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Geodes are smaller than typical ore deposits. They will be exhausted in just 3 strikes of your pickaxe instead of the usual 9. They will always produce one gem of the given type, with a 10% chance of an additional "flawless" gem of the same type.

Amethyst GeodeEdit

Amethyst Geode

There is only 1 Amethyst Geode that can be found in Solstheim. When mined you will get an Amethyst and sometimes a Flawless Amethyst.

Location Geodes Details
Highpoint Tower 1 In the spider's nest

Emerald GeodeEdit

Emerald Geode

There are 6 Emerald Geodes that can be found in Solstheim. When mined you will get an Emerald and sometimes a Flawless Emerald.

Location Geodes Details
Solstheim 2 At an unmarked place east-southeast of Bloodskal Barrow, north of Raven Rock, along with a gold ore vein; you can find the other one to the east
Solstheim 2 West of Brodir Grove, near a small camp halfway to Bloodskal Barrow
Highpoint Tower 1 In the spider's nest, on a ledge
Kolbjorn Barrow 1

Ruby GeodeEdit

Ruby Geode

There are 19 Ruby Geodes that can be found in Solstheim. When mined you will get a Ruby and sometimes a Flawless Ruby.

Location Geodes Details
White Ridge Barrow 4 Two in the spider's nest on the second level, in the north corner

Two in a chamber with two heartstone deposits, down the stairs from the chain-activated bridge, take the right path and at the tunnel intersection, follow the left path to the chamber

White Ridge Sanctum 9 Entrance Chamber - Four in the ravine just ahead of the entrance

Eastern Passage, - Two to the immediate left of the entryway into the chamber - One in the corner of the left wall and the wall opposite the entry - Two up the stairs and in the dead end of the left passage

Fort Frostmoth 3
Solstheim 1 At an unmarked place southwest of Kagrumez, near some spider eggs
Highpoint Tower 2 Two in the southernmost tunnel of the spider's nest

Sapphire GeodeEdit

Sapphire Geode

There are 12 Sapphire Geodes that can be found in Solstheim. When mined you will get a Sapphire and sometimes a Flawless Sapphire.

Location Geodes Details
Solstheim 2 Southwest of Frykte Peak, South-southeast of Castle Karstaag Caverns
Solstheim 2 Southeast of Hrothmund's Barrow, east of a cindering fire at the center of a few crates and barrels
Solstheim 2 Northwest of Frostmoon Crag, near a shrine of Zenithar
Solstheim 2 South of the main entrance to White Ridge Sanctum, outside the shack which houses the trapdoor to the Imbuing Chamber
Highpoint Tower 4 Two in the northwestern chamber, two in the spider's nest,