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This elegant pleasure palace, with its walled grounds enclosing stables, well, gardens, pool, watchtower, and docks, were paid for by the blood and treasure spilled from the countless treasure ships taken by the legendary Captain Izad.
Player House:
Hunding's Palatial Hall
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Daggerfall Covenant
Stros M'Kai
Southeast of Port Hunding
House Prices
Gold 012950001,295,000 Gold
Unfurnished 065006,500 Crowns
Furnished 081008,100 Crowns
House Stats
Type Classic
Size Large
Style Redguard
Traditional Furnishings 300 (ESO Plus600)
Special Furnishings (?) (ESO Plus0)
Collectible Furnishings 20 (ESO Plus40)
Special Collectibles 4 (ESO Plus8)
Player Cap 12
Hunding's Palatial Hall

Hunding's Palatial Hall is a large player house in Stros M'Kai.

Base FurnishingsEdit

Conservatory (53)
Boulders and Large Rocks (6)
Ferns (11)
Plants (6)
Saplings (8)
Stones and Pebbles (4)
Trees (18)
Lighting (20)
Chandeliers (3)
Lightposts (5)
Sconces (12)
Workshop (1)
Stools (1)


Includes the above, in addition to:

Conservatory (2)
Ferns (2)
Dining (36)
Benches (1)
Chairs (23)
Counters (7)
Tables (5)
Hearth (43)
Baskets and Bags (7)
Cabinetry (2)
Drinkware (14)
Laundry (1)
Pottery (11)
Produce (2)
Stockroom (6)
Library (16)
Desks (1)
Literature (3)
Shelves (12)
Lighting (12)
Chandeliers (2)
Fires (2)
Candles (8)
Parlor (53)
Knick-Knacks (2)
Rugs and Carpets (17)
Sofas and Couches (9)
Tapestries (16)
Tea Tables (5)
Vases (4)
Suite (27)
Bedding (3)
Dividers (4)
Mirrors (2)
Nightstands (6)
Pillows (3)
Trunks (4)
Wardrobes (5)
Undercroft (10)
Basins (1)
Incense (5)
Urns (4)
Workshop (15)
Cargo (8)
Stools (5)
Tools (2)


  • This house was added to the game world in Update 12.
  • To purchase this house you have to have completed the Glenumbra Adventurer achievement.


There are several achievements associated with this house:

Achievement Points Description Notes
ON-icon-achievement-Landowner.png Landowner 10 Obtain and enter any of the following classic homes.
ON-icon-achievement-Landowner.png Landlord 15 Obtain and enter three of the following classic homes.
ON-icon-achievement-Landowner.png Land Baron 50 Obtain and enter five of the following classic homes.
ON-icon-achievement-Apprentice Decorator.png Apprentice Decorator 5 Decorate a home you own with at least 50 objects. Furnished or
ON-icon-achievement-Journeyman Decorator.png Journeyman Decorator 5 Decorate a home you own with at least 100 objects. Furnished
ON-icon-achievement-Expert Decorator.png Expert Decorator 10 Decorate a home you own with at least 200 objects. Furnished
ON-icon-achievement-Lighting Decorator.png Lighting Decorator 5 Decorate a home you own with at least 20 Lighting furnishings. Furnished or
ON-icon-achievement-Parlor Decorator.png Parlor Decorator 5 Decorate a home you own with at least 50 Parlor furnishings. Furnished


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