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This article is about the quest. For the book, see The Sublime Brazier (book).

ON-qico-Zone Story.png Put an end to Molag Bal's plot in the Imperial City.
Zone: Imperial City
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Drake of Blades
Location(s): Imperial Sewers, Dragonfire Cathedral
Prerequisite Quest: Knowledge is Power, The Watcher in the Walls, The Lock and the Legion, Of Brands and Bones, The Imperial Standard, The Bleeding Temple
Next Quest: District Quests
Reward: 2 Hefty Tel Var Crates: 010001,000Tel Var Stones
1 Skill Point
Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High
Father Egnatius and the Drake of Blades prepare to perform the ritual
Molag Bal seeks to destroy the Sublime Brazier—the key to rekindling the Dragonfires. Working with The [sic] Drake of Blades, Captain Caudex, and Father Egnatius, I must find a way to protect the Dragonfire Cathedral, and the brazier within.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to the Drake of Blades in the Alliance Base.
  2. Find The Rat's message in the Sewers.
  3. Return to the Drake of Blades.
  4. Go to the Dragonfire Cathedral.
  5. Hold off the assaulting Daedra.
  6. Talk to the Drake of Blades.
  7. Return to the Alliance Base.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Quest StagesEdit

The Sublime Brazier
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Before we enter the Dragonfire Cathedral, I must retrieve a message from our unlikely ally, The Rat. According to the Drake of Blades, it may provide some vital information about Molag Bal's plans.
Objective: Find The Rat's Message
I have The Rat's message. I must return to the Drake of Blades to finalize our plans for defending the Sublime Brazier.
Objective: Talk to the Drake of Blades
The Drake of Blades has decided to become the Sublime Brazier's immortal guardian. We must go to the Dragonfire Cathedral, buried deep beneath Imperial City, and perform a ritual to complete the Drake's transformation.
Objective: Travel to the Dragonfire Cathedral
We've reached a large cave beneath Imperial City containing the Dragonfire Cathedral. I must follow the Drake of Blades, Father Egnatius, and Captain Caudex inside to perform the ritual.
Objective: Follow The Drake of Blades into the Cathedral
Objective: Watch Father Egnatius Prepare the Ritual
Father Egnatius has begun the ritual to imbue The [sic] Drake of Blades with Akatosh's power, but the Dragonfire Cathedral is under assault by the forces of Molag Bal. I must hold them off until Egnatius completes the ritual.
Objective: Go to the Siege Platform
Captain Caudex set up siege weapons to allow me to defend Dragonfire Cathedral's barricades against invading Daedra. I must hold them off long enough for Father Egnatius to complete the ritual.
Objective: Use the Ballistae to Defend the Entrance: 0/40
Daedra are assaulting the Dragonfire Cathedral from all sides. I must defend the barricades with the ballista while also fighting off Daedra who try to stop me.
Objective: Defeat the Gate Crasher
The Daedra have smashed the barricades and forced their way into the Dragonfire Cathedral. I must defend the Sublime Brazier at all costs.
Objective: Defend the Sublime Brazier
The Daedra are defeated and Father Egnatius has completed the ritual to imbue The [sic] Drake of Blades with Akatosh's power. I must witness the ritual's completion.
Objective: Witness the Ritual
The Drake of Blades has been transformed into the Sublime Brazier's immortal guardian. She wields the power of Akatosh, and will live forever, but cannot leave the Dragonfire Cathedral. I should see if she has any last words before we part.
Objective: Talk to The Drake of Blades
☑Finishes quest The Drake of Blades has become Akatosh's immortal guardian. She will remain in the Dragonfire Cathedral, defending the Sublime Brazier from any who would seek to destroy it for all time. I should speak with Father Egnatius back in the Alliance base.
Objective: Talk to Father Egnatius in the Alliance Base
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