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Joined 2 February 2008
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Thanks for everything, it has been fun to work on the wiki. When it isn't fun anymore, it is time for me to stop. I'll check in every now and then, good luck.

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About Me

After a few previous anonymous edits, I joined this site in February of 2008. My handle stems from my Morrowind character, the Breton Benould the Wise.

I played Morrowind after it was first released in 2002 on my Brother-in-Law's PC, never getting further then the Dwemer Puzzlebox. When a recent Sky-diving accident had my bed-bound for the better part of a year, I bought a Xbox and a copy of Knights of the Old Republic and Morrowind GOTY. Needless to say, I played a lot that year. My experience with Oblivion is limited to 2 weeks on a borrowed 360, so....


I normally play power-gaming, robust characters, like sneaking Redguards using Long Blade with magic support. Benould was the first attempt at a role-playing, spear-wielding Battlemage. After he slayed Dagoth Ur, I made him a custom Armor of God, with a 10 pt. Light on self and 100 pt. Sanctuary.

Favorite Places in Morrowind

My favorite cave to spam is Tharys Ancestral Tomb for the proximity to Balmora. I train spear there and get good early loot to sell. Skeleton Archers drop yummy enchanted arrows in stacks, from character level 2-6. Ra'Virr has that tasty Devil Spear for the bargain of 165 gold that is perfect for the place... Greater Bonewalkers do pop up at about level 5-6, but there is that shrine for that. Never ending supplies of baddies, Soul-trapping, skill-training, loot, all right next to Balmora.

My favorite home-away-from-home is the Dome in Marandus. I normally set my Mark here since it has good temporary storage, a bed and unbeatable instant access to the whole of Morrowind. Intervention chaining can take me to Balmora, Pelagiad, Vivec and Ebonheart. Since I don't have the master index on the Xbox, the Propylon chamber here can take me close to anywhere on island, for example 1 stop and an intervention takes me to Wolverine Hall.


Mainly revamping Morrowind, Bloodmoon, Tribunal.

Pages I am proud of

Completely re-designed and re-wrote all Morrowind:Cities & Towns pages. Complete revamp of the Bloodmoon namespace, with many articles written from scratch or with major additions.

Other Games

Love to play FFXI, KOTOR, Castlevania series, Civilization series. A long time ago I used to be a mod on the gaming community TheAmazonbasin and once had a Hardcore Guardian Circle in Diablo II LOD.