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This overlooked acreage atop a floating plateau in Molag Bal's Oblivion realm of Coldharbour is available to be developed however you like. It's a secluded location, very quiet and private, even scenic in its own austere way.
Player House:
Coldharbour Surreal Estate
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Coldharbour (Neutral)
ON-icon-house-Coldharbour Surreal Estate.png
North of the Hollow City Fighters Guild
House Prices
Gold 010000001,000,000 Gold
Unfurnished 056005,600 Crowns
House Stats
Size Manor
Style Daedric
Traditional Furnishings 350 (ESO Plus700)
Special Furnishings (?) (ESO Plus0)
Collectible Furnishings 40 (ESO Plus80)
Special Collectibles 5 (ESO Plus10)
Player Cap 24
Coldharbour Surreal Estate

The Coldharbour Surreal Estate is a large player house located in Coldharbour.

Much like the name suggests, its a piece of real estate without any buildings or structures present. The property is accessible through a portal located just outside the Hollow City which transports you to where the property actually is - floating above the chasm to the east of Grunda's Gatehouse and north of Daedroth Larder. At present, it is not known whether there is a fully furnished version of this home available, though even in its unfurnished form it has more items than any other unfurnished home when initially purchased, enough to earn you several achievements immediately.

It became available for purchase following the 2018 Jubilee Event, and requires The God of Schemes achievement in order to purchase.

Base FurnishingsEdit

Conservatory (139)
Boulders and Large Rocks (55)
Giant Trees (8)
Saplings (28)
Shrubs (20)
Stones and Pebbles (22)
Trees (6)
Lighting (36)
Enchanted Lights (36)


There are several achievements associated with this house:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Apprentice Decorator.png Apprentice Decorator 5 Decorate a home you own with at least 50 objects.
ON-icon-achievement-Journeyman Decorator.png Journeyman Decorator 5 Decorate a home you own with at least 100 objects.
ON-icon-achievement-Conservatory Decorator.png Conservatory Decorator 5 Decorate a home you own with at least 100 Conservatory furnishings.
ON-icon-achievement-Lighting Decorator.png Lighting Decorator 5 Decorate a home you own with at least 20 Lighting furnishings.


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