoth the Jeweler, The Rat in the Pot, Ald'ruhn; Sugar-Lips Habasi, South Wall Corner Club, Balmora; Gentleman Jim Stacey, Simine Fralinie's Bookshop, Vivec Foreign Quarter Canalworks.