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Ensure the spinners' tale of the Silvenar and the Green Lady is not changed.
Zone: Malabal Tor
Objective: Valeguard — Help the spinners correct the story of the Bosmer.
Quest Giver: Shandi
Location(s): Valeguard
Reward: The Spinner's Weave
Very High Leveled Gold
I've found the temple of the spinners of Malabal Tor, where their "story" has gotten away from them.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Elilor.
  2. Examine the Handfast.
  3. Follow Spinner Indraseth.
  4. Retell the story of the Silvenar.
  5. Retell the story of the Green Lady.
  6. Unite the stories at the Handfast.
  7. Talk to Spinner Parwaen.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Quest StagesEdit

A Tale Forever Told
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Talk to Elilor
Objective: Examine the Handfast
Objective: Talk to Shandi
Objective: Confront Spinner Indraseth
Objective: Follow Spinner Indraseth
Hidden Objective: Investigate the Cave
Objective: Explore the Cave
Objective: Talk to The Silvenar
Objective: Protect the Silvenar
Objective: Continue through the Cave
Objective: Retell the Story of the Silvenar
Objective: Defeat Spinner Indraseth
Objective: Talk to Spinner Indraseth
Objective: Talk to the Green Lady
Hidden Objective: Talk to the Vine
Objective: Collect Thunderbug Entrails
Objective: Give the Thunderbug Entrails to the Vine
Objective: Retell the Story of the Green Lady
Objective: Defeat the Hound
Objective: Talk to Spinner Indraseth at Valeguard
Objective: Imbue the Handfast with the Essences of the Story
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