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Tucked away in scenic Hjaalmarch, this rustic gallery contains plenty of space to display all manner of antiquities. A gorgeous waterfall provides water to a private pond, creating a perfect setting for scholarly gatherings.
Player House:
Antiquarian's Alpine Gallery
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ON-icon-house-Antiquarian's Alpine Gallery.png
HjaalmarchWestern Skyrim
Southwest of Morthal
House Prices
Gold 00000N/AN/A Gold
House Stats
Type Notable
Size Large
Style Nord
Traditional Furnishings 300 (ESO Plus600)
Special Furnishings 4 (ESO Plus8)
Collectible Furnishings 20 (ESO Plus40)
Special Collectibles 4 (ESO Plus8)
Player Cap 12

Antiquarian's Alpine Gallery is a player house in southern Hjaalmarch. It was one of the community rewards from the Lost Treasures of Skyrim and became available to all players who owned Greymoor and collected the reward bundle from the Crown Store while it was accessible.

Base FurnishingsEdit

The House came with the following furnishings when it was first released as a reward.

Boulders and Large Rocks (5)
Giant Trees (6)
Shrubs (1)
Stones and Pebbles (3)
Trees (17)
Posts and Pillars (2)
Tables (24)
Candles (2)
Chandeliers (2)
Lightposts (5)
Sconces (23)




  • While inside the house, the player marker will appear out in the northwwestern ocean when looking at the map of Tamriel. ?