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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Join the Cyrodilic Collections expedition to an ancient xanmeer in Murkmire.
Zone: Murkmire
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Famia Mercius in Lilmoth, Stories section of Collections, Black Marsh Awaits! in Lilmoth's harbor
Location(s): Lilmoth, Ixtaxh Xanmeer
Next Quest: Missing in Murkmire
Reward: Tribal Weapon Crate
1 Skill Point
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience XP gain
ID: 6246
Join the expedition to the Ixtaxh Xanmeer
An explorer named Famia Mercius is recruiting adventurers to join her on an expedition into a sunken Argonian xanmeer. Ancient treasures and mortal danger both await within this mysterious ruin.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Famia Mercius in Lilmoth.
  2. Meet up with the other members of the expedition near Lilmoth's western gate.
  3. Help Famia find the missing explorers.
  4. Meet and talk to Xukas.
  5. Enter and explore Ixtaxh Xanmeer.
  6. Rescue the other expedition members.
  7. Defeat the monster.
  8. Escape the xanmeer before the time runs out.
  9. Return to Lilmoth.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Making PreparationsEdit

You can start the quest by talking to Famia Mercius just south of the Lilmoth Wayshrine, or by reading Black Marsh Awaits! in Lilmoth's harbor. You're going to end up talking to Famia either way.

"Hello there! Always a pleasure to see a new face.
Welcome to Lilmoth, the festering jewel of Black Marsh. Argonian words, not mine. Doesn't strike me as all that fester-y. But I digress. How would you like to join an exciting expedition?
What kind of expedition?
"Oh, the most worthy kind of expedition—a journey into the distant past! Not the literal past, I mean. That would be crazy.
We're exploring one of the Argonians' ancient xanmeer pyramids to find a priceless relic: The Kajin-Jat Crystal!
Why do you want this crystal?
"To preserve it for future generations, of course! So much of the Argonians' unique history has been lost. With your help, we can pull this antiquity out of the mud and share it with the world!
Discovery! Adventure! What could be better?"
All right, I'll join your expedition.
"You've made a great choice in joining us, friend!
The other members of our expedition have already gathered near the western gate. I'll be along shortly—just need to check on a few things. This is exciting, right?"

Head towards Lilmoth's western gate, near the stable. There, you'll meet up with Zadaza, Varo Hosidias, and Kirstaleth. Talk to Zadaza.

"So Famia reels in another adventurer, eh? This one admits, you seem stronger than most. Hmm. Zadaza gives you … two in three chance of surviving. Fair odds, yes?"
Is this xanmeer really that dangerous?
"Ha! Only for wide-footed bumblers. Unfortunately, Famia has a weak eye for talent, and Murkmire is full of clumsy risk-takers.
But don't worry, walker. This one has been on five expeditions with Famia and only seen people eaten by salamanders twice!"
Good to know. Any advice on how to avoid that sort of thing?
"Hmm. Only this: when we find treasure, take no more than you can carry comfortably. A heavy purse will make you slow, and being slow will make you dead.
Oh, and if you see Zadaza running, you should run, too—in the same direction. Simple!"
I'll keep that in mind.

You should ask her a few questions before moving on.

"Any other questions for Zadaza? Or do you simply wish to get to the running, dodging, and screaming?"
Yes, I have a few questions.
"Ask away, walker! Our leader, Famia, knows more about the ruins than Zadaza, but Zadaza knows more about not getting eaten by crocodiles. This one will let you decide which is more important."
What can you tell me about Famia?
"Famia is very smart—not clever, though. Zadaza risks losing her tail because she is bold, and beautiful, and greedy. But Famia risks all because she loves the lizard-folk.
Do not ask this one to explain why. It makes no sense to Zadaza."
What kind of dangers will we find in the xanmeer?
"Ha! Rajhin's shadow, how much time do we have? Sink-sand, poison darts, blades of all sizes … oh, and falling rocks. And also poison gas. This one is probably forgetting a few things.
Just assume that everything in the xanmeer wants you dead."
What type of treasure are we looking for?
"That depends on what you value, yes?
Famia looks for this Kajin-Jat Crystal. Zadaza looks for things that are light and numerous—baubles and ancient coins, you see? Some look for heavy golden idols. They tend to wind up squished or in pieces."
No questions from me. Let's get going. / All right, I don't have any more questions. I'm ready to explore the xanmeer.
"Confidence! Initiative! Excellent! These are wonderful traits that will almost certainly get you killed. Do not worry—Zadaza will ensure that your legend lives on by scooping up your bloody gear and selling it.
Ah, Famia arrives!"

When you're done questioning Zadaza, Famia arrives, calling out as she runs to your little group.

Famia Mercius: "I'm coming! I'm coming, straight away! Just … just give me a moment."

Speak to her.

"So you found our fellow travelers? Excellent! I think we've almost ready to depart.
There is one thing I need your help with before we begin our adventure in earnest, though."
What's that?
"The ancient Argonians locked the xanmeer up tight—and not just with metal locks. They infused the stone with sun-magic.
I won't pretend to understand how it works, but I do know that without a potent magical focus, the door won't budge."
Where can we find a potent magical focus?
"I'm glad you asked!
There are flecks of yellow glass scattered all over Murkmire. We call them vakka stones, and each one contains a bit of ancient magicka. Put enough of them together and you can activate all sorts of things. Things like doors."
So, where are these vakka stones?
"Out in the marsh, I'm afraid. I sent a few of my best people to gather the stones for me and agreed to meet them later. With your help, it shouldn't take long.
Can I count on you to accompany me?"
All right, we'll go meet up with your associates and gather these stones.
Famia Mercius: "Follow me! If we get separated, I'll find you at the next stop, all right?"

She then runs off through the western gate. If you struggle to keep up, she will turn around and run back the way she came to wait for you, arms crossed. Follow Famia north, beyond the exterior entrance to Lilmoth's Outlaws Refuge.

Famia Mercius: "I sent one of our younger members, Eshraf, to the Tsona-Geeva dig-site just outside town. A surprisingly productive area, despite how close it is."
Famia Mercius: "You never have to travel far to find evidence of the ancient Argonian civilization. It won't last forever though. Most of these ruins are already half-sunk into the mud."

Upon reaching the site, Famia will comment on the fact that Eshraf doesn't appear to be at the Tsona-Geeva dig site.

Famia Mercius: "Eshraf? Eshraf! That's odd. He was supposed to be here. Have a look around, would you?"

A copy of The Blackwater War, Volume 6 is in the mud right next to a heavy sack near the easternmost rubble pile. What you're really looking for is Eshraf's Backpack, which is in the water amid the sunken stone structure. Inspect it, and take the Vakka Stone out of it.

Famia Mercius: "Eshraf's bag. Was he chased off by one of these salamanders? Keep an eye out."

Vakka stone in hand, follow Famia west to the next site. You'll pass by a shrine to Sithis, where you can find a chest, a runestone, a copy of The Black Fin: Foreign Adventures, Part 3, and the Thtithil Tablet.

Famia Mercius: "I won't lie—the swamp's a dangerous place. I've grown to love it, but it can still be terrifying."

A haj mota patrols the marsh between the shrine and Famia's destination. Famia is waiting for you amid a stretch of waterlogged mud, which a sword is planted blade-down in.

Famia Mercius: "Dinia? Dinia! Now that's troubling. Eshraf is new, but Dinia's been at this for years. She never misses a hand-off. Let's look around."
At the gathering hut

Take Dinia's Sword, and Famia will comment on the situation.

Famia Mercius: "That's Dinia's sword! She loves that sword. Oh dear, oh dear, this is troubling. Come. let's hurry. I need to speak to someone."

Follow Famia to the gathering hut, southwest of here. She's supposed to meet an Argonian from the Bright-Throat Tribe named Xukas.

Famia Mercius: "I need to meet a local Argonian—a Bright-Throat named Xukas. He should be waiting at the hut we use as a gathering place. Maybe we will find Dinia and Eshraf there, too!"
Famia Mercius: "Lots of old, collapsed buildings hereabouts. Murkmire Argonians believe that everything is temporary, you see, so they just let nature take its course. Makes our job a bit more difficult, but still fascinating!"

Upon arriving, she will have more to say.

Famia Mercius: "Looks like Xukas hasn't arrived yet. No Dinia or Eshraf either. Hmm. We should look around."
Famia Mercius: "Xukas should be along shortly … I hope. Argonians aren't really known for their punctuality."

Look for clues around the gathering hut. You'll find Eshraf's Journal and Dinia's Bag, the latter of which contains another Vakka Stone. A heavy sack can also spawn to the right of the table with the passive spider on top of it. Once you grab both items, Xukas appears:

Famia Mercius: "What's that? Eshraf's journal and another stone? This doesn't look good at all."
<Xukas approaches.>
Famia Mercius: "Wait. Xukas, is that you?"
Xukas "Sun's blessings, friend-Famia. I hope you did not wait too long."

Acquaint yourself with Xukas.

"Greetings, beeko, and welcome to Murkmire. My name is Xukas. I am wondering, who are you?
Forgive the rushed introduction. I find that trading names and intentions makes for calmer waters. We understand each other, I think."
My name is [PlayerName]. I'm helping Famia investigate a nearby xanmeer.
Then this vakka stone belongs to you, I think. Friend-Famia never tires of poking around in the old hard-nests. I do not know why, but very few dryskin habits make sense to me.
The xanmeers are very dangerous. Do you have a guide?"
Are you volunteering?
"Ha. No.
Truthfully, there is nothing in the xanmeers that interests me. I hope you have a good reason for taking this journey. I should point out that simple greed is not a good reason."
Famia is looking for a treasure called the Kajin-Jat Crystal.
"Ah. This does not surprise me. I hope you will not let her come to harm. Famia is a worthy friend. She honestly tries to do right by the Saxhleel, but her persistence … it often gets her into trouble.
I wish you luck in your expedition."
Famia opens the way

You can ask him a few more questions if you wish. Once you're done getting to know Xukas, talk to Famia again.

"I just need to take a moment to speak to Xukas about Eshraf and Dinia. Hopefully he knows something, or knows someone who does.
In the meantime, why don't you head to the xanmeer. It's just east of here. I'll meet you there as soon as I can."
All right. You don't need me to escort you any further?
"I'll be fine! If anything threatens us, Xukas will take care of it. This business with Eshraf and Dinia has me worried. I'm hoping Xukas can find out if anyone's seen them.
Oh, before you leave, could you give me those vakka stones and the sword?"
Sure. Here's everything I found. Be seeing you.

Head to the Ixtaxh Xanmeer, which lies east of the gathering hut.

Kirstaleth "Is it working?"
<Famia approaches, and holding out a vakka stone.>
Famia Mercius: "See there? The door awakens! Try opening it now, Zadaza."
Zadaza "Ziss'vo! Zadaza has been picking at this for—! What did you do, Famia?"
Famia Mercius: "Scholarship in action, my friends! Now, let's make some discoveries!"
Varo Hosidias: "Yes, let's get to it. We're crocodile bait out here."

Now that Famia has used the vakka stones you found to open the door, you can enter the xanmeer.


Zadaza is all right
Famia Mercius: "Ah, a bijum-style door-release! Fascinating! A bit of help, please? Just pull that lever there."

The first thing Famia does when you enter the ruin is ask you to pull a lever... which causes the floor to collapse, causing Famia to reveal she gave the wrong instruction.

Famia Mercius: "Wha-? Push! I meant push! Agh!"

Zadaza is the only one who managed not to fall into the trap. She peers down into the hole to make sure you're okay.

Zadaza: "Famia? Are you alive?"
Famia Mercius: "Zadaza! You avoided the trap?"
Zadaza: "A rock fell on Zadaza's beautiful tail, but otherwise, she is fine. The others fell into separate rooms."
Famia Mercius: "Mara's mercy. Try to find a way around! We'll look for the others down here."

The door to the Xanmeer Depths lies to the north. You need to pick the simple lock on the door to proceed. If you don't have any lockpicks, you can ask Famia for some.

"Stendarr bless it, Famia! You never pull a bijum-release! You push! Always push!
I'm dreadfully sorry. But don't despair! I mean, clearly, this isn't an ideal start. But in the grand scheme of things, falling into a pit is a fairly minor setback."
Do you have any lockpicks?
"Of course! I keep them in a special pouch.
I used to keep them in my pocket, you see, but they wore a hole through it. Wound up lost in the carpet. Turned it into a spike trap! Eventually, I just had to get a new carpet. Now, where is that pouch?"
The tutan-wei pully-puzzle
Did you lose the pouch?
"Apparently so. I guess it slipped off my belt during the fall. This may surprise you, but I've never been very good at tying knots.
Have a look around. It must be here somewhere!"
What do you think happened to the others? / I'll find it. What do you think happened to the others?
"Like Zadaza said, they must have fallen into different chambers. I'm sure we'll find them deeper inside the xanmeer.
Honestly, I've seen this sort of thing many times before—the fall-away floors and chutes and such. Very common."
So you've triggered traps like this before?
"Well every great explorer has triggered a trap or two. At least no one was set on fire! Well … I mean, I hope no one was set on fire. No, no, no, I'm certain Kirstaleth and Varo are just fine.
Now, we have a priceless crystal to find, right?"

If you asked Famia for lockpicks, you'll find Famia's Lockpick Pouch on the ground north of her. When you open it, you'll find one lockpick. If you break or lose that lockpick, simply come back to the lockpick pouch, and you'll find one more in it. This pouch will produce single lockpicks indefinitely as long as you have no lockpicks in your inventory.

If you're having trouble targeting the door to pick the lock, hover your crosshairs over the door's frame instead of the moving part of the door. Once it's open, you should proceed out of the Collapsed Room.

The Drawbridge PuzzleEdit

The hallway ahead is flooded, so you'll need to swim through the narrow corridor. At the end of the corridor, you'll find a puzzle, which Famia recognizes:

Famia Mercius: "Some sort of mechanical bridge? Remarkable!"
Famia Mercius: "Hmm. I don't see an obvious way to lower it. It must relate to these pulleys somehow."
Famia Mercius: "Look! Those columns in the water feature the same symbols as the counterweights. A tutan-wei pully-puzzle! I've never seen one in person!"

It is impossible to progress without completing the puzzle. There's a pit of mud in this room under where the bridge would be, which forces you to swim very slowly if you drop into it, but there are also stairs provided to climb back out. To cross this pit, you'll need to lower the bridge by solving the puzzle. Each of the weights are in the middle position. Pulling a weight once brings it up, pulling a second time brings it back down to the middle, pulling it a third time lowers it to the bottom, and pulling it again brings it back up to the middle, repeat ad nauseum. The symbols correspond to those found on the Argonian calendar.

Solution to the pulleys on the right-hand side of the room
Solution to the pulleys on the left-hand side of the room
Drawbridge Puzzle Solutions
Left Right
Symbol Position Number of Interactions Symbol Position Number of Interactions
Top 1  
Semi-Humanoid Lizard
Bottom 3
Bottom 3  
Middle None
Mature Hist
Middle None  
Grave Stake
Top 1

Once you put the weights in the correct positions, the bridge drops and Famia praises you. Ixtaxh Explorer's Journal, Page 1 is located on the ground to the left just on the other side of the bridge.

Saving KirstalethEdit

A hoarvor and two gas blossoms reside in the next corridor. Kirstaleth is trapped in the chamber ahead. You'll find Famia looking over a chasm: Kirstaleth is stuck on a ledge a ways down.

Kirstaleth: "Help! I fell into this pit and … oh, Green's mercy! Don't look down. Don't look down."
Famia Mercius: "Oh, what to do, what to do? Wait! Look up there! Flint vine! That could do the trick!"

She's not a lost cause, but she's too far down for you to reach on your own. Famia notices that Flint Vine is growing in the surrounding area. You need to collect four samples to fashion a ladder for Famia to pull Kirstaleth up with.

Famia can be asked about Flint Vine:

"I'll stay here and try to keep Kirstaleth calm. I'm shouting, aren't I? I'm sorry!
Just find that flint vine, all right? We'll need quite a bit to reach her."
What is flint vine, exactly?
"Ah, I probably should have been more specific.
Flint vine is a hardy creeper that grows in caves—or poorly-lit xanmeers, as the case may be. Strong stuff. Definitely strong enough to bear Kirstaleth's weight."
And you think we can fashion a ladder out of it?
"Yes, I believe so. For a single use, mind you! Did I mention I'm terrible at knots? Don't tell Kirstaleth I said that.
You should have no problem finding enough flint vine for the ladder. Just mind the traps, and beasts, and such. Good luck!"
Kirstaleth's in a bit of a pickle

Flintvine: EastEdit

Head to the south side of the room if you haven't already followed Famia over, then enter the eastern corridor. A single gas blossom sits at the corner of the hall's entrance. A pressure plate just inside the first part of the hallway activates a trap that fires a slew of poisonous darts. If you sneak, you can see it and any other trap-triggering devices that may be in the hallway; trap triggers glow with a golden hue while sneaking. There's a second poisonous dart trap beyond the first bend. At the end of this first hall, there's a spike trap that closes in from each side of the hallway. This trap has a pattern: every five seconds, the spikes close in. It's timed, so you don't need to worry about unintentionally triggering it.

There's a lantern mantis in the room ahead. Nearby, you'll also notice a crocodile: the croc and the mantis can be easily avoided; just go around them, and sneak if you have to. You'll also encounter a kotu gava in this room. There's a second lantern mantis and crocodile on the other end of the shallows as well, and a kotu gava broodmother at the base of the stairs. Head through the corridor at the top of the stairs to gather the flint vine you need to save Kirstaleth. Ixtaxh Explorer's Journal, Page 2 is on an altar to your left near the flint vine.

Your quest for flint vine isn't over, though; you've only gathered one sample so far. You need four. You'll need to head north or south for your next samples.

Flintvine: NorthEdit

The northern corridor might spook you when you see the five pressure plate-like structures on the floor in the entrance. Don't worry, these are inactive. Trounce over them as rough as you like. You'll see a salamander and a gas blossom in the first room, both of which are easily avoided by going around the east side of the room's central pillar. Hug the wall if you need to, but you're going to want to go through the western hallway.

The fire spout trap at the start of the corridor is triggered by a pressure plate. A second plate will trigger the flame spout trap just before the first bend. There's a third pressure plate-activated fire spout just after the first bend, near the end of the first corridor.

This corridor leads into a cavernous chamber where a river troll resides. There's a catapult cabbage near the corridor's exit, so watch out for that. There's another catapult cabbage by the stone stairs on the opposite side of the room. The troll can be easily avoided, as it wanders around the large puddle in the center of the room, stopping for a good, long while to eat garbage from the water at each spot.

Varo's in a pinch

There's a single sample of flint vine on the lower landing of the stairs at the northern end of the chamber, close to the corner and near the waterfall. Climb up the stairs the rest of the way to find your third sample of flint vine, then jump off the ledge into the room below and head south for your fourth and final sample.

Flintvine: SouthEdit

You'll need to swim through the southern corridor to reach this room. A sample of flint vine is in the middle of the chamber, among a section of ruin surrounded by a pit of muddy water and volatile static pitcher plants, which will discharge electricity if you get too close. A strangler guards the last sample of flint vine.

If you try to swim through the thick muddy water, be prepared for a long, sluggish swim, and watch out for the static pitcher on the slope leading up and out of the mud on the southwestern corner of the pit. Alternatively, you can just use the stone walkways at the edges of the room. Be wary of the numerous static pitchers lined up near the walls on the south side of the room, especially the one near the opening of the central structure where the plant you're after is housed. Defeat the strangler guarding the flintvine, and you can collect the final sample.

Once you've collected all four samples of flintvine, return to Famia back in the large room with the chasm. Place the Flint Vine Ladder on the stone outcropping near Famia and haul Kirstaleth out of the pit. Now that she's been rescued, you need to look for the rest of the adventuring party.

Beaten, but not broken

Saving VaroEdit

Head back up through the northern hallway to the salamander room. Instead of entering either of the open hallways, go through the closed door along the eastern wall to enter the Skittering Cavern. You'll find yourself in a mossy room full of spiders. Varo is at the bottom of a watery pit, fending one off.

Varo Hosidias: "Stay back, you beasts!"
Famia Mercius: "Hold on, Varo! We're on our way! Aim for the abdomen!"

Jump down and help him. More spiders will emerge from the walls, so you need to defend Varo from the onslaught. First, you'll fight a Websnare Spider and a Venomspit Spider. When you defeat one of them, two Spider Hatchlings and a Websnare Spider will descend from the ceiling. Another Websnare Spider descends when all of the other spiders are dead. When that's dead, four Spider Hatchlings fall from the ceiling, then two Spider Hatchlings and the Websnare Spider Matriarch arrive. Defeat the matriarch and her hatchlings.

Looks safe enough

Once all the spiders are dead, Zadaza comes out of the nearby door, informing you that the Kajin-Jat crystal is nearby. Kirstaleth joins Famia on the ledge above, promising to heal Varo, who broke his leg during the fall.

The Kajin-Jat CrystalEdit

Follow Zadaza into the Stone Furnace. Zadaza urges you to hop down from the ledge. When you hit the ground, the trap activates. It's going to blow two bouts of heat, dealing moderate flame damage and knocking you down. After the second wave of heat goes off, the door unlocks, and you can enter the Kajin-Jat Vault.

The Kajin-Jat Crystal

As soon as Famia takes the Kajin-Jat Crystal, green smoke begins to emanate from the statues along the walls. Green goop coalesces beneath the grate under the crystal's holder, and the stone structure that once held the artifact shatters as the Ixtaxh Voriplasm breaks free. Xukas appears on a ledge in the northwest corner, yelling for you to drag the voriplasm to the vents as he lights them up by throwing combustive potions on them. Dragging the voriplasm to a flaming vent will deal a good amount of damage to it (about 30% per blast), so let Xukas help you when you can. You can tell that a vent is ready to blow when smoke starts rising from it. It won't detonate until something stands on top of it, though.

The Ixtaxh Voriplasm appears

Once the voriplasm is dead, the halls begin filling with noxious fumes. You'll have two minutes to escape the xanmeer. You'll find three Ancient Argonian Coffers along the way, but unless you either have some kind of speed buff or are very quick at picking locks, you likely will not have time to pick the locks and loot them before you're overcome by the gas. The first one has a simple lock and contains a Sithis Statuette. The second has an intermediate lock and contains an Amber Turtle. The third coffer is guarded by an Advanced lock and contains a Saxhleel Totem. Passives that grant bonuses to lock forcing are useful here.

If you don't make it out in time, Xukas drags you out and you lose the items. It doesn't matter either way, because you'll survive. In this chamber you may find the Ixtaxh Explorer's Journal, Page 4. Climb up the ladder in the Ixtaxh Egress and talk to Xukas outside. You'll find yourself a ways north of the xanmeer's entrance.

"I hope you see now—I do not exaggerate about the xanmeers.
Are you all right? You are not wheezing or leaking blood from your ears. That is something, at least."
I'm fine. Why risk yourself for us?
"A fair question. In truth, I came to rescue Famia. I will admit a certain affection for her. She is kind-hearted and loyal—like a hedge gecko, or one of your tiny bark-dogs. I would not want her to come to harm.
I am glad to see you safe as well."
Is that the only reason?
"Ha. No.
Have a care with that crystal, beeko. If it is truly the Kajin-Jat, you should not let it jangle around in Famia's purse for long."
Why not? What do you know about the Kajin-Jat Crystal?
"I know that, if mishandled, it could lead to something very dangerous.
So, I would appreciate it if Famia stayed safe at home, for a time. It has been many long hours since my last sun-doze, after all, and I try to limit my rescues to one per day."

Now, you need to talk to Famia to complete the quest.

"That Xukas is always so polite. I don't know where I'd be without him.
Despite the mishaps, we have the Kajin-Jat Crystal—thanks in no small part to your contributions. Cause for at least modest celebration, right?"
Do all your expeditions go this poorly?
"No, of course not! Though, some have gone worse ….
Anyway, we shouldn't dwell on the missteps and bungles! Need I remind you that we recovered the Kajin-Jat Crystal? An item of immeasurable historical import!"
I'm happy for you. Now, you mentioned payment?
"Yes, well … I had hoped to discuss that in private. Provided this little misadventure hasn't driven you from the business completely, I'd like to bring you on for another task.
Let me settle up here, then I'll meet you in my office in Lilmoth."
All right. I'll meet you there.

After that conversation, Xukas departs, leaving the group to discuss this and previous expeditions.

Xukas: "Farewell, everyone. Please, do not make me do this again."
<Xukas leaves.>
Famia Mercius: "Well, that was exciting, right?"
Varo Hosidias: "I have never seen more spiders."
Kirstaleth: "Are you joking? We nearly died!"
Zadaza: "Welcome, my friend, to exploring with Famia."
Famia Mercius: "Oh, that is hardly fair! Our last expedition was—"
Zadaza: "Spike pit."
Famia Mercius: "Well, yes. But before that—"
Zadaza: "Angry Naga heart-eaters."
Famia Mercius: "Ah, but what about that trip north? That wasn't—"
Zadaza: "Many, many crocodiles."
Varo Hosidias: "Madus lost his hand to one. Remember Madus?"
Zadaza: "Zadaza mostly remembers his screams."
Famia Mercius: "Yes, yes. But need I remind you, we acquired the Kajin-Jat Crystal?"
Kirstaleth: "Good for you. As for me? I'm out. This Elf is sticking to woodland adventures from now on."
Varo Hosidias: "Smart. I'm sitting the next one out, too. Here, Elf. I'll walk you home."
Kirstaleth: "Are you certain you're up to it?"
Varo Hosidias: "Ale's cheap in Lilmoth, and there's not a beast alive that's going to stand between me and a tankard right now."
Kirstaleth: "Fair enough. Just take it slow, all right?"
Zadaza: "A one-legged Imperial and a Wood Elf fresh out of the cradle go wandering into the swamp. What could go wrong?"

Famia wants to meet you back at her office in Lilmoth to discuss payment. Head east to get to the city (or south; that'll take you directly to Lilmoth's eastern gate, while merely going east from the Ixtaxh exit takes you to the northern gate). You'll find Famia's office east of The Lusty Argonian Footman, Lilmoth's tavern. Speak with Famia to end the quest.

"You're here! Excellent! Welcome to the headquarters of Cyrodilic Collections.
Now, we have business to discuss, right? I hope our experience in the xanmeer hasn't put you off adventuring for good."
You mentioned another job for me?
"Yes, yes, we'll get to that. But first, payment for services rendered! You helped me recover the Kajin-Jat Crystal and saved the entire expedition many times over. Without you, we'd certainly be dead.
Please, take this payment with my compliments."

If you collected all three treasures before time runs out during your escape from the temple she will instead say:

"Yes, yes, we'll get to that. But first, payment for services rendered! You helped me recover the Kajin-Jat Crystal and recovered three Argonian treasures besides! Peerless work, my friend. Peerless!
Please, take this payment with my compliments."


  • The other members of the expedition won't exist at the western gate until starting the quest or reaching the related objective.
  • Dinia's bag, unlike Eshraf's Journal, won't exist at the gathering hut before reaching the related objective.
  • Dropping down to Kirstaleth's platform in the xanmeer results in an instant death, even after the vine ladder is placed and remains there against the wall after Kirstaleth uses it.


  • During the objective to meet up with the expedition members gathering the vakka stones, Famia has the follower icon above her head, despite being the one leading you to where you need to go. ?
  • After looting Eshraf's bag and completing Famia's dialogue related to it, Famia disappears and teleports directly to the next site, despite subtitles for her dialogue being displayed on-screen, which is now out of earshot. ?
  • After using the lever in the entrance room of the xanmeer, the screen goes black prematurely for a brief moment, ahead of the actual blackout once the floor collapses. ?
  • In the drawbridge puzzle room, if you have an active companion, jumping in the pool of tar with the bridge still raised causes them to walk in the air to join you, as if the bridge was lowered. ?

Quest StagesEdit

Sunken Treasure
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should talk to the expedition's leader, Famia Mercius, at the docks of Lilmoth.
Objective: Talk to Famia
  According to Famia, the other members of her expedition are already assembling near Lilmoth's western gate. I should go there and meet my fellow explorers.
Objective: Go To Lilmoth's Western Gate
A member of Famia's team flagged me down as I approached the gate. I should talk to her and see what she has to say.
Objective: Talk to Zadaza
The Khajiit called Zadaza has been on a number of expeditions with Famia and implied this journey may be very dangerous. I can ask her more about Famia, Murkmire, and prior expeditions, or tell her I'm ready for the expedition to begin.
Objective: Talk to Zadaza
Famia arrived at the gathering area. I should speak with her before we start our expedition.
Objective: Talk to Famia
Before we set out for the xanmeer, Famia needs to meet up with some of her associates out in the swamp. Apparently, they hold vakka stones that can help us enter the xanmeer. I should accompany her and make sure she doesn't come to harm.
Objective: Find Famia's Explorers: 0/2
Famia indicated that her fellow explorers might have returned to a hut they often use as a meeting spot. She also plans to meet a friendly Argonian there named Xukas. I should accompany her to this hut to ensure she doesn't come to harm.
Objective: Go to the Gathering Hut
Famia and I arrived at the hut, but Xukas has not arrived yet. I should take a look around to see if I can find any sign of Famia's associates, Eshraf and Dinia, while we wait.
Objective: Search Hut for Clues: 0/2
It sounds like Famia's friend, Xukas, is approaching. I should see what he wants.
Objective: Listen to Famia
After searching the hut, a colorful Argonian named Xukas approached. I should speak to him.
Objective: Talk to Xukas
I should talk to Famia to learn our next move.
Objective: Talk to Famia
Famia indicated that she'd like to hang back and talk to Xukas about her missing explorers. I should make my way to the xanmeer. Famia should meet me there soon.
Objective: Meet Explorers at the Xanmeer
Famia used the vakka stones we collected to open the door to the xanmeer. Now we can enter the ancient Argonian temple to seek out the Kajin-Jat Crystal and other treasures.
Objective: Enter the Xanmeer
We entered the Ixtaxh Xanmeer. The temple almost certainly bristles with traps. We should be cautious.
Objective: Explore the Xanmeer
Famia and I inadvertently triggered a trap that dumped us into a hidden vault beneath the entrance chamber. We should take stock and come up with a plan for escape.
Objective: Gather Your Wits
The trap scattered our party throughout the xanmeer. I should explore the temple with Famia and look for the other explorers. But first I need to pick the lock before we can leave this room.
Objective: Pick the Lock on the Door
Famia and I managed to escape the collapsed chamber. Now we can begin our search for the other members of our party.
Objective: Find the Missing Explorers
I discovered an ancient drawbridge. Unfortunately, there is no obvious way to lower it. In order to progress, I need to decipher the clues embedded in the bridge mechanism. Once I solve the puzzle, the bridge should lower.
Objective: Lower the Ancient Drawbridge
I solved the puzzle and lowered the drawbridge. I should resume my search for the missing explorers.
Objective: Find the Missing Explorers
I found Kirstaleth, but she's in serious danger—stranded on a small ledge overlooking a yawning chasm. Famia suggested gathering a sturdy plant called flint vine. We can use the vine to make a ladder.
Objective: Gather Flint Vine: 0/4
I gathered a bundle of flint vine growing in the xanmeer. I should return to Famia and wind the vines into a ladder so we can rescue Kirstaleth.
Objective: Lower the Flint Vine Ladder
I should keep watch while Kirstaleth climbs to safety.
Objective: Rescue Kirstaleth
Varo Hosidias, the party's warrior, is still missing. Kirstaleth said she heard shouting from deeper in the xanmeer. Famia and I should go investigate.
Objective: Search for Varo
We found Varo, but he appears too injured to move. Giant spiders approach from every side. I should leap to the Imperial's defense.
Objective: Defend Varo
The giant spiders are preparing to devour Varo. I need to drive back the waves of these beasts until they give up or I kill them all.
Objective: Defeat the Spiders
We finally reunited with Zadaza. She said the Kajin-Jat Crystal is nearby, and urged me to follow her.
Objective: Explore the Xanmeer
We found a large room with strange masonry. Zadaza urged me to drop down into this peculiar pit and open the door to the next room.
Objective: Navigate the Stone Furnace
Dropping into the pit triggered a series of flame traps. Luckily, Zadaza was able to disable the traps and open the door. I should enter the treasure vault to see what's inside.
Objective: Enter the Treasure Vault
Famia arrived ahead of us, having found another secret door that bypassed the furnace. I should follow her into the treasure vault. The Kajin-Jat Crystal is finally within reach.
Objective: Join Famia By the Statue
Famia took the Kajin-Jat Crystal from its resting place and triggered a bizarre ooze trap. I need to kill this abomination before it devours my companions.
Objective: Kill the Ixtaxh Voriplasm
The xanmeer is filling with poison gas! My companions and I must escape before we succumb to the noxious fumes.
Objective: Escape the Xanmeer
Optional Step: Gather Treasure and Escape
Xukas led the expedition to a safe room, but it could fill with gas at any moment. We must escape the xanmeer quickly!
Objective: Return to the Surface
We escaped from the xanmeer. I should speak to Xukas about his reasons for aiding us.
Objective: Talk to Xukas
I should speak to Famia outside the xanmeer about my payment and what happened during our expedition.
Objective: Talk to Famia
Famia implied that she wants to hire me for another job. She asked me to meet her back in Lilmoth to discuss the opportunity.
Objective: Meet Famia in Her Office
Finishes quest  Famia complimented me for my work in the xanmeer and implied she wants to hire me for another job. I should talk to her.
Objective: Talk to Famia
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  • Not all Journal Entries may appear in your journal; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the quest is done.
  • Stages are not always in order of progress. This is usually the case with quests that have multiple possible outcomes or quests where certain tasks may be done in any order. Some stages may therefore repeat objectives seen in other stages.

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