Online: People
Location Driladan Pass, Dread Vullain, Verrant Morass, Hectahame
Two Moons Path
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Aldmeri Dominion
Old look

Indaenir is a Bosmer who plays an integral role in the Aldmeri Dominion quests in Greenshade and Malabal Tor.

Shortly after the death of the current Silvenar, Edhelorn, Indaenir sacrifices himself to cleanse the blight from Valenwood. Following his sacrifice, he is revived by Y'ffre and becomes the successor to the Silvenar title.

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Retaking the PassEdit

If you try to speak to him before speaking to Akkhuz-ri, he'll just say:

"This is not a good time. I have to focus right now."

After speaking to Akkhuz-ri, he will lead you a few steps away to where Indaenir is nursing the wounded.

Mane Akkhuz-ri : "Indaenir, the tunnel is finally clear. Akkhuz-ri will return to Marbruk and send soldiers to reinforce this location."
Indaenir : "Yes. Yes. That makes sense. Perhaps it's better if I go out into the pass and try to discover why Naemon ordered the undead to attack in the first place."
Mane Akkhuz-ri : "Yes. Both of you go. Find out what Naemon is planning and report to Marbruk. Don't try to do all this on your own … and of course, may bright moons light your path."

Speak to him and he'll tell you:

"I appreciate the Mane's sentiment … and the support of the Dominion, but ultimately, it falls on us to protect Valenwood.
Since the Silvenar's death, I get the sense that Queen Ayrenn feels she owes us something, but we Bosmer are not helpless."
I'm sure it's not meant as an insult.
"Of course not … and I am grateful for your assistance. It's true that I can't do this alone. I just think marching the entire army into the forest would be a mistake.
Come though. We mustn't tarry. We must discover the Shade's true motivation."
By "the Shade", you mean Prince Naemon?
"I don't think it's that simple. The Shade has assumed Naemon's form. It retains some of Naemon's memories, but it's a different entity now—with different motivations.
The Shade is undead, so we must consult the dead to discern its intentions."
How do we do that?
"Driladan Pass is old. Many Bosmer died here and some cannot be raised by any magic—they are the accursed souls who violated the Green Pact.
Come with me and we will try to commune with them. Perhaps they will know what the Shade truly plans."
How did they violate the Green Pact?
"Oh. There are many ways. Perhaps they cut down a tree or ate berries from the local plants.
Sometimes their intentions were good, but Valenwood is unforgiving. If they violate the Pact, they cannot pass from this plane."
And they can't be raised as undead?
"No. They are tethered to their remains and they cannot pass into death, nor can they return to life. Thus they remain witness to all that transpires among living and dead alike, but unable to participate.
Come, let us see what they know of Naemon."
All right. Let's go then.
Indaenir : "I've been underground too long. I can't wait to get back out into the forest."

Indaenir will head out into the pass.

Outside he'll continue the conversation:

"I think we're in luck. Though most of the local wildlife has fled from the undead, the torchbugs have remained.
Many people do not know this, but torchbugs are among the most perceptive creatures in the forest. They're amazing."
And how will that help us?
"I can ask one of them to lead you to the remains of the cursed dead. If you can find the skulls or some such—bring them to the Stone Table. I will go ahead and prepare so we can commune with them.
Just trust me on this. It'll work. You'll see."
If you say so.

Indaenir will go up to a nearby torchbug and apparently converses with him:

Indaenir : "Let's see if I can speak to this one."
Indaenir : "Come here, little one …."
Indaenir : "Yes. That would be so helpful. Thank you."
Indaenir : "Off it goes. Follow it to find the skulls and and then meet me at the Stone Table."

The little torchbug will lead you away…

Gather the skulls and meet Indaenir at the altar:

"Once the skulls are placed, I can speak with them to find out what they know."

Place the skulls on the stone table and you'll hear the following conversation:

Indaenir : "The Stone Table is where the Bosmer who violated the Pact received their judgment. Let's see if they remember it."
Indaenir : "You who were condemned. Hear me. Your only hope of being released is to tell us why the dead have been risen."
Skull of Thraul : "Ha! We need no release. The Shade of Naemon heralds a new age—an age where we will be restored, and you are the ones who will be judged."
Skull of Ethril : "Hold on. How do you know that? Did the Shade actually tell you that?"
Skull of Thraul : "He doesn't have to. When the forest is transformed, who do you think will inhabit the Shadow Wood? We will!"
Indaenir : "Naemon does not have the power to release any of you, but I do. Help us, and you'll have your chance at freedom."
Skull of Ollion : "I'll tell you. Don't listen to that fool. The Shade seeks to corrupt the forest—to create a new realm—it's called the Shadow Wood."

Speak to him now:

"I suspected something like this. It explains what we've seen. The Shade of Naemon does not seek destruction—it seeks transformation. We need to close these shadow rifts quickly.
First though, I promised their souls release."
You can actually release their souls?
"Not easily, but I promised them.
Since I will fulfill the sentence, I think you should decide whether any of them should be released."
I will talk to them.

If you speak to him before deciding the condemned spirits fates, he'll only say, "I trust you will make wise decisions."

After making your decisions:

"Glad that's done. The pleading of the condemned is almost too much to bear. One way or another, they are returned to the Forest."
I did what I felt was right and just.
"I won't question your judgment. Their fates are decided, but the fate of Valenwood is what concerns me.
These shadow rifts the skulls mentioned—we must close them quickly. That's where the Shade's realm is bleeding into ours."
How do we close the shadow rifts?
"I haven't quite figured that out. I can feel them, though. They feel like wounds in the forest.
I have some small ability to mend the Green, but it requires all of me. I'm going to need your protection."
Let's see what we can do.
"I know what to do, but you'll need to get me close to those rifts."

As you move from rift to rift, he will say random lines:

Indaenir : "We will cleanse the forest or die trying!"
Indaenir : "However many rifts they open, I will close them all—every one!"
Indaenir : "Such foul creatures in my forest will not be tolerated!"
Indaenir : "I will purge this corruption from Valenwood, whatever it takes!"

At the final rift, the world will go dark and gray:

"What foul magic is this? This … is this the Shadow Wood?
It is. This is what the Shade seeks—to transform Valenwood into … this. A realm of darkness and evil. It's inconceivable!"
What should we do?
"I-I do not know. I never imagined this realm would be so … elaborate. How could he create this? Where does he get such power?
We have to stop this—whatever it takes. Perhaps we can find the source of it. Yes. We must."
Where do you think the source would be?
"Perhaps there is a gateway back to our realm, back to Valenwood … some place where life and death intersect ….
That's it! The Stone Table. I must go. I'll meet you there."
All right. I'll come right away.
"The Stone Table. Quickly!"

Arrive back at the altar and the Servant of Naemon will be waiting for you and will attack on site. Defeat him and the world will come back to normal color and Indaenir will be waiting:

"It seems our circumstances are even worse than I imagined. The corruption of the Shadow Wood expands across the forest. I fear it's too late to contain it.

We must find the Shade of Naemon himself, here on this plane, if we are to stop him."

Where do you think he might be?
"I know not, but I certainly aim to find out. First though, you must report what we've learned to Marbruk. We need to at least keep them informed.

Don't worry, when the time is right, the forest will help me find you again. Until then, be safe."

All right. I'm sure I'll see you again soon.
Indaenir :

Don't take long. We must press on with our efforts."

Shades of GreenEdit

"Long ago, before the Green Pact, the Standing Stones were used to protect the people from the aggression of the forest.
If we can activate the stones, it could prevent the trees from spreading the blight to anyone else."
All right. Let's activate the stones then.

In the Eldest Den:

"If the Eldest has been corrupted, then everything in this area―every plant, every creature, and every person will soon become corrupted as well.
I can't imagine how this blight can so easily penetrate the forest's protections."
What exactly is the eldest?
"It is an ancient plant―a strangler. It's been here from the beginning. It's the lifeblood of the forest in this area.
If the Eldest is truly tainted, then regardless of the Green Pact, we must slay it."
Killing the Eldest will violate the Green Pact?
"I don't think so. We must consider the significance of the Green Pact as a whole. At its core, it's a covenant in which we protect the Green and the Green protects us.
In this case, we must cut off the limb to save the trunk. It's the only way."
Will it grow back after we kill it?
"Not without assistance. After we've killed it, you must remove its heart. We may be able to use that to grow a new strangler to take the Eldest's place."

The Blight of the BosmerEdit

Arrive at Verrant Morass, Indaenir will run up and greet you:

"I'm glad you're here. I've been trying to help these poor people, but it's futile. There is a blight here that's turned them into rabid beasts.
These Bosmer may be beyond aid, but we must find a way to stop the blight from spreading."
Do you know what's causing the blight?
"Undoubtedly, it's the corruption of Prince Naemon's Shade spreading through the forest and somehow affecting the people here.
The blight emanates from the trees … which may offer us an opportunity to at least contain it using the Standing Stones."
What are the Standing Stones?
"Long ago, before the Green Pact, the Standing Stones were used to protect the people from the aggression of the forest.
If we can activate the stones, it could prevent the trees from spreading the blight to anyone else."
All right. Let's activate the stones then.
"We must work quickly, my friend. Clearly, the blight doesn't affect all Bosmer, but if anyone wanders into this area, I suspect there is a strong chance they will become afflicted.
Y'ffre forbid a scouting party of Vinedusk Rangers comes here."
Why aren't we affected by the blight?
"I can't be sure, but I suspect it's our people's connection to the Green that allows us to be infected. Other races will be immune.
It also seems that some Bosmer can resist the blight. For that, I have no explanation whatsoever."

At the first standing stone, Indaenir will say:

Indaenir : "The corruption has spread to these plants as well. It's like they're dead … but not dead at the same time."

At the last standing stone, he say:

Indaenir : "I think I can actually sense the blight attempting to corrupt my mind. I've never felt anything like this."
Indaenir : "Y'ffre's bones! The corruption is coming from the den of the Eldest! We need to get there—quickly!"

If you speak to him he'll say:

"We must get to the Eldest Den. There might still be time to save it."

Speak to Indaenir once you get to the Eldest Den:

"If the Eldest has been corrupted, then everything in this area—every plant, every creature, and every person will soon become corrupted as well.
I can't imagine how this blight can so easily penetrate the forest's protections."
What exactly is the Eldest?
"It is an ancient plant—a strangler. It's been here from the beginning. It's the lifeblood of the forest in this area.
bIf the Eldest is truly tainted, then regardless of the Green Pact, we must slay it."
Killing the Eldest will violate the Green Pact?
"I don't think so. We must consider the significance of the Green Pact as a whole. At its core, it's a covenant in which we protect the Green and the Green protects us.
In this case, we must cut off the limb to save the trunk. It's the only way."
Will it grow back after we kill it?
"Not without assistance. After we've killed it, you must remove its heart. We may be able to use that to grow a new strangler to take the Eldest's place."
"Now remove the heart and there may be a chance we can grow a new one."

After defeating the Eldest and hearing the Servant of Naemon once again, he'll say:

"And we find ourselves here once again … it's so unnatural. It makes me feel queasy.

The Eldest's heart must be the nexus that ties this plane to ours. I suspect it is also tethered to Naemon's Servant—the one who addressed us."

So we have to confront Naemon's Servant once again?
"We have no choice, though it sounds as if we risk handing the Eldest's heart back over to the enemy.

Perhaps though, we might also purge more of the blight while we are in this realm. That might help us both here and there."

How would we purge more of the blight from here?
"The trees in the forest—the taint came from the Eldest, but it has undoubtedly spread to the spirits of the trees themselves.

If we can slay the corrupted tree spirits, more of the forest may be spared. The Eldest's heart can help us."

How can the Eldest's heart help us?
"The heart's energy could help you slay the tree spirits … but I'm actually not sure that would be a good idea.
If we use the heart this way, it will be corrupted. It would destroy any chance of using it to grow a replacement for the Eldest."
[Intimidate] If it helps us cleanse the blight, that's a risk we have to take.
"Very well. I'm not sure this is the best course, but I am biased by my attachment to the Green. I trust your judgment.
The heart's energy will accompany you to destroy the corrupted tree spirits. Find me when you're done."
Then we shouldn't use it. I'll kill the tree spirits myself.


After destroying the Corrupted Tree Sprits and defeating another Servant of Naemon, speak to Indaenir:

"At least it's over now. We stopped the blight from spreading and defeated Naemon's servant … but at such cost.

I worry about our decision to sacrifice the Eldest's Heart. Its absence will be felt, and without a replacement … well, I don't know."

What about the corruption in the trees?
"Thankfully, your efforts within the Shadow Wood saved many of them. But there is still much corruption in the forest; I can feel it. Our work is far from finished.
Here. I'll take the Heart now."
"May the Green bring our paths together once more, friend."
What will happen to all the feral Bosmer here?
"Their rage has subsided, but they remain touched by the corruption. They will never be themselves again. But we can care for them and give them comfort. It is the least of our duty."

Right of TheftEdit

You'll find Indaenir outside the village of Dred Vullain:

"Did she tell you? One of the greatest mysteries of Valenwood has finally been solved! Decades of conflicting rumors have been put to rest.

We finally know what happened to the Blackroot Clan! They died … right here in Vullain!"

And now they've been raised?
"Yes. Once again, the work of Naemon's Shade and the Veiled Heritance. And yes, I do realize we need to return them to rest … but I'm hoping we can uncover more about what happened here while we do.

Are you ready to get to work, my friend?"

Yes. Where do we start?
"The Blackroot Clan warriors are even more bloodthirsty in death than they were in life, but there are also other spirits here—glimmers from the past—crying out for help.

I think they're trying to show us something. We need to watch them."

All right, let's go watch them.

As you move thru the area, he'll yell:

Indaenir : "Look for the glimmers of the past I spoke of. Hopefully, they will help us figure out how to put the Blackroot clan back to rest."

If you speak to him, he'll randomly say:

"It's amazing to think … the Blackroot clan actually met its end here."
"Imagine being forced to repeat your actions for an eternity."
"These poor spirits. There's no way to lay them to rest on this plane."

As you reach each vision he'll randomly say:

Indaenir : "What's that over there?"
Indaenir : "Here is another scene. Let's watch."
Indaenir : "Look, another one."

If you speak to him after the last vision, he'll tell you:

"We should go to the cave temple of the nereids."

Once you reach the temple, he'll add:

"What a sacrifice! To think the villagers actually poisoned themselves in order to poison the Blackroot Clan … it may be morbid, but it's also brilliant.
Of course, that really doesn't help us return the Blackroot warriors to their graves, does it?"
Not really. What should we do now?
"From what I gathered, one of Naemon's servants has stolen General Malgoth's bow and compels the Blackroot Clan to fight by the Right of Theft.
What we need to do is steal the general's bow back, and then we can release him from his vows."
How do we find the bow?
"We must rely on the scenes of the past. After being poisoned, General Malgoth went to the nereid temple. It's likely he died within.
I suggest you go in and search for the general's remains. I'll continue searching for clues out here in the forest."
All right. I'll search the nereid temple.
"Be wary in there. Nereids wield dangerous magic and can never be trusted. It's no surprise they helped the villagers in their suicidal plot.
In fact, the nereids probably consider General Malgoth's bow a prize. They will defend his remains."
Why would the villagers turn to the Nereids?
"Desperation turns enemies into allies. The villagers knew General Malgoth and the Blackroot Clan were going to attack, and they knew they couldn't win.
Likely, they asked the Nereids for help, and the Nereids convinced them this was the best course."
Why did the Nereids even get involved?
"Because it's in their nature. Death amuses them, and all the more when they can manipulate people into bringing about their own demise.
As disasteful 
[sic] as it may be, the Nereids are part of the natural order. I just try to stay away from them."
So you had heard of General Malgoth?
"Of course. Malgoth sought to unite all the Bosmer under his leadership. He led the Blackroot Clan to conquer much of Valenwood during the Bosmer tribal wars.
Then one day, the just disappeared. No one knew what happened...until now."
What were the Bosmer tribal wars?
"The Bosmer have always been free peoples, bound only to the Green. Rarely have the tribes united under singular leadership, although for a period many, like Malgoth, tried. Most of the so-called "wars" were not fought at all, but won by trickery."
But General Malgoth was an exception?
"Yes, General Malgoth had traveled far and wide. He had seen the greatness that comes to those who conquer through military might. That you'd not heard of him is a tribute to the sacrifice of the Vullain Bosmer."
Not so different from Malgoth observing the Meat Mandate?/Malgoth also observed the Meat Mandate?
"As barbaric as it seems, many clans still lived by the old traditions during the Bosmer tribal wars.
Mind you, they didn't consume the bodies of the dead because they enjoyed the taste. It was a matter of tradition."
And the Vullain villagers took advantage of that?
"Apparently so. Though the tactics they embraced sound more like a Nereid plot than something the villagers themselves might have come up with on their own."
The Right of Theft can even compel the dead?
"For General Malgoth, that's apparently the case. For all his ambition, he was still a staunch traditionalist.
It's actually quite impressive that his sense of honor remains intact even so many years after his death."
How do you steal something from a dead person?
"I'd say this is a perverted case. The value that Malgoth placed on his bow alone may be enough for him to want it back. Or, he may be using the Right of Theft as a more honorable justification for his new servitude. There was fear in his voice."

After the Nereid Temple, if you have previously experienced the Shadow Wood, Indaenir will reamark:

"We're back in the Shadow Wood. I had hoped not to visit here again. But if this is where he is holding the general's bow, then it's just as well.
We need to find the Shade to get the bow back."
What should we do?
"I don't know. We'll have to search until we find it though.
In the meantime, however, do you recall the glimmers of the past we saw earlier? It seems those spirits are trapped here in the Shadow Wood. We should release them."
How can we release them?
"It's the shadow rifts that bind them here. From this side, you need only to touch the rifts to close them. That will release the spirits from their torment and weaken Naemon's grip on this place.
If you'll focus on that, I'll search for the Shade."
All right. I'll go close the shadow rifts.

Otherwise he'll be surprised by the situation:

"Did you hear the voice …? He called this the "Shadow Wood". It seems to be some dark realm that parallels Valenwood.
If the Shade of Naemon has created this, he's more powerful than I realized. This is... horrifying."
What should we do?
"We have to stop this… we have to destroy this "Shadow Wood", whatever it takes.
There must be a focus here, something that ties this plane to ours… something… It's the bow! The general's bow. That has to be it."
The Shade said it had the bow.
"Yes, and we will have to confront it and take the bow back. That will release the general… and hopefully dispel this nightmare.
There's also the spirits from the glimmers of the past we saw earlier. They are trapped here and we must release them."
How can we release them?
"It's the shadow rifts that bind them here. From this side, you need only to touch the rifts to close them. That will release the spirits from their torment and weaken Naemon's grip on this place.
If you'll focus on that, I'll search for the Shade."
All right. I'll go close the shadow rifts.

As he leaves, you'll tell you:

Indaenir : "Good luck, and see you by the stones."

Defeat the Servant of Naemon once again and speak to Indaenir:

"That was a harrowing experience all around. I'm glad it's over. I hope we have succeeded in weakening Naemon's grasp on Valenwood as a whole.
Only one thing remains … we must deal with the spirit of General Malgoth."
Should I return the bow?
"Yes, and since you have succeeded in stealing it, it falls on you to invoke the Right of Theft with the general.
Whatever you ask of him, he will be compelled to do."
What should I ask for?
"The compassionate choice would be to release the general and his army, to allow them to return to their rest.
But if you prefer, you might ask them instead to turn against Naemon and aid our forces in the fight for Valenwood. The choice is yours."
All right. I'll talk to the general.
"Speak to General Malgoth. I'll be right here."

After speaking to General Malgoth, if you released him, he'll say:

"You released him—I think that was the right thing to do.
I'm glad to know that at least some of the spirits here will be able to rest, though I am sorry for the villagers who remain trapped in the Shadow Wood."
What should we do now?
"We've done all we can here, but it's clear that Naemon still seeks to harm Valenwood, so our work is not finished.
I suggest we spread out and search for signs of darkness. When Auri-El wills it, I am certain the Green will bring us together again."

If you asked Malgoth to march on Naemon:

"Unless you have questions of me, I will soon be on my way. We should both search the forest for other signs of Naemon's corruption.
I fear at some point, we will have to confront Naemon himself."
General Malgoth mentioned the "Ooze". What did he mean?
"A spiritual prison, of a sort. Bosmer who break their oath to the Green Pact go there when they die. To reflect, for an eternity.
There's a place called Ouze where we bring the bodies of Oathbreakers. Some think it's a physical link to the Ooze."

Striking at the HeartEdit

"I'm relieved you're here, my friend. As dark as my fears may have been, they pale in comparison to the reality.
If the Shade of Naemon corrupts the Heart of Valenwood, then the realm he calls the Shadow Wood will soon consume this one."
How do we stop him then?
"It won't be easy. They enchantments that once kept evil out of the way are now corrupted - it's something similar to the blight we saw in Verrant Morass, but much stronger.
Every soldier who'se entered has turned feral. Even you and I would not be immune."
Then how do we get in?
"It's risky, but to defeat the darkness, we may have to embrace it first.
The Green is corrupted, and I think I can use my connection with it to thrust me into the realm of the Shadow Wood. In that realm, I suspect we can get past the blight. "
It's worth a try. Let's do it.

Indaenir will cast a spell to draw you both into the Shadow Wood:

Indaenir : "Let's hope this works."


Indaenir : "All right then."
"There. We're in the Shadow Wood again, as foul as it ever was. We should be able to bypass the blight though ... and all the feral guardians that would block our way.
Once we get in there, we need to head to the Grotto - that's where the heart is."
You think it's safe to go in then?
"There's only one way to find out, isn't there? If we go feral, that's that.
If not, I still suspect we'll encounter some resistance. The Shadow Wood hasn't lacked for corrupted spirits elsewhere, and I can't imagine it will here, either."
All right. Let's go then.
"Let's get inside. The Grotto will be on the other end of the bridge."

Once inside he'll remark on the quantity of corrupted: "Y'ffre's bones! He's turned so many … we have to stop this!" Indaenir will also comment on the large number of Veiled Necromancers in the ruin: "As formidable as you may be, I fear we couldn't get through here in the physical realm."

Make it into the grotto and he'll say: "Now we just need to find the Shade of Naemon … and destroy him." Make your way to the entrance of Valenheart only to find the way barred: "I knew we couldn't be that lucky. The Shade has blocked the way. Let's see." Indaenir will look around: :"These pedestals look as if they're still active. Yes, I know what to do." Speak to him and he'll explain:

"This is the entrance to the Valenheart. It seems the Shade of Naemon has taken care to ensure his work is not disturbed.

This is an ancient Ayleid barrier. We'll need to activate the pedestals to pass."

How do we activate the pedestals?
"We'll need to get the keystones, Welkynd stones I imagine. And the Shade has likely scattered them throughout the branches of Hectahame.
There is more too. I will need to study these pedestals to decipher the way of unsealing the door."
I can get the keystones while you study the pedestals.
"Good thinking. Whatever we can do to speed this up. In fact, as soon as you find each keystone, bring it here before searching for the others.
That will help me puzzle this out more quickly."
"The Welkynd stones are the only way to break the barrier and enter the heart."

After you collect and place the first two stones, you can ask him to cast the Shadow Wood spell on you again:

The Shade pulled me out of the Shadow Wood.
"I'll get you back in."

Place the final stone and he'll be please: "Good. This should work. Hurry! We have to save the Heart!" Speak to him and he'll press you into action: "Get the Staff of Magnus from the Shade's remains. We need to make sure it gets returned to the queen."

Kill the Shade and speak to him again:

"Incredible. I've never seen such terrible power. But you didn't flinch.

The Shade is gone, but his corruption is not. Look at the Heart. It's overflowing with corruption, spreading the darkness all over Valenwood."

Is there any way to heal it?
"I don't know, but I have to try something. As I suggested before, perhaps the only way to defeat the darkness … is to embrace it.

I think I might be able to draw the corruption out of the Heart and into myself."

But what will happen to you?
"It'll be the end of me, I suppose. But the loss of one life … to save the Valenwood … there's no choice in that."
You're going to sacrifice yourself?

Indaenir will walk up to the hear and begin to cast: :"Y'ffre guide me. I hope this works. It's working. Just a little more."

There's a flash and Inadaenir collapses. Akkhuz-ri and Cariel will come running in and after a brief discussion with the mane, Indaenir's body begins to glow and surrounded by a vortex of winds and leaves:

Mane Akkhuz-ri : "Look. Indaenir."
Cariel : "Perhaps you should take a few steps back, Mane?"
Cariel : "The Valenheart … it saved Indaenir!"
Mane Akkhuz-ri : "Saved him? Cariel?"
Cariel : "The Valenwood brought him back! It's Y'ffre's will."
Indaenir : "What happened?"
Cariel : "Indaenir, you're … Y'ffre has chosen you. You're the Silvenar."

Indaenir is understandably in shock:

"Could it be true? Me. The Silvenar?"
What happened?
"I fell down, down into death, and the Green reached out picked me up and set me on my feet, and I was here again, alive."
How do you feel?
"Incredible. Indescribable. Transformed.
I have seen my making and my unmaking, and I am awestruck."
The people here are calling you the Silvenar?
"I never imagined, when the last Silvenar died, that I would be chosen. But if the people wish it of me, I will accept this role."

If you try to speak to him again, he'll tell you, "Come. I need to speak with Queen Ayrenn. I expect she'll want to speak with you as well."

Outside speak to Queen Ayrenn. She'll be shocked at the news of Indaenir becoming the Silvenar. She'll turn to the mane for confirmation:

Mane Akkhuz-ri : "His spirit was gone from the mortal world. The Valenwood restored him."
Queen Ayrenn : "Indaenir?"
Indaenir : "The Mane speaks the truth, Queen Ayrenn."
Mane Akkhuz-ri : "Cariel herself said Y'ffre chose him. This one agrees."
Queen Ayrenn : "Then rise Indaenir. It is I who have the honor of bowing to you."
Indaenir : "Queen Ayrenn, please. I —"
Queen Ayrenn : "People of the Aldmeri Dominion. I present to you, your new Silvenar."

If you speak to him he'll say, "It looks like I have a long journey ahead of me."

After completing the quest, he'll say:

"Valenwood is only alive because of you. We are all in your debt, I especially, and having a Silvenar in your debt can be a good thing.
I'll be on my way to Malabal Tor now. I will undoubtedly see you there."

The Hound's PlanEdit

Arrive at Jathsogur and a projection of The Silvenar will be there to greet you:

"I am the Silvenar, the spiritual advisor to … why, it's you! Wonderful.
Wood Orcs from Jathsogur have captured me, and I don't know why. I am loath to impose upon your aid yet again, but I have nowhere else to turn."
I'm a friend of the Green Lady.
"Yes, I remember you! A familiar face is a welcome one in dire times.
You see, I'm trapped in Jathsogur, and need assistance to free myself and those captured with me."

The Prisoner of JathsogurEdit

He'll continue:

"Thank you. The gods know I could use your help.
It's taking all my energy to maintain this projection. The Drublog captured me and my traveling companions. They're holding us prisoner in Jathsogur."
How can I help?
"I need you to rescue my advisors. They can tell you more about the attack and perhaps help you free me from my prison. I'm being weakened by some powerful magic.
They won't be much use to you as fighters, but they're very clever."
I'll free them and we'll do our best to rescue you.
"My advisors are my confidantes, my bodyguards—they fill multiple roles. We were en route to my wedding with the Green Lady. When the Drublog attacked, they were slain or taken.
Two survived: Raen and Sariel."
Who is Raen?
"A warrior. He's my military advisor and a bodyguard.
He fought hard during the ambush, but was overwhelmed. If you free him, he can advise you how to battle the Drublog, but I fear he was severely wounded and may not be able to fight."
Who is Sariel?
"The youngest of my advisors, Ambassador Sariel's visions give guidance when those twice her age see no clear path.
She could help you find out how to free me."
How were you taken?
"The Drublog used a foul spell to trap me; I've never encountered it before.
That same energy prevents anything beyond this Psijic contact. I can't escape without your help."
Why did the Drublog kidnap you?
"As the Silvenar, I'm the manifestation of the spiritual strength within every Bosmer. But I must join with the Green Lady before my role can be fulfilled.
The Drublog attacked my retinue on our way to this ritual. We had no time to ask them why."

If you speak to him again, he'll explain further:

"Magicka binds my spirit to this place. I can't even see my captors.
Locate the ambassadors who survived the attack. They can help you find me."
Who are the ambassadors?
"My advisors are my confidantes…" <Continued above>

After destroying the last rune stone, you'll hear his voice:

The Silvenar : "I can see my prison! The fortress, on the hill. Come up!"

You'll find him in the Chieftain's Chambers:

"It's good to finally see you with my own eyes. Thank you for rescuing me, but our trials are not over.
The binding stones affected my connection to the Bosmer. I must get back everything they took from me."
How do we do that?
"Give me time. The Drublog and the Houndsmen can't have missed your disruption of the binding stones. They'll be here soon, driven by Chief Nagoth.
Keep them back while I regain the energy they stole from me. Only then can we leave."
I'm ready. Let them come.
Hold on. I need to prepare.
The Silvenar : "Defend me till I've recovered, and we can escape!"
"The Houndsmen and the Drublog, working together to destroy my connection to the land! I can't believe it.
Thankfully, you saved me."
Let's get you someplace safer.
"I agree. I've recovered sufficient magicka to create a portal out of Jathsogur.
Are you ready to go?"
No, I'm not ready yet.
"Don't take too much time. I must leave now; if they somehow re-energize the binding stones, I'll be trapped again.
Use the portal or not; it's up to you."
I won't dawdle.
Who are the Houndsmen, anyway? They look like Bosmer.
"They're Bosmer corrupted by the Hound, a Hircine worshiper who wishes to usurp my place at the side of the Green Lady.
He's fed their desire for power by "gifting" them with lycanthropy. If he severs my ties to the Bosmer, they'll fall to his whims."
Create the portal.
"After I teleport out, I'll leave the portal open as long as I can. We'll meet again outside, beyond the reach of the Drublog.
Don't wait too long; the portal won't stay up forever. And I wouldn't be surprised if more Drublog show up down here soon."
I'm ready. I'll meet you outside.
Can I just walk out?

Use the portal and arrive outside the encampment:

"Events are spiraling out of control, and as the spinners say, we've 'left the story.'
Without you, neither I nor my ambassador would've gotten out of Jathsogur."
Be careful on the road.
"I will be. It seems I can only trust you and my last ambassador. I must get to the town of Silvenar, and the Green Lady, quickly.
As soon as my magicka returns, we'll be on our way."

A Wedding to AttendEdit

"Yes. With all you did inside Jathsogur, I think the Drublog threat is finished. I can deal with any stragglers who come my way.
But I can't wait too long. Dallinir and my other guards sent word that I should get to the city of Silvenar."
Do you need me to do anything?
"I'd like you to come to our wedding! You deserve an invitation. Look for me or Dallinir when you reach town to get it.
Besides, I don't think we've heard the last of the Hound. You may encounter his minions along the way, or even in Silvenar."
I'll meet you in Silvenar.
"Now that I'm aware of the danger, I can protect myself and those around me.
I won't be caught by the same trick twice."
How did they capture you in the first place?
"The Drublog shamans and the traitorous Houndsmen conspired to drain my power, and sever my ties to the Bosmer.
They used an ancient Daedric ritual, catching me unprepared. It won't happen again."
Who was behind your abduction?
"A powerful Hircine-worshiper known as the Hound. He wants to usurp my place beside the Green Lady. He's a Bosmer; I sense his pain, and recognize his anger now.
This isn't the first time he's attacked. Stand with me and you'll run afoul of him too."
Where were you headed when you were ambushed?
"The town of Silvenar. There, I'll wed the Green Lady and join my spiritual essence with her physical power.
It's a ritual that happens once a generation, and it will happen again soon."
"You've done more for me than I could've expected from a stranger. Please, don't wait for us. We'll be fine until we reach the town."
Are you sure?
"Now that I'm aware of the danger, I can protect myself and those around me.
I won't be caught by the same trick twice."

Meeting him at the city:

"My friend! I was certain you'd arrive. And it's a good thing you did. All is not well in Silvenar."
What's wrong?
"My tale nears its end. I pray to Y'ffre it goes well.
But there could be a dark ending. Silvenar is closed against me."

Restore the SilvenarEdit

"The city is sealed against me … something I would not have thought possible. It would take the power of—
Of course! The three spinners! They could do it, if they were forced by someone powerful. Someone like the Hound."
The Hound?
"Yes! That Hircine-worshiper wants to keep me from the handfast.
My scouts saw his Houndsmen in the ravine below, bearing silver shards that radiate magicka. Can you wrest the shards from them? They're key to unlocking the city, and this puzzle."
I'll get you those shards.

Continue to speak to him for more information:

"I believe those silver shards are physical manifestations of stories woven by the Bosmer's three most powerful spinners.
If you take them from the Houndsmen in the ravine below, we'll know for certain."
And the Hound?
"We've run afoul of him before. The Hound was behind the trouble in Dra'bul and my kidnapping and imprisonment in Jathsogur.
He wishes to supplant me as the Green Lady's rightful consort. We have to stop him, for the sake of the Bosmer people."
Can you tell me more about the silver shards?
"As I said, they are creations of Silvenar's three great spinners. I'm certain the Houndsmen are using them to turn the wards of the city to their master's evil purpose, to help him keep me from the Green Lady.
Of course, there are other defenses."
What defense does the city have?
"In addition to the wards, there is the Guardian of Silvenar, an elemental creature that patrols the bridge. He will be compelled to act against us, by the same magic that turns the wards.
You must defeat him … after you recover the shards."
Where is the Green Lady?
"I don't know, but she must be inside the city. If she were anywhere else I'd be able to sense her presence.
My fear is that the Hound has trapped her in some way similar to the way he kept me in Jathsogur. Perhaps the shards are part of that trap."

If you speak to him after collecting the shards he'll say:

"You've got the shards? Excellent! Keep them with you. They'll prove key to our victory, I'm certain.
Now you need to defeat the guardian. Its power prevents me from any access to Silvenar. Do that, and I will contact you as I did in Jathsogur."

Defeat the Guardian and you'll hear:

The Silvenar : "Quickly! Over here!"
"Quickly … you've defeated the guardian, but it will return soon. You need to get inside the city and locate the three spinners."
Can you tell where they are?
"I sense they're being held in the trees within the city. The bonds of Hircine surround them, however, so you can't go directly to them.
You'll need to learn about the spinners and their prisons in order to free them."
What can you tell me about them, then?
"All I know are their names: Spinner Einrel, Spinner Caerllin, and Spinner Dothriel. This is my first visit to the city and until the handfast, my connection with the Bosmer is incomplete.
I know how you can learn about the three spinners, but it will be dangerous."
Tell me.
"Question the ones who bound them. The Houndsmen's witches worked with their master to craft special prisons for each spinner.
Force the witches to tell you everything they know about the bindings and locations of the three spinners."
I'll learn whatever I can from them.
"Once you've learned about the three spinners, I'll contact you again.
Look for my Psijic projection beneath the Great Tree at the center of the city."
He'll disappear in a flash.

Once you've learned all you can from the Houndsman Bewitchers, The Silvenar will appear again on the ground floor of the main oak:

"I sense that you've completed your task. You've questioned the Houndsmen witches about the spinners and their bonds?"
"When you defeated the guardian, I projected more of my essence into the city.
I've learned something about each spinner and their bonds. They're being contained by puzzles that tap into each spinner's essence."
How do I solve the puzzles?
"The Hound is using Ayleid stones to imprison each spinner. The key to each puzzle is tied to each spinner's essence, but their very spirits power the barrier keeping me out of the city.
Solve the puzzles, free the spinners, and open the barrier."
Is there any other way to bring down the barrier?
"Yes. If you fail to solve a puzzle, a manifestation of that spinner's spirit will appear. Kill it and the barriers will fall, but at the cost of a spinner's life.
Try to solve the puzzles and free the spinners, not kill them."
[Persuade] Can you be more specific about solving these puzzles?
"Each has a home surrounding the Great Tree. Go up from here, then cross the tree-bridges and climb up further still to their homes.
Search the spinner's home for clues to solving each puzzle. Return here after you've broken their bonds."
Tell me about the spinners.
"Spinner Einrel is the youngest. She is a master alchemist, and her purview is the future. She foretells many things with her prophesies.
Try to assemble her history in the solution to her puzzle."
And the others?
"Spinner Caerllin was a powerful warrior before the spinner's path found him. He is blessed with a keen awareness of the present.
His perception of things happening here and now, particularly regarding the handfasting, should be the key to solving his puzzle."
What about Spinner Dothriel?
"She is the eldest and most powerful spinner. A wizard almost from birth, she sees the past more clearly than you and I see the present.
She draws parallels between then and now. Use that in solving her puzzle."
I'm ready. Where can I find the spinners?
"Each has a home surrounding the Great Tree. Go up from here, then cross the tree-bridges and climb up further still to their homes.
Search the spinner's home for clues to solving each puzzle. Return here after you've broken their bonds."

Release all three Spinner's and speak to him again:

"You've done it! The barrier is almost broken. As you broke each of the spinners' bonds, I could feel the energy dispersing. I'm almost through."
What happens now?
"We must confront the Hound! But I have grim news.
The Hound has somehow enthralled the Green Lady's spirit. That's why the wards against my entry were so strong. She's in the audience hall, fighting to repair the damage you've done."
What can we do?
"Give me the silver shards. They contain the essence of the three spinners' stories. I can use them to overcome the Hound's spell, but only if I can physically get to the Green Lady.
Go to the audience hall and distract her."
How do I distract her?
"She's a warrior, first and foremost, and will abandon her repairs to confront you. Then I'll be able to break through the barrier.
Of course, if the Hound gets to her before I can … best not to think of that."
What do you mean?
"Together, the Green Lady and the Hound will be formidable. Our only hope is for me to get to the audience hall quickly and help. If you're overcome, all Silvenar, all the Bosmer, may be lost.
Fight bravely, and well."
I understand. Where's the audience hall?
"Take the ladder up from here. It's above us, high in the Great Tree.
Good luck, my friend."
I'll do my best.
"The audience hall is above us. I'll be there as quickly as I can. If you can challenge the Hound, I'll have time to break through the barrier."

Enter the Audience Hall and The Green Lady will attack on sight:

The Green Lady : "How dare you threaten us?"
The Green Lady : "The Hound is my true consort! You will not interfere!"

The Hound will appear from a swirling read mist…

The Hound : "I'm here, Gwaering! No one can stop our union now!"

Just as The Silvenar enters the hall:

The Silvenar : "Green Lady! Remember the Green Pact! Come to me!"
The Hound : "No! We belong together!"

The Silvenar casts a hold spell on The Green Lady and pulls her to him. The Hound turns hostile and attacks:

The Silvenar : "Return to the Pact, loyal hunter!"

Once the Hound is defeated, The Silvenar turns to his lady:

The Silvenar : "And good riddance to that. Gwaering, are you hurt?"
The Green Lady : "I'll be fine. Let's not delay the ceremony any longer."

If you speak to him before speaking to The Green Lady, he'll say:

"At last, the Hound is dead.
I stripped away Hircine's influence from the Green Lady, but only because you kept the Hound occupied."

After the ceremony, he'll tell you:

"I never doubted this would happen, but the feeling of relief is overwhelming.
The celebrations continue for several days and nights, but the handfast is complete!"

Finish the quest, and he'll add:

"My friend, we've come a long way from Hectahame. You've known me now in two lives. It's only right you're here as I begin a third when I bond with the Green Lady.
Now, please, enjoy the celebration."

The First StepEdit

The Silvenar

Upon entering the temple he will greet you with, "My friend! Isn't this amazing? It's my first time on the borderlands of Valenwood. And my first time in a Khajiiti temple! I'm honored to be here today." Once you've spoken to Kauzanabi-jo, he will tell you, "This is fascinating. I can't wait to see what happens next." After the trials he will say, "Well done! I have every confidence that you're the Moon Hallowed these women need."

The Path to MoonmontEdit

"I look forward to speaking again at Dune, Hallowed. May the Green keep you safe as you do the work of the Bright Moons."

The Fires of DuneEdit

Arrive in Dune and you'll find him and other Dominion leaders in the ruined house across from Crafty Mazduni's Caravan:

"The Khajiit are a noble people. To see their jewel in the desert brought low like this … it moves my heart."

After you've spoken to Queen Ayrenn, he'll say, "I hope this Path you have to walk will not be troubled by the darkness plaguing Dune."

The Moonlit PathEdit

When you arrive at the Temple of the Dance, you'll find him and others outside the entrance:

"I hope this Path you have to walk will not be troubled by the darkness plaguing Dune."

After speaking to the Lunar Champion, he'll add, "Your bravery astonishes me, Hallowed. To my ears this Path you walk sounds like some kind of nightmare."

A vision of the Silvenar and the Green Lady fleeing from chaos occurs during the quest. Approach Elilor and The Green Lady and The Silvenar will run off:

The Silvenar : "More are coming! We have to leave him!"

Follow Gwaering and Indaenir and The Silvenar will start to attack:

The Silvenar : "Brace yourself … wait. Who are you?"
The Green Lady : "You smell friendly. Brace yourselves! Here they come!"

After the first wave of the Wild Hunt:

The Silvenar : "Why? Why my love? Why is this happening?"
The Green Lady : "The Hunt … it's turned them. This never would have happened if the Dominion had stayed intact! Damn the eagle banner!"
The Silvenar : "I'm glad you two showed up. You can help us find … nng."

After the second wave:

The Silvenar : "

Nng! The pain! I can't go on much longer like this."

The Green Lady : "

What's wrong, my heart? Are you wounded?"

The Silvenar : "

I don't know. I feel weak. I don't know what's happening."

The Green Lady : "

Hold on a little longer, my love … damn it. Yet more coming. Help us!"

After the next wave:

The Green Lady : "We can't hold this place. Got to get out of here. Follow, if you would live."
The Silvenar : "Leave me here, my love. Find safety. I can fend for myself."

Follow the two to a secluded spot and speak to the Green Lady. Indaenir will make a sound and Gwaering will attend to him:

The Green Lady : "What's wrong? What's happening?"
The Silvenar : "Run. Get out of here!"
The Green Lady : "No, love. I won't. I can't leave you!"
The Silvenar : "Get out of here before I hurt you!"

The Silvenar will turn into a werewolf and it'll be up to you to put him down.

Speaking with him in the real world after the vision of the Bosmer:

"Hunal's commentary on your progress has been … most interesting, Hallowed. I hope seeing me alive and well is not too distressing."

The Den of LorkhajEdit

After returning from the plane of Lorkhaj, he'll comment, "Our thoughts are with you, Hallowed. May the Green watch over you." After the ceremony to crown the new Mane is complete, he'll add, :"You've done it! You've walked paths in darkness and come out the other side … into the light."


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