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Player House:
Sisters of the Sands Apartment
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MyrkwasaAlik'r Desert
At the Sisters of the Sands Inn in Sentinel
House Prices
Gold 0001200012,000 Gold
Unfurnished 00640640 Crowns
Furnished 00800800 Crowns
House Stats
Type Staple
Size Apartment
Style Redguard
Traditional Furnishings 50 (ESO Plus100)
Special Furnishings 1 (ESO Plus2)
Collectible Furnishings 1 (ESO Plus2)
Special Collectibles 1 (ESO Plus2)
Player Cap 6
House ID 5
Loading Screen
In Sentinel, the best way to hide out in plain sight is with a private room in the Sisters of the Sands, the town's largest inn. It also has the best food in the city, and is the place King Fahara'jad sends to for take-out.
Sisters of the Sands Apartment

Sisters of the Sands Apartment is a player apartment in Sentinel. It can be purchased for 0001200012,000 Gold after completing A Friend In Need, or you can purchase it for 00640640 Crowns (00800800 Crowns furnished) without completing the quest.

Interior of the Sisters of the Sands Apartment



2 Item

Lighting (2)
Lanterns (2)


32 total Items. Includes the above, in addition to:

Dining (1)
Counters (1)
Hearth (9)
Baskets and Bags (2)
Breads and Desserts (2)
Dishes (2)
Drinkware (3)
Library (5)
Desks (1)
Shelves (4)
Lighting (3)
Candles (3)
Parlor (4)
Rugs and Carpets (1)
Tapestries (2)
Tea Tables (1)
Suite (3)
Bedding (1)
Nightstands (1)
Trunks (1)
Undercroft (1)
Urns (1)
Workshop (4)
Cargo (1)
Stools (3)


There are three achievements associated with this house:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Homeowner.png Homeowner 5 Obtain and enter any of the following staple homes.
ON-icon-achievement-Homeowner.png Freeholder 10 Obtain and enter three of the following staple homes.
ON-icon-achievement-Homeowner.png Citizen 15 Obtain and enter five of the following staple homes.


Sisters of the Sands guest room before Update 12
  • This apartment was added to the game world in Update 12, replacing a guest room in the tavern.
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