Online:Worm Cult Battlemage

Elder Scrolls Online: People
Worm Cult Battlemage
Location Dark Anchors
Irrigation Tunnels, Abyssal Depths Imperial City
Unfinished Dolmen Orsinium
Ashalmawia Morrowind
Race Imperial, Breton, Dunmer, Argonian Gender Varies
Health 29870
40643 (Cyrodiil Dark Anchors)
57541 (Unfinished Dolmen)
Reaction Hostile Class Battlemage
Other Information
Faction(s) Worm Cult
Worm Cult Battlemage
Battlemage at Ashalmawia

Worm Cult Battlemages are generic members of the Worm Cult.

Related QuestsEdit


At dark anchors, a Battlemage may take part in the summoning ritual, there are a few versions:

Worm Cult Pyromancer: "Bring forth the blood offering."
Worm Cult Battlemage: "When Coldharbour calls, Nirn obeys!"
Worm Cult Pyromancer: "God of Schemes, we offer this victim to honor you!"
Worm Cult Battlemage: "Through the spilled blood of an innocent, we call forth your anchor to join our worlds!"
Worm Cult Pyromancer: "Bind this world with your chains! Draw it ever closer to your realm!"
<The ritual is completed and chains connect to the dolmen.>