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Geon Auline (Geon Auline)
Home City Mournhold, Godsreach
House Geon Auline's House
Race Breton Gender Male
Level 25 Class Noble
Other Information
Health 177 Magicka 176
Alarm 0 Fight 30
Geon Auline

Geon Auline, a Breton noble and collector of daggers, can be found in his manor in Godsreach. He asks you to acquire the Droth Dagger from Arnsa Thendas before her Estate Sale, to which he will not be invited. During the Crimson Plague quest, Geon needs to be cured of the plague.

He wears expensive pants, shoes, and an expensive shirt.

On the table in his house, you will find several unique daggers belonging to a set: the Othril Dagger, Iryon Dagger, Rathalas Dagger, and Droth Dagger (the latter of which will appear on the table if you decide to sell it to Geon as part of the Estate Sale quest). The daggers were evidently crafted for a group of Dunmer nobles in the 2nd Age. Geon hopes his complete collection might someday be of interest to the Museum of Artifacts.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related DialogueEdit

Estate SaleEdit

"Hello. I am Geon Auline, collector of fine artifacts."
"Yes, I have amassed quite a collection of rare items, some of which you see displayed here. I'm currently working on the last piece of a set, a very rare Droth Dagger. It's been a challenge to track one down, to say the least."
Droth Dagger
"It's one of several made by artisans during the 2nd Age. They were crafted for a group of Dunmer nobles, each bearing a mark of the owner. Of course, it takes a trained eye to distinguish one from a normal dagger... I've acquired all but the Droth Dagger, and have recently been made aware that the widow Arnsa Thendas is in possession of one. Would you be wiling to help me retrieve it?"
I'm sorry, but I'd rather not get involved.
"That's....disappointing. Perhaps I can try some other method to acquire the dagger, then. Ah, well. I appreciate you listening to the story, at any rate."
Yes, I'll help.
"Excellent! Here's what I can tell you. Arnsa Thendas has recently been widowed. Her husband, Sandas, was a local nobleman, but amassed quite a bit of debt during his waning years. His death has left the widow with quite a financial burden. As such, she may be willing to part with the dagger for money. If you can find another way to get it from her, by all means take advantage of it. I will compensate you adequately, I promise you."


Crimson PlagueEdit

When first spoken to:

Cure Disease Potion
"Are you here to deliver the potion?"
Give him the potion
"Thank you so much, %PCName. I'll be able to return to my work in full health. Give my regards to Nerile, would you?"
Keep the potion
"Oh, I'm sorry. It's just that Nerile at the Temple said she'd send someone over with it. I suppose I assumed it was you; I don't often get visitors."

If spoken to again:

Cure Disease Potion
"Yes, thank you for helping me. It's a silly story, really. I'd been down in the sewers... why? Well, I'd gotten a tip that a rare and valuable item might be down there. All I found, however, was rats. No matter now; everything is fine."


  • Although Geon needs to be cured of the Crimson Plague during the corresponding quest, according to the construction set he is not actually infected with Crimson Plague, i.e., it is not possible to catch any disease from him.