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Investigate Deldrise Andoren's possibly unfaithful husband.
Quest Giver: Deldrise Andoren at Andoren Manor
Location(s): Godsreach
Reward: 1,000 gold or 250 gold
Disposition: +20 (Deldrise Andoren)
ID: MS_Adulterer
The lovers' tryst

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Deldrise Andoren in the Andoren Manor.
  2. Search for her husband around The Winged Guar in the evening.
  3. Follow him to the back of the Craftmen's Hall.
  4. Either report this to his wife or kill his girlfriend and report that to his wife.


Deldrise Andoren in the Andoren Manor in the Godsreach District will ask you to search for her missing husband, Taren Andoren. He has recently been going out late at night and not returning until early in the morning, if at all. Deldrise fears that he may be cheating on her and wants you to check it out. She says that her husband sometimes hangs around The Winged Guar and wants you to try following him so he doesn't suspect anything.

Wait until evening, and start looking around The Winged Guar for Taren Andoren. He can be found at several locations, including at the top of the stairs leading to the Craftsmen's Hall at around 7 pm (you receive a journal entry when you spot him). He will start sneaking around to the back of the Craftmen's Hall where he'll meet up with a woman, Velyna Seran. You receive another journal entry at this point to report back to his wife. If you get too close to Taren, he might spot you and ruin the quest (you receive a warning if you get too close to him).

Report what you have seen to Deldrise, and you will receive 250 gold, but you have to be a bit more intrusive to get the 1,000 gold. Don't report back to the wife just yet. Instead speak with the couple. Talking with the husband gets an immediate dialogue termination, but talking to the girlfriend makes her attack you with a dagger (the husband will attack you too, but only with fists). If you kill them both, the wife will be very upset, and she won't give you a reward. If you kill just the girlfriend and then run away to report to Deldrise Andoren, she will be very happy and give you 1,000 gold.


  • If you kill Taren or get caught by him, Deldrise's disposition drops by 20 points. Each time you greet her after this, her disposition drops by a further ten or 20 points, depending on whether you got caught or killed him respectively.

Quest StagesEdit

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Infidelities (MS_Adulterer)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 The distraught noblewoman, Deldrise Andoren, has hired me to spy on her husband, whom she suspects of cheating. I can find him in Godsreach near the entrance of the Winged Guar Tavern at night. I am to follow him and avoid being noticed, then I should report back to Deldrise.
20 I have located Taren Andoren sneaking around Godsreach. I am attempting to follow him to find out where he is going.
30 I have followed Taren Andoren through Godsreach. He met with a strange woman and talked to her for a few minutes. I heard laughing and sounds like they were agreeing to meet later. Perhaps I should report to his wife.
100 The distraught noblewoman, Deldrise Andoren, tried to recruit me to spy on her husband, but I refused.
110 I was caught spying on Taren Andoren, who said he is now leaving his wife. She will not be pleased to hear this news.
120 I have killed Taren Andoren. I should report this to his wife.
130 I have killed Velyna Seran, the woman Taren Andoren was cheating on his wife with. I should report this to Deldrise Andoren.
150 Finishes quest  I have made my report on Taren's behavior to his wife, who rewarded me for my work.
160 Finishes quest  I reported to Deldrise Andoren on the death of her husband. She was far from pleased, refusing to compensate me for my efforts and demanding that I leave.
170 Finishes quest  I reported to Deldrise Andoren on my failure to follow her husband without being noticed. She was extremely upset and ordered me to leave without any compensation.
180 Finishes quest  I reported to Deldrise Andoren how I followed her husband, and then confronted and killed the woman he was cheating on her with. Deldrise Andoren was overjoyed to hear the news, and rewarded me well.