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Fort Greenwall

SR-mapicon-Fort.png This page lists all the military forts in Skyrim. Military camps are listed on a separate page.

The locations using the fort map marker can be roughly divided into three types. Forts affected by the Civil War appear in the first section. The occupants of these forts are initially bandits and mages. As the Skyrim Civil War progresses, either the Imperial Legion or Stormcloaks will take over and occupy the fort.

Forts can serve as settlements for factions: the Greybeards, the DawnguardDG, and the Volkihar Vampire ClanDG.

Other forts are set up as standard dungeons, with respawning enemies and a boss you must kill to clear the dungeon.

Civil War FortsEdit

  Fort Amol — A medium-sized fort southwest of Windhelm initially occupied by warlocks. (map)
  Fort Dunstad — A large fort south of Dawnstar initially occupied by bandits. (map)
  Fort Greenwall — A large fort north-northwest of Riften initially occupied by bandits. (map)
  Fort Greymoor — A medium-sized fort west of Whiterun initially occupied by bandits. (map)
  Fort Hraggstad — A medium-sized fort west of Solitude initially occupied by bandits. (map)
  Fort Kastav — A medium-sized fort south of Winterhold initially occupied by warlocks and skeletons. (map)
  Fort Neugrad — A medium-sized fort east of Falkreath initially occupied by bandits. (map)
  Fort Snowhawk — A medium-sized fort west of Morthal initially occupied by necromancers and skeletons. (map)
  Fort Sungard — A large fort east-southeast of Markarth initially occupied by Forsworn. (map)

Fort SettlementsEdit

  Castle VolkiharDG — A large castle on an island far northwest of Solitude connected to Volkihar Keep. (map)
Volkihar CourtyardDG — The courtyard attached to Castle Volkihar and Volkihar Keep.
  Volkihar KeepDG — A large fortress on an island far northwest of Solitude connected to Castle Volkihar which serves as the Volkihar vampire clan's home. (map)
  Fort DawnguardDG — A large fort southeast of Riften which serves as the Dawnguard's base of operations. (map)
  High Hrothgar — A small settlement roughly halfway up the Throat of the World, southeast of Whiterun. (map)

Fort DungeonsEdit

  Ashfallow CitadelDB — A small Imperial fort east of Highpoint Tower and northwest of the Sun Stone being used as a base of operations by the Morag Tong. (map)
  Bloodlet Throne — A small fort occupied by vampires, vampire thralls, and wolves. (map)
  Broken Tower Redoubt — A medium-sized fort east of Karthwasten containing Forsworn. (map)
  Cracked Tusk Keep — A medium-sized fort west of Falkreath containing Orc bandits and hunters led by Ghunzul. (map)
  Darklight Tower — A medium-sized fort occupied by hagravens. (map)
  Driftshade Refuge — A medium-sized fort southeast of Dawnstar. (map)
  Faldar's Tooth — A medium-sized fort west of Riften containing bandits and wolves. (map)
  Fellglow Keep — A large fort east-northeast of Whiterun containing warlocks, atronachs, and vampires. (map)
  Fort Fellhammer — A medium-sized fort and iron mine south of Dawnstar containing bandits. (map)
  Fort FrostmothDB — A small fort south of Highpoint Tower and northeast of Hrodulf's House occupied by ash spawn and General Falx Carius. (map)
  Gallows Rock — A small fort occupied by the Silver Hand. (map)
  Harmugstahl — A small fort north of Karthwasten containing a warlock and enchanted frostbite spiders. (map)
  Highpoint TowerDB — A small fort southeast of Brodir Grove and north of Fort Frostmoth occupied by ash spawn and Neloth's former apprentice Ildari Sarothril. (map)
  Ilinalta's Deep — A medium-sized fort on the shore of Lake Ilinalta that mysteriously collapsed. (map)
  Mistwatch — A medium-sized fort located at the northern base of the mountains on the border of the Rift and Eastmarch, just southeast of the Atronach Stone on the edge of the hot springs. (map)
  Morvunskar — A small fort southwest of, and overlooking, Windhelm. (map)
  Nightcaller Temple — A small fort on the clifftop overlooking Dawnstar. (map)
  Northwatch Keep — A medium-sized fort northwest of Dragon Bridge containing Thalmor. (map)
  Treva's Watch — A medium-sized fort situated to the southeast of Ivarstead, south of Sarethi Farm. (map)
  Western Watchtower — A small fort just west of Whiterun. (map)