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This article is about the quest. For the book, see The Sublime Brazier (book).

ON-qico-Zone Story.png Put an end to Molag Bal's plot in the Imperial City.
Zone: Imperial City
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Drake of Blades in your Alliance Base
Location(s): Imperial Sewers, Dragonfire Cathedral
Prerequisite Quest: Knowledge is Power, The Watcher in the Walls, The Lock and the Legion, Of Brands and Bones, The Imperial Standard, The Bleeding Temple
Reward: 2 Hefty Tel Var Crates: 00010001,000Tel Var Stones
1 Skill Point
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience
ID: 5482
Father Egnatius and the Drake of Blades prepare to perform the ritual
Molag Bal seeks to destroy the Sublime Brazier—the key to rekindling the Dragonfires. Working with The [sic] Drake of Blades, Captain Caudex, and Father Egnatius, I must find a way to protect the Dragonfire Cathedral, and the brazier within.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to the Drake of Blades in the Alliance Base.
  2. Find the Rat's message in a Marked Barrel in the Sewers (  Irrigation Tunnels  Lambent Passage  Harena Hypogeum).
  3. Return to the Drake of Blades.
  4. Go to the Dragonfire Cathedral.
  5. Hold off the assaulting Daedra.
  6. Talk to the Drake of Blades.
  7. Return to the Alliance Base.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

The Drake of Blades is confident that you've learned everything there is to know about what Molag Bal has in store for the Imperial City. He wants to breach the Dragonfire Cathedral and destroy the Sublime Brazier to prevent the Dragonfires from ever being relit. This would leave Mundus vulnerable to Daedric incursion, allowing him to continue his assault on Nirn without obstruction. The time has come for you to put an end to Molag Bal's plans once and for all. Captain Caudex has pledged his immortal soldiers to your cause, and Father Egnatius is reading the ancient scroll you recovered. Your allies know where the Cathedral is, and you have a key to help you enter.

However, the Drake has one last request for you to fulfill before you actually enter the Cathedral. Egnatius needs time to finish translating that scroll, after all. The Rat sent a map tied to the tail of a rodent to the Drake of Blades. The Rat has left a message for you and your allies somewhere out in the sewers, and the Drake asks you to go find it.

The letter in question is located inside a marked barrel in your Alliance's sewer branch. The marked barrel is next to the Memorial District Ladder in the Ebonheart Pact sewers, the Ladder to the Elven Gardens in the Daggerfall Covenant sewers, and the Ladder to the Temple District in the Aldmeri Dominion sewers. Inside your designated barrel, there is a Crumpled Letter. Take it, then return to the Drake in your Alliance base. Speak with her and hand her the letter.

"Why is it sticky? Forget I asked.
This is just a list of his favorite nursery rhymes. I don't know what I expected. He's a filthy lunatic who … wait. It's a cipher. Well, this is troubling."
What's wrong?
"Unless this is some inane practical joke, it seems that General Malivus is already on his way to the Dragonfire Cathedral. Fortunately, he's stuck using the front door.
We should be able to use the key you and Regilus recovered to sneak in the back."
You mentioned a plan?
"Right. That.
Father Egnatius finished translating the mysterious scroll that Caudex gave you. Apparently, it details some bizarre ritual that can only be performed in the Cathedral itself. It imbues mortals with incredible power. Even immortality."
If this ritual turns people into powerful immortals, why hasn't anyone done it before?
"There's a catch. The volunteer is bound to the Dragonfire Cathedral. Forever. They exist only to protect the Sublime Brazier. I'm sure you can imagine, that's not a very appealing commitment.
Could be worse. Plenty of time to catch up on my reading."
Wait—you're volunteering?
"Of course I am. Caudex insisted at first. I think he was trying to be chivalrous … or something. Because I'm a woman, I mean. He's an idiot. Anyway, he'd go mad within a week. Too much of a people-person.
I'm the obvious choice."
If you say so. I'll protect you and Egnatius from the Daedra so you can complete the ritual.

She reads the message, which at first, appears to just be a list of the Rat's favorite nursery rhymes, but she quickly identifies it as a cipher. According to the letter, General Malivus is already on his way to the Dragonfire Cathedral. Fortunately, he's stuck using the front door, and you can use the key you and Captain Regilus stole to get in through the back door.

As for your plan, Father Egnatius has finished translating the scroll. It details a ritual that transforms someone into the Sublime Brazier's eternal guardian. The one selected exists only to protect the Sublime Brazier, a job which the Drake has willingly volunteered for. You'll need to go with the Drake, Captain Caudex and Father Egnatius to the Cathedral, where you'll protect the priest and the Drake while they perform the ritual.

Now, you need to find the Ancient Underground, which you've probably passed by during your adventures in the sewers. The Dragonfire Cathedral is located behind a massive Ayleid-style door found near your Alliance base.

Harena Hypogeum  
Lambent Passage  
Vile Drainage  

From the Ebonheart Pact Base, head south and make a turn heading right (west on the compass) once you reach the room with the corpse cart in it, just south of the base. You'll reach a small chamber with a flight of stairs going up. climb the stairs, and head through the tunnel south to find the door to the Ancient Underground.

From the Daggerfall Covenant Base, head east and take the northern path in the first room full of Daedra opening rifts. Head through the short hallway diverging west in this northern hall, and you'll find the door to the Ancient Underground.

From the Aldmeri Dominion Base, head north, and take the hallway heading west when you enter the first large chamber beyond your base's entrance and the entrance to the White-Gold Tower. You'll find the door to the Ancient Underground in this short tunnel heading west.

Captain Caudex faces the siege Daedroth

When you arrive in the Cathedral, the Drake will notice General Malivus has already arrived with an army. They're besieging the front of the Cathedral. Hurry up and get through the side entrance. Once you're inside, Father Egnatius will begin the ritual.

Father Egnatius: "The time has come, my friend. You must kneel before the Brazier."
Drake of Blades: "Right. To show humility … obedience. I can do obedient. Just watch me."
<The Drake kneels, and Father Egnatius begins the ritual.>
Father Egnatius: "Lord Akatosh, Dragon-God of Time, a faithful supplicant kneels before you. She has served you for many lean years. Let her service now be everlasting!"
Father Egnatius: "Grant her your divine power. Bless her with the strength to defend this holy cathedral, and the will to endure a life of seclusion."
Father Egnatius: "Drape your exalted wings around her, and your works will be-"
<An explosion is heard out by the doors, causing Father Egnatius to recoil.>
Captain Caudex: "Hurry it up, Father. Molag Bal is knocking."
Drake of Blades: "Don't rush the man, Captain. But yes, Egnatius, you really should hurry this up."
General Malivus: "Assault the Cathedral! Destroy the Brazier! Leave none alive!"
Father Egnatius: "This ritual cannot be interrupted! You must hold the Cathedral until it is complete. Go!"
Captain Caudex: "Follow me. Let's go send these Daedric beasts back to Oblivion!"

You'll hear the Daedra breaking through the doors in the middle of the incantation. You and Captain Caudex need to get to the siege platform and hold them off to give Egnatius time to finish the ritual.

The Dremora, which flood in from three tunnels, will be attempting to break down the barriers set by Caudex's men. Each tunnel has a portal mage in it, who is keeping a portal open for Malivus's troops to pass the barrier. You need to use the ballistae left by Caudex's soldiers to fend them off. Don't worry about hitting the barricades with your flaming bolts; the bolts will set the Dremora on fire and kill them in groups. You'll need to kill 40 Daedric soldiers in order to progress, which should be a cakewalk with the ballistae on-hand.

The portal mages will send Winged Twilights and Dremora Churls through the portals. Captain Caudex can hold them off, but you can kill them if you want to. Once you've defeated 40 Dremora, General Malivus will send in a giant Daedroth to crash the gates. It destroys the ballistae on the platform. Once the Daedroth is dead, fall back into the Cathedral to make your defense. The Dremora open four portals in the chamber. Three Dremora Kyngalds will begin the assault. Then, two Churls and a Kyngald. Two more Kyngalds and Churls will arrive once the previous group is down. When all of the Daedra have been vanquished, General Malivus himself enters the Cathedral. You must take him down.

The General makes liberal use of frost magic, but doesn't have very many attacks. Once he's down, he orders the rest of his forces to storm the Cathedral. Egnatius and the Drake complete the ritual. The Drake gives herself to Akatosh, and is levitated into the air and over the Brazier. Fire spews from the maws of the four Dragons which comprise the Brazier, and the Drake is imbued with Akatosh's power. Just then, an army of forty some-odd Dremora Churls enters the Cathedral and charges at the brazier. The Drake makes quick work of them, unleashing Akatosh's holy fire and distintegrating the entire force within less than a second. A portal opens up nearby, allowing Caudex and Egnatius to exit the Cathedral. You should speak with the Drake of Blades before you leave.

"So that's it. We did it. Wait, did I just incinerate thirty some-odd Daedra?"
So, I guess the ritual worked.
"Certainly seems like it. I feel weird. Lighter. This place—I can see it now. It's more than stone. There's purpose, and fury, and light. A stiff breeze … and fireflies.
I'm babbling. This is all very new. You're gawking again."
Do you think we've finished off the last of the Daedra?
"Oh yes. I can hear Molag Bal howling. He's not at all pleased. I believe the Brazier is well and truly out of his reach.
So, now I wait, I guess. I probably should have brought a book or something."
Is there anything else I can do for you?
"Yes. You can forget this place. And me. I've left instructions with a member of my order. He'll ensure that the Brazier stays out of the history books. All you need to do is stay quiet.
This is the part where you nod and take an oath of silence."
So this is it, then?
"Looks that way.
We did good work, you and I, but it's far from over. The city is still overrun, and without me there to leave severed heads on the cultists' doorsteps, it might get worse. Look after the people. Eight know they can't do it themselves."
What will you do now?
"Now? I guess I wait. Don't worry—there's more to this place than you can see. I'll keep busy. Trust me.
For what it's worth I'll never forget you, and I'm going to live a very, very long time. So … yes. Take care, all right?"
You too.

Head through the portal, which will take you to your Alliance base. Once you arrive, you need to speak with Father Egnatius to be rewarded for your part in protecting the Sublime Brazier.


  • Originally, this quest needed to be completed in order to unlock the daily District Quests. This was changed with Update 26 and the daily quests can now be started without any prerequisites.

Quest StagesEdit

The Sublime Brazier
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Before we enter the Dragonfire Cathedral, I must retrieve a message from our unlikely ally, The Rat. According to the Drake of Blades, it may provide some vital information about Molag Bal's plans.
Objective: Find The Rat's Message
I have The Rat's message. I must return to the Drake of Blades to finalize our plans for defending the Sublime Brazier.
Objective: Talk to the Drake of Blades
The Drake of Blades has decided to become the Sublime Brazier's immortal guardian. We must go to the Dragonfire Cathedral, buried deep beneath Imperial City, and perform a ritual to complete the Drake's transformation.
Objective: Travel to the Dragonfire Cathedral
We've reached a large cave beneath Imperial City containing the Dragonfire Cathedral. I must follow the Drake of Blades, Father Egnatius, and Captain Caudex inside to perform the ritual.
Objective: Follow The Drake of Blades into the Cathedral
Objective: Watch Father Egnatius Prepare the Ritual
Father Egnatius has begun the ritual to imbue The [sic] Drake of Blades with Akatosh's power, but the Dragonfire Cathedral is under assault by the forces of Molag Bal. I must hold them off until Egnatius completes the ritual.
Objective: Go to the Siege Platform
Captain Caudex set up siege weapons to allow me to defend Dragonfire Cathedral's barricades against invading Daedra. I must hold them off long enough for Father Egnatius to complete the ritual.
Objective: Use the Ballistae to Defend the Entrance: 0/40
Daedra are assaulting the Dragonfire Cathedral from all sides. I must defend the barricades with the ballista while also fighting off Daedra who try to stop me.
Objective: Defeat the Gate Crasher
The Daedra have smashed the barricades and forced their way into the Dragonfire Cathedral. I must defend the Sublime Brazier at all costs.
Objective: Defend the Sublime Brazier
The Daedra are defeated and Father Egnatius has completed the ritual to imbue The [sic] Drake of Blades with Akatosh's power. I must witness the ritual's completion.
Objective: Witness the Ritual
The Drake of Blades has been transformed into the Sublime Brazier's immortal guardian. She wields the power of Akatosh, and will live forever, but cannot leave the Dragonfire Cathedral. I should see if she has any last words before we part.
Objective: Talk to The Drake of Blades
Finishes quest  The Drake of Blades has become Akatosh's immortal guardian. She will remain in the Dragonfire Cathedral, defending the Sublime Brazier from any who would seek to destroy it for all time. I should speak with Father Egnatius back in the Alliance base.
Objective: Talk to Father Egnatius in the Alliance Base
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