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Elder Scrolls Online: People
Shaman Glazulg
Home Settlement Dra'bul
Race Orc Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Drublog
Shaman Glazulg

Shaman Glazulg is an Orc member of the Drublog Clan. He acts as the spiritual leader of the group living in Dra'bul. Chieftain Agrakh is his brother, and Roku is his daughter.

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Reap What Is SownEdit

When you eavesdrop on the shaman, you'll hear him say:

Shaman Glazulg: "Why must Chieftain Agrakh still consult with that apparition? May this be the last time I light those accursed candles."
Shaman Glazulg: "Hmph. What beast only talks through a ritual? I don't trust it."

After communing with The Hound and speaking to Roku, you'll find Glazulg on the east side of the camp in his quarters.

"I told Chieftain Agrakh someone would come to stop this madness.
And here you are, but you're too late."
I know. Roku said you could save the Green Lady.
"The poor child is bound with borrowed magic, as my brother commanded.
The Hound comes for her. You can't stop it."
Can't you stop it?
"Don't take that tone! It's not as simple as you think.
I'm old. Soon, I'll die. I can't make choices about the tribe's future. That's the chief's, my brother's, role."
[Persuade] This is not the future your daughter wants for the tribe either.
"Roku. She's young, but sees our struggles with clear eyes. My brother should listen to her.
I can't help you. But I'll give you what you need."
What do I need to do?
"Take this to siphon away the energy trapping the Green Lady. Only then will her bonds be broken.
Roku will be at the main arena's entrance. Tell her I understand. Tell her, she was right."
How can I convince you to help?
"My daughter. I trust her, yes.
I'll tell you how to remove the binds, but that's the only help I'll give you. I can't work against my clan's chief."

Speaking with him again:

"Roku told me she'd wait for the right champion at the upper arena's gates.
Go and do what you must."

After destroying each totem, Roku will run to Gwaering's aid:

Roku: "Are you hurt, Elf?"
Shaman Glazulg: "Roku! Stay back!"
The Hound: "Though I am in Silvenar's city, I have power. Chieftain, cut them down!"
Chieftain Agrakh: "I warned you, Roku! You chose to stand against your people!"
Shaman Glazulg: "No! Brother! Stay your hand!"
<Chieftain Agrakh kills Roku>
The Green Lady: "Chieftain Agrakh. You have much to answer for."
<The Green Lady attacks Chieftain Agrakh>
The Green Lady: "The Hound... I know who he truly is. It does not bode well."

The Hound's PlanEdit

Glazulg will be waiting for you outside the arena.

"All this is my fault. My flesh and blood, dead. Because I wouldn't listen.
But, that's not your concern. Will you go after the Silvenar next?"
Do you know where he's been taken?
"Jathsogur. That's where the chieftain sent our warriors to lie in wait.
If the Silvenar's held by our clan, he will be there."
Then I'll look there first.
"The future of the Drublog is uncertain. As my daughter always said, I must learn to think for myself."
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