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Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Drublog Champion, Drublog Ravager, Drublog Ritualist, Drublog Screamer, Timber Mammoth
Broken CoastMalabal Tor
West of Vulkwasten
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There were already Wood Orcs living in Valenwood when the Elves first arrived from Old Aldmeris. Though there has often been conflict between Orc and Bosmer, they usually share the forest in a tentative truce.

Dra'bul is a Wood Orc stronghold in central Malabal Tor, west of Vulkwasten. The Green Lady has come to investigate the clan after their unexpected savage attack on Velyn Harbor.

A sleeping lookout is located on top of the eastern watchtower at the camp's southern entrance.

Gushagub gro-Shugdurbam is located on a sandbar upon the west side of a rocky island north of the Broken Coast Dolmen, which lies north of Dra'bul. Cirodros the traveling merchant walks along the road between Dra'bul and Vulkwasten.

Related QuestsEdit

  • Dra'bul Objective: Help the Green Lady investigate the Drublog compound. / You foiled a plot to capture the Green Lady by the Drublog.
  •  The Drublog of Dra'bul: Meet the Green Lady in Dra'bul.



Dra'bul Wayshrine
Crossroad Trading

Dra'bul Wayshrine is located to the south-southwest of Dra'bul, on the road leading to Deepwoods. Crossroad Trading guild trader kiosk run by Ulyn Marys can be found just to the east of the Wayshrine.

An altar can be found between two trees up an incline south of the wayshrine. A copy of the lore book, Opusculus Lamae Bal ta Mezzamortie, is sitting on the altar. Another copy of the book is located in a hollow tree stump at the bottom of that incline, east of the altar.