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Ulthorn the Hound
Location Dra'bul
Silvenar's Audience Hall, Silvenar
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Health 40352outdated
Reaction Friendly (Dra'bul)
Hostile (Silvenar)
Other Information
Faction(s) Houndsmen
Condition Werewolf
Ulthorn the Hound

Ulthorn the Hound is a Bosmer werewolf who leads the Houndsmen, a group of Hircine followers that are terrorizing Malabal Tor and seek to overthrow the Silvenar. Prior to forming the Houndsmen, he was known just as Ulthorn and was the fiancé of Gwaering before she became the Green Lady.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

Reap What Is SownEdit

Under the guise of a Drublog warrior, you may speak to the Hound's projection. When he appears, he'll ask, "Why do you disturb me?"

"You have your orders, Drublog. Why do you disturb me? Has something gone wrong?"
Can you go over the plan again?
"The Green Lady must be detained until my arrival. I've given the materials you need for her bindings. She is not to be harmed, else your tribe will pay in blood.
Velyn Harbor is but the first gift. The conquest of a hundred cities await, if my will is done."
I understand.
"Then begone. I have many things to prepare in Silvenar before I can return to Dra'bul.
See that no one interferes with the ritual. The Green Lady must not escape."

During the confrontation with the Chieftain, the Hound will partake in the following interaction.

The Hound: "The Green Lady is mine by right. I have captured the Silvenar. You must yield to me!"
Roku: "Are you hurt, Elf?"
Shaman Glazulg: "Roku! Stay back!"
The Hound: "Though I am in Silvenar's city, I have power. Chieftain, cut them down!"
Chieftain Agrakh: "I warned you, Roku! You chose to stand against your people!"
Shaman Glazulg: "No! Brother! Stay your hand!"
<Chieftain Agrakh kills Roku>
The Green Lady: "Chieftain Agrakh. You have much to answer for."
<The Green Lady attacks Chieftain Agrakh>
The Green Lady: "The Hound... I know who he truly is. It does not bode well."

The Tale of the Green LadyEdit

A Tale Forever ToldEdit

Follow Spinner Indraseth into the Caverns of Valeguard and you'll find Ulthorn blocking your way:

"The quarry faces the hunter at last. You won't stop me from claiming my prize!"
Where is Spinner Indraseth?
"She is my puppet, just like all the other creatures in this story. Her weaknesses allowed me to enter.
You can't thwart me. You know nothing of the spinners and the power they wield!"
Who are you?
"You may know me by my Daedric title, but for now, I play the part of the Hound. I created a wedge between the Silvenar and the Green Lady.
The Hound is a convenient scapegoat for my invention."
Why are you changing the spinners' story?

He'll fade from view, leaving only him ominous voice:

Ulthorn the Hound: "Story? No, it is a vision of what is to come, shaped according to my whim!"

Come to the end of the story and you'll need to stop him from taking the Green Lady and changing the story:

The Hound: "The Green Lady is mine!"
The Hound: "What have you …."

The Ties that BindEdit

Activate the Bone Amulet and you'll hear:

Gwaering: "Of course, Ulthorn! It's a beautiful first kill!"
Ulthorn: "Then you'll …."
Gwaering: "How could I not? But … the spinners have summoned me. I must go to Silvenar."

Activate the Hunting Bow and you'll hear:

Ulthorn: "The Green Lady? But that's impossible!"
Gwaering: "If the spinners say I am, then I must be. We … we weren't meant to be."
Ulthorn: "No! You must refuse. Gwaering, we will not be torn apart like this!"
Gwaering: "Ulthorn, please. My part in this story is … over."
Ulthorn: "Then the story is wrong!"

Activate the Totem of Hircine and you'll hear:

Gwaering: "You shouldn't have come, Ulthorn."
Ulthorn: "They fear him, Gwaering! With Hircine's aid, we could …."
Gwaering: "The Daedric Prince? I won't hear any more. If you think I'd turn against my people, you're mad."
Ulthorn: "I don't care what it takes. Gwaering, I won't let this die. I'll do anything for you!"
Gwaering: "Anything? Then stop! My duty is to my people. I will protect them from any threat. Even you!"
Ulthorn: "Gwaering …."
Gwaering: "Take back the amulet, Ulthorn. Take it, and remember what we once were."
Ulthorn: "This isn't over. This is not the end!"

Restore the SilvenarEdit

In the Silvenar's Audience Hall, the Green Lady, under the control of The Hound, is casting a spell. After she detects you, the following conversation occurs:

The Green Lady: "How dare you threaten us? The Hound is my true consort! You will not interfere!"
The Hound: "I'm here, Gwaering! No one can stop our union now!"
The Silvenar: "Green Lady! Remember the Green Pact! Come to me!"
The Hound: "No! We belong together!"
<The Silvenar begins attempting to dispel the Hound's influence on Gwaering>
The Hound: "No! By Hircine's might, no!"
<The Silvenar reshapes a werewolf back into a Bosmer, removing their curse>
The Silvenar: "Return to the Pact, loyal hunter!"
The Hound: "What've you done? My minions! They're useless now!"

Once you've killed the Hound, the werewolves will stop spawning and the Green Lady will be herself once again.



  • He appears under various names in different locations; as The Hound in Reap What Is Sown and Restore the Silvenar; as Ulthorn in The Tale of the Green Lady and The Ties that Bind; and as Ulthorn the Hound in A Tale Forever Told.
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