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Tribunal:Royal Guard

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Royal Guard
Favored Attributes:
Friends & Foes:
Blades +2
House Hlaalu +2
Imperial Cult +2
Imperial Legion +2
Fighters Guild +1
Mages Guild +1
Ashlanders -1
House Redoran -1
House Telvanni -1
Thieves Guild -1
Tribunal Temple -2
A Royal Guard

The Royal Guard are sworn to serve King Helseth and protect him from all harm. There are only two ranks: guard and captain, and the current captain is Tienius Delitian. They all wear the distinctive red Royal Guard Armor, a set of which is given to you after completing the Tribunal Main Quest.

King Helseth chooses the guards himself, selecting only the most loyal and skilled warriors from all of Tamriel. Some of the guards have been with Helseth since his time in Wayrest. Tienius Delitian has been with him even longer, since Helseth was a child in the Emperor's court.

During the main quest, Tienius Delitian hands you a King's Oath blade, and tells you that the Royal Guard use them, and that the swords bear deadly curses that kill thieves and traitors. In fact, the other guards all use Adamantium Claymores.

Despite their fearsome reputation, Almalexia is somewhat disdainful of the Guards and claims that Her Hands are the most powerful warriors in all of Mournhold. Gavas Drin, also of the temple, describes them as "Young King Helseth's handpicked thugs" and doesn't believe any guards other than the High Ordinators are necessary in Mournhold. Others, however, consider them to be highly efficient soldiers.

Named MembersEdit

Character Name   Race Class Ranking Location
Alusannah   Redguard Crusader 0 Guard Royal Palace, Barenziah's Chambers
Aleri Aren   Dark Elf Crusader 0 Guard Royal Palace, Guard's Quarters
Ervis Verano   Dark Elf Crusader 0 Guard Royal Palace, Helseth's Chambers
Milvela Dralen   Dark Elf Crusader 0 Guard Royal Palace, Helseth's Chambers
Diradeni Farano   Dark Elf Guard 0 Guard Royal Palace, Throne Room
Drusus Gratus   Imperial Guard 0 Guard Royal Palace, Throne Room
Evo Othreloth   Dark Elf Guard 0 Guard Royal Palace, Throne Room
Ivulen Irano   Dark Elf Guard 0 Guard Royal Palace, Throne Room
Tienius Delitian   Imperial Guard 1 Captain Royal Palace, Throne Room


  • The most favoured Royal Guards (those within the Throne Room itself) possess a set of powerful abilities:
Name Effect Cost Notes
Royal Resistance   Resist Fire 100 pts on Self
  Resist Poison 50 pts on Self
  Resist Frost 50 pts on Self
  Resist Paralysis 50 pts on Self
  Resist Shock 50 pts on Self
  Reflect 50 pts on self
Royal Blood   Fortify Attack 50 pts on Self
  Fortify Long Blade 50 pts on Self
  Fortify Heavy Armor 50 pts on Self
  Fortify Block 50 pts on Self
Ability The Throne Room guards do not benefit from an enhanced Heavy Armor or Block skill since they wear Medium Armor and do not carry shields.