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Bright-Throat Village
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North of Lilmoth
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Bright-Throat Village

Bright-Throat Village is a settlement found in the eastern shore of Murkmire. It is home to the influential Bright-Throat tribe who are known for their diplomatic skill and artisanship.

Haj Mota and River Trolls stalk the nearby rivers. Hoarvors scuttle among the roots on a hill north of the village, near the Glade of Chimes. Hackwings linger on ledges close to the village and its uxith.

Related QuestsEdit

  • Bright-Throat Village Objective: Help uncover the source of the Bright-Throat Hist's pain.
    • Empty Nest: Investigate strange occurrences at the Bright-Throat egg nursery.
  • The Burnt Branch: Recover an old Argonian's priceless keepsake.
  • A Life in Carvings: Honor a dead Moss-Skin tribesman by recovering his grave-stake.
  • The Skin Taker: Track down a serial killer in Murkmire.
  • Unsuitable Suitors: Investigate the hold up of the bonding ritual at Bright-Throat Village.
  • ON-qico-Zone Story.pngWhispers in the Wood: Work with the local tribes to find out more about a mysterious Argonian relic.

Shops and ServicesEdit

  • Bountiful Boughs — A general store owned by Wixil. A simple safebox can be found behind the counter. An advanced safebox can be found on the platform across from the store. Merchant (map)


Bright-Throat Wayshrine can be found just south of the village.




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