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Naga-Kur warriors

The Dead-Water Tribe, or the Naga-Kur in Jel, as they more commonly refer to themselves, are a tribe of Naga Argonians residing in a village in western Murkmire. However, they seem smaller than the normal size for people of their kind, at around the same height as the player character. Unlike the tribeless Nagas that inhabit the region, the Naga-Kur are proud warriors, deeply entrenched in tradition. They are feared by neighboring tribes due to their brutal ways and are considered hostile to outsiders. However, some members of the tribe defend their undiplomatic nature, claiming that outsiders "mistake a show of strength for hostility" and that what outsiders "call inhospitable, we consider prudent."

The Dead-Water Tribe are led by their aged and irascible war-chief, Raj-Kaal Seelan, while their novice warriors are trained by their ka-deelith, Mewah-Jez, who prepares them to walk the Path of the Lily, a series of warrior trials. Following the completion of Death Among the Dead-Water, Kishi will be appointed as a ka-deelith alongside Mewah-Jez, whose ineffective teaching methods he has criticized as leading numerous young warriors to their deaths.

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Related QuestsEdit

  • Art of the Nisswo: Help a priest of Sithis create a work of art.
  • Dead-Water Village Objective: Help save the Dead-Water tribe from extinction.
  • Death-Hunts: Get started on the challenging Death-Hunts in Murkmire.
    • Repeatable Grave Circumstances: Banish a necromancer on behalf of the Naga-Kur.
    • Repeatable Grave Expectations: Purge the corrupted roots of Bok-Xul on behalf of the Naga-Kur.
    • Repeatable Grave Mementos: Banish a necromancer and collect the bones of fallen Naga-Kur warriors.
    • Repeatable Old Baubles: Kill a powerful miregaunt and collect some antiquities.
    • Repeatable Old Enemies: Kill a powerful miregaunt and burn some supply caches.
    • Repeatable Old Growth: Kill a powerful miregaunt and gather some nightbloom vine for the Naga-Kur.
  • The Skin Taker: Track down a serial killer in Murkmire.
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