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Skyrim:Hrothmund's Barrow

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Hrothmund's Barrow
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# of Zones 1
Respawn Time 10 days
Level Min: 10
Console Location Code(s)
DLC2HrothmundsBarrow01, DLC2HrothmundsBarrowExterior01
Southwest of Benkongerike
Ore Veins
# of Gold 1
# of Silver 1
Hrothmund's Barrow

Hrothmund's Barrow is a small cave southwest of Benkongerike.

It contains the axe once wielded by Hrothmund. During the quest Retaking Thirsk, after you have helped a group of Nords clear Thirsk Mead Hall of rieklings, you are sent here to witness a ritual confirming the hall's rightful leader.

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Hrothmund's Bane

In the open area in front of the entrance is a pattern of large stones. To the right of the entrance is an unlit brazier. Frost trolls may be encountered nearby.

Hrothmund's BarrowEdit

The large flooded chamber
Hrothmund's Axe

The entrance leads into a natural cave with a gold ore vein and three patches of fly amanita fungus. A short flight of stairs ascends to the north along the west wall. At the top of the stairs, a set of iron doors is on the northeast wall, while a concealed door on the southeast wall is opened by the pull chain to the left. Beyond the concealed door is a damp twisting tunnel ending at a second concealed door opened by the pull chain to the right. Beyond this door is a small shallowly flooded chamber containing a silver ore vein and a chest, with a burial urn, a large coin purse, three loose coins, a flawless garnet, an amethyst, and a flawless emerald next to the chest.

Returning to the area outside the first concealed door, beyond the set of iron doors is a flight of stairs descending into a large flooded chamber. As you descend the stairs, the water will drain to reveal two paths on either side of a large stone sculpture. The paths rejoin and continue to the far end of the room, where a raised platform features a stone holding Hrothmund's Axe. Two chests flank the alcove with the stone.