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Tribune Alea Idolus
Home City Skingrad
Location Rustwall Estate
Race Imperial Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower During The Missing Cohort
Faction(s) West Weald Legion
Tribune Alea Idolus

Tribune Alea Idolus is an Imperial member of the West Weald Legion with the rank of Tribune. She was tasked by Count Calantius as marshal to investigate possible threats to West Weald, and can first be encountered at the Rustwall Estate.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

The Missing CohortEdit

If you have started Paths of Chaos from Leramil the Wise, the Rustwall Estate will be one of the locations she asks you to investigate. You can start the related quest for this location by find the Mercenaries Required notice, speaking with Sergeant Tegula‎ or meeting with her at the estate yourself.

Tribune Alea can be found in the courtyward looking around. Speak with her to find out what is going on:

"Look around. No people. Strange, right? I detached an entire Legion cohort to guard this estate, but I haven't found a single legionary. Not even a servant.
What's your story? Do you know what happened to my legionaries?"
Started quest via Mercenaries Required or Sergeant Tegula‎:
I understand that you need help finding a missing Legion cohort.
"I remember when the Legion didn't have to rely on mercenaries. Still, I'd appreciate the help. Until I find my cohort or the missing servants, I have to assume Skingrad's in danger. I can't abide that.
Assist me and I'll see you well paid."
I'll help you find the missing Legion cohort.
I have no idea. Why did you send the cohort here?
"To protect the estate. I don't know if you're aware, but West Weald isn't the safest place these days. Between the new forest and the Wood Elf settlers to the west, and the rumors of cultists and Daedra stalking the land, I thought it prudent."
All right. I'll help you find the missing Legion cohort.
"I hereby designate you a temporary agent of the West Weald Legion. Just until we find my soldiers. We'll search the manor house first. I'll meet you inside.
Keep your eyes open, comrade. We don't know what happened here."

After you agree to help, you can ask Tribune Alea some questions:

What should I know about Rustwall Estate?
"Well, it's usually a lot more lively. When Count Calantius isn't in residence or it isn't filled with visiting dignitaries, there's still the entire household staff. But so far I haven't found a soul. No signs of a battle or struggle yet, either."
Who's Count Calantius?
"Count Calantius governs West Weald from the city of Skingrad. He's a shrewd leader. When dignitaries visit Skingrad, the count offers them use of the Rustwall manor house.
It's the count's way of … how did he put it? Encouraging positive outcomes."
And that's why you sent a Legion cohort here?
"I sent my Legion cohort here. The best soldiers in the Weald.
The estate's proximity to the city makes it strategically important. I wanted to make sure we weren't surprised from this direction. But something happened here. We need to find out what."
Who are you exactly?
"I suppose introductions are in order. I am Tribune Alea Idolus of the West Weald Legion, marshal to Count Calantius, daughter of Quatrius Idolus, knight of Colovia.
A mouthful, I know, but I enjoy reciting my entire pedigree from time to time."
How did you get the rank of tribune?
"Faithful service to the Legion plus a strong sword arm. I fought in Varen's Rebellion and defended Colovia as the usurper war broke out. After we won the Battle for North Hook, I started moving up the ranks. Now here I am."
What was the Battle for North Hook?
"It happened at the start of the usurper war. The Daggerfall Covenant sought North Hook as a base from which to invade Imperial City. We didn't want them there.
When my commander fell, I took charge. Eventually, we repelled the invaders."
How did you become Count Calantius's marshal?
"When the usurper war began, the Legion sent me to defend our borders. Colovia has no love for those grasping to be emperor. We didn't want to get dragged into the conflict.
Count Calantius heard about my exploits and brought me into his service."
What do you do for the count?
"In addition to my duties as a Legion tribune, I perform special missions for the count. Right now, I'm looking into the various troubles plaguing the Weald. Rumors of cults and Daedra roaming the countryside, whatever's going on in the new forest."
New forest?
"It was the damnedest thing. In a flash, the rolling hills and vineyards were replaced by a thick jungle! And then those Wood Elves moved in and established the city of Vashabar.
You can imagine why the count is concerned."
Who was Quatrius Idolus?
"My father. He was a successful merchant, but I barely remember him. He died when I was very young.
He left me a great deal of gold so I could study and make something of myself. I'm grateful for that. When I was of age, I joined the Legion."

After you finish speaking with her, she will run over to the manor and enter. Once inside, you will find the place is a mess and Tribune Alea will be examining something on the ground:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Seems everyone left in a hurry. Take a look around."

Speaking with her while investigating:

"Rustwall Manor is usually pristine. The staff would never leave so much as a chair out of place. Not willingly, at any rate.
Let's look around. We need to find anything that suggests what happened here."

When you examine the candle in the window:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Servants light this when there's danger. To warn others away."

Examining the Bloody Servant Tunic:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Someone attacked the servant this belonged to."

After reading the unfinished letter To Tribune Alea Idolus:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "The captain planned to hide. But where?"

Once you have completed your investigation, Tribune Alea will want to go to the barracks:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "We need to find Captain Leronus. Meet me at the barracks on the south side of the estate."
<Tribune Alea heads outside.>

When you enter the barracks, Tribune Alea will be further in the building with the body of Captain Martin Leronus:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Back here, comrade. I found Captain Leronus."
<Tribune Alea places a letter on the table beside her.>
Tribune Alea Idolus: "What a loss. I found that letter clutched in his hand."

Speaking with her before reading the letter:

"That's Captain Leronus lying on the floor. He commanded the cohort when I wasn't with them. He was a good soldier.
I found that letter clutched in his hand. You should read it."
Did Captain Leronus serve with you long?
"We fought side-by-side at North Hook. He was brave, but never foolish. Always took every engagement seriously. A lot of soldiers would be dead right now if not for him.
When I received command of the cohort, I requested he join me."
What's the difference between a tribune and a captain?
"About three rungs on the command ladder hierarchy. I lead the cohort, but Captain Leronus usually served as our field commander. While I handled strategy and logistics details, he oversaw the forces on the ground.
Whatever killed him will pay."

After reading Letter to Captain Leronus, the Tribune will want to talk:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "The servants are hiding in the catacombs. Let's talk."

Upon speaking with her:

"The bloody clothes and the warning candle suggest someone or something attacked Rustwall. And we know Captain Leronus was working on a plan. I hoped to find him alive, but the letter from the groundskeeper tells us more than we knew before."
The letter suggests the servants are hiding in the catacombs.
"Not as grim as it sounds. The count ordered the catacombs converted into a shelter a while back. He wanted a place for anyone in residence to hide should war sweep over Colovia.
Let's hope the rest of the cohort and the servants are safe and secure."
The note says this Groundskeeper Gaius has the only key.
"Groundskeeper Gaius is a tough old hedge snipper. We need to find him and get his key to open the catacombs. Then we can see how much of the cohort and household staff survived whatever happened here.
Let's check Gaius's home first."
Let's go find Groundskeeper Gaius.

Speaking with Tribune Alea again:

"Groundskeeper Gaius's home is just down the hill to the east. Whether he's there or not, we need to find that key."

When you enter Groundskeeper Gaius's House, Tribune Alea will call out:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Gaius? Are you here? It's Tribune Alea."
<Groundskeeper Gaius comes out from behind some furniture.>
Groundskeeper Gaius: "Tribune? Thank the Divines! Are they gone?"
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Who, Gaius? Who attacked Rustwall?"

Talking to her before Gaius:

"Finally, a living person. Find out what he knows and get the catacomb key. I'll keep watch, just in case."

Speaking with Groundskeeper Gaius, he explains that he only ever saw a few wood elves sneaking around the estate and that after the catacombs were locked, he was told to hide away until reinforcements arrived. Once you have finished speaking to him, he and Tribune Alea will walk over to the kitchen table where Gaius will draw a map for you:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Grab the map and let's go. We need that key."

Speaking with her before leaving:

"Glad we found Gaius among the living. Grab that map and we'll track down the key to the catacombs. I want to make certain the staff and remaining legionaries are safe."

The next place you will need to head to is the estate's gardens to find the statue mentioned by Gaius. Once outside, Tribune Alea will tell you where to go:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "The gardens are just east of here, down the hill."

Once you are at the gardens, she will suggest heading west:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "The Rustwall gardens. Our map indicates a spot on the western side."

At this point you will find several large insects in the gardens, Tribune Alea notes this is unusual:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "These insects, they're from deep underground. What drove them to the surface?"

You can talk with her about her prior experiences:

"Gaius said he hid the key to the catacombs inside a statue. No doubt the garden has a lot of those. This is a Colovian estate, after all.
Hopefully the map he drew for us is accurate."
Are you familiar with these large insects?
"A little. You usually find bugs that big deep underground. I remember seeing lots of them while clearing Goblins out of caves.
Something must have driven them to the surface."

Upon reaching the statue of King Rislav at the western end of the garden:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "There. That's the statue marked on the map. Search for the hidden key."

Talking to her before finding the key:

"I'm pretty sure that's the statue Gaius marked on his map.
Search around it for any place he could have hidden the catacombs key. Maybe a secret compartment."

When you find the key:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "That's the key! Now let's go open the catacombs. The door is across from the barracks."

When you are inside the Rustwall Catacombs, Tribune Alea will want to press on:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Move out! We need to find my cohort."

Speaking with her here:

"I want to find my legionaries and the estate staff. They have to be down here somewhere. Let's push forward and see what lies ahead."

Further in the catacombs, you will encounter some wood elves and soon Tribune Alea will notice something on the level below you:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Look, down there!"
<Tribune Alea heads over to the railing.>
Recollection Commander Erorath: "Still no sign of the escaped legionary, shardmarshal."
Shardmarshal Vargas: "No matter, mortal. More of our forces will come through soon."
Recollection Commander Erorath: "As you say, Shardmarshal Vargas. We have more than enough weapons now."
<Shardmarshal Vargas walks away and jumps down a hole.>
Tribune Alea Idolus: "That Wood Elf, he's with the Recollection. And he's taking orders from a Dremora? What's going on here?"

Speaking with Tribune Alea after this:

"That Dremora giving orders, they called her Shardmarshal Vargas. And those Wood Elves, they're part of that Recollection cult that's been spotted in the area.
We need more information, comrade. Let's press on."
What do you know about the Recollection?
"Not as much as I would like. They're one of the possible threats on my list to investigate. Some sort of order or cult made up mostly of Wood Elves. And now I know that they're apparently working with and taking orders from Daedra!"
Any idea who that Shardmarshal Vargas is?
"A Daedra barking orders to those Recollection fanatics. Never heard of a shardmarshal before, but I assume it's some sort of rank.
Every new thing we learn just leads to more mysteries. It's damn infuriating!"

Further along she will comment:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "This furniture was meant for the comfort of dignitaries who took refuge here, not for these Recollection bastards."

As you turn a corner in the catacombs, someone will call out to you:

Legionary Caepio: "Hey! Over by the gate!"
Tribune Alea Idolus: "By my sword, a legionary! Report, soldier."
<Tribune Alea runs up to the gate.>

Talking to her before Legionary Caepio:

"That's one of my legionaries. Listen to his report, comrade, while I keep an eye out for any of those Recollection bastards."

Speak with Legionary Caepio, you learn that he is the sole survivor and while keeping out of sight of the Recollection and Daedra, he learnt there is a planned attack on Skingrad and that there is a daedric portal which is where the forces are coming from. He suggests breaking the anchors to close it while he acts as a distraction.

After talking with Caepio, Tribune Alea will agree with his plan:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Legionary Caepio is right. We need to shut down that portal."

Talking with her at this point:

"Legionary Caepio made it this far. We need to trust that he can continue to evade the enemy for a while longer.
Let's find these ruins he spotted down below and find a way to deal with that portal."

Nearby will be the hole leading to the lower level:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Down into the ruins! We've got to close that portal."

After jumping down:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Caepio said the Daedric portal was to the east."

As you wander around, Tribune Alea will have some comments:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "I wonder what these ruins were? They're certainly older than the structures above."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "An old mine, maybe?"

Speaking with her at this point:

"I think we found the source of those bugs in the garden. Somewhere down here is that portal Legionary Caepio spotted. For the security of Skingrad and West Weald, we need to close it.
Keep pressing forward. Don't let any obstacles deter us."

Upon reaching the chamber containing the portal:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "The portal! Destroy the anchors, comrade!"
Shardmarshal Vargas: "Defend the anchors! Maintain the portal!"
<Marcorlaz of Mirrormoor is summoned to defend the anchors>

Speaking with Tribune Alea here:

"I see Shardmarshal Vargas standing on those rocks by the portal. This is the portal my legionary wants us to close, and I couldn't agree more.
We're in for a tough fight, but we can't fail. Destroy those anchors, comrade. Then we're out of here."

After you have defeated the defenders and shattered the anchors, the portal will close:

Shardmarshal Vargas: "Damn these mortals! Retreat!"
<Shardmarshal Vargas creates her own portal and leaves.>
Tribune Alea Idolus: "That closed the portal! Good work!"
<Tribune Alea begins running to the east.>
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Now let's find a way out of here!"
<Legionary Caepio appears and calls out to you.>
Legionary Caepio: "This way, tribune! Follow the tracks!"

You can then follow the pair outside, Tribune Alea calls you over:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Over here, comrade. Let's talk."

Talk with Tribune Alea to complete the quest:

"My cohort, almost completely destroyed. The Rustwall staff, almost all dead. Even Shardmarshal Vargas managed to slip from our grasp. While we closed the portal and saved Skingrad, it feels like we failed, comrade."
This is part of something bigger. I came here to investigate a disturbance in the threads of fate.
"The threads of fate? That sounds ominous. But after what we saw down there, I'll keep an open mind. We learned that the Recollection cult is working with Daedra and taking orders from Shardmarshal Vargas. They got damn close to invading Skingrad!"
So the threat here is over?

Leaving and returning to the conversation at this point:

"A good officer gives credit where credit is due. You did good here, comrade. Rustwall won't be ready to host any visiting dignitaries for a while, but we learned the fate of my cohort and stopped an invasion.
Not bad for a day's work."
Is the threat here over?
"With the portal closed and the Daedra on the run, the remaining Recollection forces aren't enough to threaten Skingrad. But I'll get the Legion to send more soldiers, just in case.
Here. The pay I promised. The Legion always makes good on its debts."

After completing the quest, you can ask her some more questions:

"Consider your temporary commission suspended, comrade. Though I'd love to have you permanently assigned to my cohort.
I plan to continue to look into the Recollection and Shardmarshal Vargas. I hear there's a Wood Elf in Skingrad doing the same."
What are you going to do about the remaining Daedra and Recollection cultists beneath Rustwall?
"I'll send for more legionaries to clear them out. As many as we can spare. With the portal closed and Shardmarshal Vargas on the run, they shouldn't pose too much of a problem."
And what happens to Rustwall Estate after that?
"That's up to Count Calantius. I'll advise him to keep legionaries at the estate, even when no dignitaries are present. Problem is, we don't have many left to allocate here.
The Legion isn't what it once was, what with the Empire in disarray."
Wood Elf? You mean Beragon?
"You know him? Interesting history for a Wood Elf. Traveled Tamriel as an adventurer in his youth, then became an Imperial scribe. I understand he's retired now, but word is he's investigating the Recollection.
I should find him and compare notes."

Paths of ChaosEdit

After you have investigated various locations around West Weald at Leramil the Wise's request, you can head to Beragon's Townhouse in Skingrad. You will find that Tribune Alea has also arrived at the house to talk to Beragon:

"I see you found your way to this Beragon person, too, comrade. We started to compare notes about the Recollection, but then he insisted we wait for you.
So, go talk to him. I need to know what's going on."

Once you have spoken with Beragon and told him what you learnt, and he mentions this is the first time he has met Tribune Alea, he then asks you to speak with Leramil. If you decide to speak with the tribune beforehand:

"The affairs of Daedric Princes are kind of beyond my jurisdiction as a Legion tribune, but if they threaten West Weald they're going to answer to me."

After the completion of the quest, you can ask Tribune Alea what she has been up to before continuing:

"The Wood Elf mentioned a strange seed the two of you found at Ostumir. If that can explain how that new forest grew up so quickly, we should look into that.
Talk to Beragon and see if he knows anyone who might be able to tell us more."
Were you able to convince Count Calantius to send more legionaries to Rustwall Estate?
"Not exactly. While he agreed to spare a few legionaries to patrol the area, he's reluctant to assign more troops there on a permanent basis. Not after I lost an entire cohort!
He ordered me to continue my investigation, though, so here I am."
Why come here?
"When we learned that the Recollection was working with Daedra at Rustwall, it seemed my clearest path forward was to find an expert. Retired adventurer, former Imperial scribe, Recollection scholar.
I probably should have visited Beragon sooner."

Seeds of SuspicionEdit

After the events of Paths of Chaos, you have the option of starting this quest from Legionary Caepio who passes on a message from Tribune Alea. If you spoke with Caepio to start the quest, you will overhear the following when you arrive:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Here comes the mercenary now. Talk to Beragon, comrade."

Tribune Alea will be glad that you got her message:

"I see you got my message. Good. The Wood Elf was just telling me about a strange seed you found at Ostumir. If that can explain how that new forest grew up so quickly, we should look into that.
Talk to Beragon and find out what else he knows."

Speaking with Beragon, he notes that the commonality between your recent adventures is the involvement of the Recollection. He suggests travelling to the new settlement of Vashabar to see what Greenspeaker Darolith can tell you about the Wildburn seed found in Ostumir.

You can speak with Tribune Alea afterwards to get her thoughts:

"I don't know if it's a good idea to take that seed to Vashabar. We could be handing it right back to the Recollection. Who knows how many friends they have there?"
Were you able to convince Count Calantius to send more legionaries to Rustwall Estate?
"Not exactly. While he agreed to spare a few legionaries to patrol the area, he's reluctant to assign more troops there on a permanent basis. Not after I lost an entire cohort!
He ordered me to continue my investigation, though, so here I am."
Why come here?
"When we learned that the Recollection was working with Daedra at Rustwall, it seemed my clearest path forward was to find an expert. Retired adventurer, former Imperial scribe, Recollection scholar.
I probably should have visited Beragon sooner."
You suspect a tie between the Wood Elves of Vashabar and the Recollection?
"They both showed up in West Weald around the same time. Oh, I don't think every Wood Elf in Vashabar is a member of the Recollection, but some must be.
It doesn't help that they occupy a new forest that appeared on land that doesn't belong to them."
Land that doesn't belong to them?
"Sure, the new forest sprang up in a part of West Weald that was mostly wild and uninhabited, but it's still part of the province. No one in Vashabar swears allegiance to Count Calantius. What's he supposed to make of that?"
So you're concerned about the count's claim to that land?
"I'm not concerned about lines on a map. People are getting hurt! The devastated area at the border of the forest is ruining farms and spawning dangerous beasts. Not to mention the attacks by the Recollection.
Someone needs to answer for all this."

You can then head to Vashabar to speak with Greenspeaker Darolith. Once you arrive you will find Tribune Alea is trying to intimidate the Greenspeaker, and Darolith is not having any of it:

Greenspeaker Darolith: "What exactly are you implying, Colovian?"
Tribune Alea Idolus: "I'm not implying, I'm saying it outright! This land wasn't yours to grow a forest over!"
Beragon: "That's enough, tribune!"
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Fine! You and the mercenary handle it."
Beragon: "Apologies, greenspeaker. What can you tell us about the seed my friend is carrying?"

If you speak with her before the greenspeaker, she will say the following:

"We're standing in a forest that grew overnight. Pointing out that the Wood Elves of Vashabar occupy land that belongs to West Weald isn't an accusation. It's a simple statement of fact!
Ah, never mind. You talk to her. Find out about that seed."
You suspect a tie between the Wood Elves of Vashabar and the Recollection? (Same dialogue as in Skingrad)

Speaking with Greenspeaker Darolith she becomes concerned at what appears to be a corrupted Greenspring Seed. She also mentions feeling the same magic with some Wood Elves to the north that were transporting a covered cart. Tribune Alea will not know what Greenspeaker Darolith was talking about:

"I'm not sure what to make of everything the greenspeaker told you. Dawnway, Green Pact, wildburn … sounds like a lot of words that tell us absolutely nothing.
You'd better talk to Beragon and see if he can make any sense of all this."

When you speak with Beragon, he will want to meet with King Nantharion warn about what has been happening. If you talk with Tribune Alea again:

"If Beragon insists we go see this so-called king, let's make it quick. We don't know how much time we have before the Recollection strikes again."

As you arrive at King Nantharion's residence, you will be stopped by the guards, Sentry Firael and Sentry Tongolas:

Sentry Firael: "Halt! King Nantharion sees no one without good cause."
Beragon: "We have good cause. We've come to warn him of a danger to Vashabar."
Sentry Firael: "Very well, but the legionary must remain here."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Fine. I'll wait here."
<The sentries step aside and Beragon walks into the office.>
Beragon: "Thank you, tribune. Come, friend."

Talking to Tribune Alea before you enter:

"I see my reputation precedes me. Well, someone needs to get some answers from these people!
Go on, talk to the so-called king of Dawnwood. Maybe ask him who exactly crowned him while you're at it."

When you with King Nantharion, you explain about Greenspeaker Sorilen and the corrupted wildburn seed you discovered in the Essondul ruins. The king will give you leave to search for more of the reported seeds in the ruins to the north and asks that you meet with him in Hoperoot afterwards to report your findings. Before you leave to search for the reported wildseed, you have the option of talking to Tribune Alea before leaving:

"You were in there for a while. What did Nantharion have to say?"
King Nantharion said that Count Calantius has refused his offers to work together.
"The count doesn't know Nantharion. He and his wood elves showed up right after the new forest appeared without so much as a by your leave! Is it any wonder the count doesn't trust him?
Did Nantharion say anything about the Recollection?"
He doesn't think any of his people are involved. He asked us to report to him if we learn any more.
"Not involved? Of course he'd say that! As for reporting to Nantharion, that depends on what we find. I serve Count Calantius and the Legion, not some self-declared king.
Let's meet at the spot the greenspeaker indicated and go look for that seed."
I'll see you there.

Speaking with her again before leaving:

"I'm still not convinced these Vashabar Wood Elves are innocent, but I'll take Beragon and meet you at the spot the greenspeaker indicated.
I know the Colovian Hills well. If there are Recollection or anything else out there, I'll find it."

When you arrive at the site of the cart in the Colovian Hills, you will find Beragon and Tribune Alea in the middle of being ambushed:

Beragon: "Tribune Alea, look out!"
<Beragon pushes her out of the way and kills the Recollection ambusher.>
Tribune Alea Idolus: "The Recollection ambushed us. Like they knew we were coming."
Beragon: "I spotted the seed just up the hill."
Beragon: "Friend, destroy the seed. We'll hold off the Recollection!"

Talking to Tribune Alea before you head up the path, Beragon's actions have proved himself to her:

"The Recollection was waiting for us. If Beragon hadn't spotted them, their ambush would have been flawless. Beragon's good in my book. Those Wood Elves got the drop on me, but he saved my sorry arse.
Deal with the seed. We'll hold off any others."

On the way up the hill you can discover the Ambush Orders and you will have to deal with Keeper Virgoth before you can reach and burn the wildburn seed. Once this is done, Beragon and Tribune Alea will arrive:

Beragon: "You burned the seed? Good. One less threat to worry about."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "They knew we were coming. Either the greenspeaker set us up, or there's a spy in Nantharion's court."
Beragon: "A spy! Then the king is in danger! Friend, let's talk."

If you talk to Tribune Alea before Beragon:

"If we had taken a little longer to get here, that wildburn seed would have … what? Sprouted? Exploded? Whatever you call it, it would have been just like Ostumir. The beginning of another new forest!
Talk to Beragon while I deal with my rage."

Talking with Beragon, from what has happened he believes that someone close to King Nantharion must be a spy and you need to get to Hoperoot as soon as possible. When you arrive near Hoperoot, Beragon will explain that the guards are not letting them into Hoperoot. Tribune Alea and Beragon have worked out a plan to get inside, once inside Hoperoot, you will need to find the king.

As you get close to the entrance, the plan will be enacted:

<Tribune Alea calls you over.>
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Hey, over here!"
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Be ready. I'm going in!"
Beragon: "Stay here, friend. Let her clear the gate!"
<Tribune Alea approaches the entrance and the sentries.>
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Listen, you! I want answers from Nantharion and I want them now!"
<Tribune Alea runs away.>
Sentry Firael: "She came back? Seize her!"
<The guards chase after her.>
Beragon: "And that's the plan. Get to the gate!"

Once inside, Beragon will be being scouting from up high. On the ground, Tribune Alea will have lost the guards and joins you in searching Hoperoot:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "I'm here, comrade! I lost the sentries, but there's a damned Recollection army in here!"
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Nantharion must be a prisoner in his own settlement. Keep your eyes open for any information about the Recollection's plans."

Speaking with Tribune Alea at this point:

"There's more going on here than an attack on the Dawnwood king. This place isn't a settlement, it's a damned fortress! And the Recollection have an army in here!
We need to look around and figure out what's actually going on here."

Once you get higher up in Hoperoot, she will be concerned you haven't seen Beragon yet:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "We're above the gate, but no sign of Beragon. What's he up to?"

Eventually you will meet up with Beragon at what appears to be a Recollection command post.

Tribune Alea Idolus: "There's Beragon! I think he's found something."
Beragon: "Over here! This must be a Recollection command post."
Beragon: "No sign of the king, but the map and notes might be important. Take them, friend."

Talking with Tribune Alea before reading the map and notes:

"It's clear the Recollection has turned Hoperoot into a major stronghold. Take the map and the notes—they might tell us something about the Recollection's plans."

You can collect the Recollection Map and the Report on Feldagard Keep your companions will comment on the situation:

Beragon: "I'll try to decipher the map later. Keep going, friends. We can't let the Recollection take the king hostage!"
Tribune Alea Idolus: "They've probably already got him. I doubt Nantharion's sentries could fight off a Recollection army."

Talking with Tribune Alea afterwards:

"I'm pretty sure we didn't miss Nantharion on the way up. That means he must be above us in this tree-fort … assuming the Recollection hasn't taken him somewhere else already.
Or simply killed him."

While Beragon leaves to scout ahead, you and Alea will follow behind, following the path to the higher levels. As you ascend, Tribune Alea will comment on your surroundings:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "This place just keeps going up. How big is this tree anyway?"

Upon seeing parts of Ayleid ruins nearby:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "These ruins used to be in the valley below. Hoperoot's branches just raised them into the sky."

Eventually you come across a plinth with a scrap of shawl on it, there will be a green wisp—showing the echonir can be used nearby:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "That shawl … there's something strange about it."

Speaking with Tribune Alea before using the echonir:

"That wisp in the air … what is it? What does it mean? I've never seen anything quite like it."

Using the echonir, it will show a hooded walking along:

Ithelia: "Where am I? What force draws me to this place?"
<The woman seems to see something in the distance.>
Ithelia: "Is that … yes, I believe they call it a tavern. I see the Many Paths converging there."
<The vision disappears and Tribune Alea walks over to where the vision happened.>
Tribune Alea Idolus: "What in Oblivion did we just see?"

You can talk to Tribune Alea about the echonir and the vision you saw. Your words will depended on if you have met Ithelia at this tavern already or not:

Completed The Many Paths:
"That stone you carry triggered a vision! How did you do that? Who was the woman?"
This is the Echonir, a relic that reveals memories. And that was the Daedric Prince, Ithelia.
"Incredible. That was a Daedric Prince? She didn't seem all that powerful or scary. In fact, she appeared to be disoriented.
So, why was that important? What exactly was that a memory of?"
Ithelia found her way to the Outcast Inn after she arrived in West Weald. I met her there.
"You met a Daedric Prince? That must have been something. Not that I would know. Never had much use for Daedra of any sort.
Let's keep going. Tell me if the Echonir has more to show us."
All right. I'll keep my eyes open.
"That stone you carry triggered a vision! How did you do that? Who was the woman?"
This is the Echonir, a relic that reveals memories. And that was the Daedric Prince, Ithelia.
"Incredible. That was a Daedric Prince? She didn't seem all that powerful or scary. In fact, she appeared to be disoriented.
So, why was that important? What exactly was that a memory of?"
Ithelia mentioned the Many Paths. And a tavern where they converge.
"The Many Paths? Sounds important but I don't know anything about it. But there's a tavern not far from here. Called the Outcast Inn. You should check it out when when we're done here.
Let's keep going. If the Echonir has more to show us, let me know."
All right. I'll keep my eyes open.

Further along, you will finally find King Nantharion, while he is conversation with someone:

Greenspeaker Sorilen: "Here. The seed for Skingrad is ready, my king."
King Nantharion: "Bring it to my throne room. Vargas and I will perform the final ritual and send the seed on its way!"
Greenspeaker Sorilen: "The Shardborn are fickle allies."
King Nantharion: "We serve the same Prince. As long as I lead the Recollection, the Shardborn will aid us."
Greenspeaker Sorilen: "Yes, my king."
<The pair leave the view of the ledge.>
Tribune Alea Idolus: "I knew it! Nantharion leads the Recollection! And the Prince they serve must be Ithelia!"
Beragon: "I heard everything. Get to the throne room. I'll circle around and hit them from the back!"

Speaking with Tribune Alea after this:

"The Recollection had someone close to the king, all right. Nantharion's been laughing at us all along!
Come on. We need to burn that seed and settle accounts with that two-faced skeever!"

Further up, she says:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Now we know why Nantharion needed a living fortress. Let's find that throne room."

You then need to rush to the throne room of Hoperoot. Once you arrive, Shardmarshal Vargas will be in the middle of handing Nantharion the Staff of Many Paths. With your arrival, Vargas and Nanatharion will begin the Wildburn Seed ritual while Greenspeaker Sorilen aims to kill you. Once you have defeated Greenspeaker Sorilen, you will need to destroy the seed to stop the ritual. But there will be consquences:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Now! Destroy the wildburn seed!"
<You destroy the wildburn seed.>
Shardmarshal Vargas: "No! The ritual is not complete!"
King Nantharion: "Something's wrong! It's too soon! The wildburn seed released its energy too early! Run!"
<Dark energy gathers in the throne room as the pair escapes.>
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Follow Nantharion! He must know a way out!"
Beragon: "The wildburn seed! It released its energy when you destroyed it! Hoperoot is doomed!"
Beragon: "Run! This tree-fort's coming down around us!"

Speaking with Tribune Alea before going through the portal:

"This way, comrade! Hurry!"

You escape through the open portal and end up outside, in the distance you can see the smoking ruin of Hoperoot:

Beragon: "By the Green! The wildburn seed destroyed Hoperoot."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Hoperoot? A pretty name for an ugly secret."
Beragon: "And a grim tomb for Greenspeaker Sorilen. Friend, we should talk."

If you talk to Tribune Alea before Beragon:

"Nantharion got away, damn it. Shardmarshal Vargas, too. At least we stopped them from using this wildburn seed at Skingrad.
Talk to Beragon, will you? I'm afraid he's taking this pretty hard."

After you have spoken to Beragon, Tribune Alea will tell you to go ahead:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "You two go ahead. I'll need to report to Count Calantius. I'll catch up with you later."

Talking with Tribune Alea before you leave:

"I need to tell Count Calantius about Nantharion and the Recollection. We need to make sure the West Weald Legion's ready for Nantharion's next move, whatever it is.
Go on back to Beragon's townhouse, comrade. I'm sure I'll see you soon."

Hold the LineEdit

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Tribune Alea Idolus can be encountered on the road northwards of Feldagard Keep with her hourse. As you approach Tribune Alea Idolus, she says "If you have a weapon, I need a hand."

Her greeting to you will depend on if you have met previously, and if you have been to Hoperoot already:

Completed The Missing Cohort:
Completed The Missing Cohort and Seeds of Suspicion:
First Time Meeting:
"Ah, my comrade from Rustwall! What luck. I need your help once again. Do you hear the sounds of combat? The fight for Feldagard Keep already rages.
When I learned of an impending attack, I raced to warn them, but I arrived too late."
"What good fortune that you're here, comrade. That report we found in Hoperoot was a reconnaissance of Feldagard Keep. That could only mean an attack was imminent. I raced to warn them, but I arrived too late from the sound of it."
"Hear that, traveler? The crash of swords on shields, the roar of soldiers? A battle already rages for Feldagard Keep.
I rode at breakneck speed to deliver news of an impending attack. Seems I arrived too late."
The keep is under attack?
"Daedric forces seek to overwhelm the Legion cohort defending the keep. The legionaries here are capable, but there's something about this attack ….
We can't let the keep fall. I need to get inside and help them."
What's so important about this keep?
"In addition to defending the major roads to the north and east, its proximity to the devastated area and the new forest make it integral to the protection of the Weald heartland.
What say you? Care to take a Legion commission and help me end this?"
I'll join in Feldagard Keep's defense. How do we start?
"We need to take stock of the situation before we head inside. Stumbling into a fight blindly never ends well.
There's an overlook east of the keep. Locals usually run a small market there. We can get a good view of the keep from that location."

After you agree to help, you can ask Tribune Alea questions:

What have you been doing since the trouble at Rustwall Estate?
"I tried to convince Count Calantius to assign more legionaries to guard Rustwall, but as the Legion is already stretched thin, he was only willing to send periodic patrols.
Since then I've been looking into The Recollection and their Daedra allies."
What do you know about the attacking forces?
"I did a little scouting before you arrived and immediately ran into a squadron of Daedra. Shardborn Dremora, from the looks of it, but other Daedra as well.
Now I want to head to the overlook and get a better view of the current situation."
Tell me about Feldagard Keep.
"The Legion built the keep late in the First Era as part of Reman Cyrodiil's initial Imperial expansion. It's seen quite a few battles over the centuries.
Now we use it to protect the trade roads and to keep an eye on the new forest."

Once you reach the outskirts of the keep, you will find legionnaires fighting the Shardborn. Tribune will tell you where to go next:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Head to the market overlook. We'll take stock of the situation there."

When you reach the overlook, Alea will look over the wall and exclaim:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Damn! They breached the wall. Let's talk strategy, comrade."

Talk to Tribune Alea to go over her plan:

"Damn! The Daedra have surrounded the keep and breached the fort's outer wall. The situation is worse than I thought.
We need to get in there and help them!"
Any idea how we get inside?
"The legionaries barricaded the area past the breach. Can't go through there.
There's a side entrance on the southwest. It's obscured by overgrowth, so there's a good chance it hasn't been noticed. We'll try that way. Then we find Commander Merian."
Who's Commander Merian?
"Merian commands the troops stationed at Feldagard. He's stubborn, but has an excellent tactical mind. He'll know exactly how we can help once we get in there."
Let's go find a way into the keep.
"The door is recessed between a gap in some rocks. I wouldn't call it a hidden entrance, but it's easy to miss if you don't know about it. I'll point it out.
Once inside, we'll find Commander Merian. He'll tell us how we can help."

If you speak with her again you can ask her about Commander Merian:

Tell me about Commander Merian.
"Tough as forged iron and sharp as a rapier. I've seen him devise amazing strategies and accomplish seemingly impossible tactics.
He loves Colovia and will defend it with everything he's got. With him in charge, those Daedra are in for a fight."

Approaching the hidden doorway, Alea pipes up:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "The door is behind that gap in the rocks."

Once you have enter the side door, you will be in the Felagrad Keep:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Stay alert while we look for Commander Merian."

If you talk with her during your search, she will say:

"We made it in easily enough, but that's just the beginning. Tracking down Commander Merian is our objective now.
I don't know what we'll find inside, so stay alert."

When you exit the keep into the inner grounds, you will find Commander Merian on the wall, Tribune Alea will call out to him:

Legionary Defender: "Commander, they're climbing over the walls! We can't—"
Commander Merian: "Tribune! Praise the gods. We could use your help."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "He's up on the wall. How can we help, commander?"

Speaking Commander Merian, he will ask you to reset the traps in the area and burn the ropes that the Daedra are using to scale the walls. Once you are finished that, he says to meet him in the main courtyard. Speaking with Tribune Alea afterwards:

"We have our orders. Reset the traps around the keep and burn those ropes. I have one more order. Take down as many Daedra as you can.
Let's get to it."

As you go about following your order, Tribune Alea will make the following comments:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "That'll stop any Daedra. If they have legs."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Careful, you need those hands to fight."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "I hope this makes them mad."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "I didn't know Daedra could even climb ropes."

Once you have reset all the traps:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "That's all of the traps. I hope they hurt."

Once you have burned all the rope:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "That's all of the ropes I can see. Good work."

After this, Commander Merian gets a report that the ballistas have been destroyed and he orders you to meet him in the courtyard.

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Let the legionaries fight the Daedra. We need to find the Commander."

As you approach the Commander, he gets a report that the ballistas have been destroyed and he orders you to meet him in the courtyard. Going the passage to the courtyard, you will find other legionaries that tell you to keep moving as they guard the way. As you reach the main courtyard, Tribune Alea will say:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "The courtyard is through those doors."

As soon as Commander Merian sees you, he will give his commands:

Commander Merian: "Tribune, get that ballista in working order. Mercenary, you get the fun part."
<Tribune Alea runs up to the ballista and begins repairing it.>

Speaking with Tribune Alea before getting your orders:

"I'll start repairing the ballista. Not my first time putting one of these weapons back together. Go talk to Commander Merian and find out what he wants you to do."

Talking with the commander, he will have you throw oil on the barricades and repair the ballista to fire upon the barricades and any incoming Daedra. Speaking with Tribune Alea afterwards:

"Like an old-fashioned Colovian skeever hunt. Take out every last one of those Daedra, comrade!"

While you get the parts needs to repair the ballista will notice something down below:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Commander, I see two legionaries trapped outside the barricade."

You can then repair the ballista and set the barricades on fire. At this point, waves of Daedra will start attacking. While you use the ballista, Tribune Alea will be keeping an eye on the legionaries, if you defeat the Daedra quick enough you can save them:

Legionary Saved:
Legionary Killed:
Tribune Alea Idolus: "You saved the legionary! We'll get him back inside."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "The legionary's safe. Nice work."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "No! We lost a legionary."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "We lost the legionary. There's too many Daedra!"

After you have used the ballista to slay the incoming daedra, Tribune Alea notices something:

Commander Merian: "That's it for the ballista. Tribune, look sharp!"
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Daedra emerging through the north door! With me, comrade!"
Commander Merian: "Get down there and find out where they're coming from!"
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Comrade, you're with me."

Speaking with her before you leave:

"More Daedra, emerging from the North Door. That leads to the barracks beneath the keep. How did they get in there?
No matter. Let's go deal with this, comrade."

When you enter the northern door to the keep's barracks, Tribune Alea will want to talk:

"We crushed the Daedra's frontal assault and stopped them from getting past the barricade. But the one's [sic] who emerged from the barracks—where did they come from?"
What's this part of the keep used for?
"Living quarters. The barracks extend beneath the keep, and a dungeon is below that. I'm not sure how the Daedra could get in down there, but we should take a look.
There's one more curious thing about this assault—where's the Daedric commander?"
The commander?
"This attack is much too coordinated to not have a leader. Find the commander and maybe we can sever the head of this army.
Let's search the barracks for another breach. And keep watch for any Daedra that looks to be in charge."
Let's investigate the barracks.

If you talk to her again during the search, she will say:

"I refuse to let Daedra take this keep, comrade. Let's hunt down the hole they climbed in through and plug it."

During this search, the Tribune says the following as you approach the armory:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "How are the barracks crawling with Daedra?"
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Ballista storage. See that lift? It brings them up into the courtyard."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "We're near the armory. Let's hope they haven't found it."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "The armory's just through those doors. Be ready for anything."

You enter the armory and Tribune Alea crouches near the railings to watch the events below:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "That must be their commander. Keep low."
<Shardmarshal Vargas, wielding a glowing sword uses to it to open a portal in front of her. Two dremora appear out of it.>
Shardmarshal Vargas: "Go. Take your forces and capture the keep. I will gather reinforcements in Mirrormoor."
Shardborn Bulwark: "As you command, Shardmarshal Vargas."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "We need to talk, comrade."

Speak with Tribune Alea and ask how she wants to proceed:

Completed Missing Cohort:
"I wondered when Shardmarshal Vargas would turn up again. I still owe her for Rustwall.
And she has a new sword. Did you see how it opened a portal? Brought in reinforcements from somewhere she called Mirrormoor. We need to take that blade."
"That has to be their commander. Shardmarshal Vargas. Did you see how she opened a portal with that sword? Reinforcements emerged from some place she called Mirrormoor. That's how they got in down here.
We need to get that blade to stop the assault."
Any thoughts on how to do that?
"Usually I'd leap the railing and rush into battle, but who knows what else that blade can do? I'd rather not be turned into a mudcrab or something.
Let's split up. If we attack her from two sides, we'll split her focus. Then we can take her down."
All right. Which way do you want me to go?
"Go around the side to that gateway across from here. I'll distract the commander, then you attack and grab the blade.
It's important we do this before she opens another portal. If reinforcements come through, we'll have a bigger fight on our hands."
All right, let's do this.

You can continue to speak with her and ask questions:

"I could still leap this railing and rush her if you think that would work. No, let's stick with the plan I outlined.
Once you're in position at the gateway, I'll distract the shardmarshal. Let's do this."
Any idea what Mirrormoor is?
"Some Oblivion plane? Look, I know as much about Daedra as I do magecraft, which is absolutely nothing. But I've heard these Shardborn mention the place. Maybe that's where they come from.
We can ask her all about it after we take that blade."

Once you get into position near the gateway, Tribune Alea will spring into action:

<Shardmarshal Vargas begins opening another portal.>
Tribune Alea Idolus: "She opened a portal! I'm leaping down!"
<Tribune Alea jumps from the balcony and charges at Shardmarshal Vargas.>
Tribune Alea Idolus: "I'll tackle her in [sic]. Follow us!"
Shardmarshal Vargas: "An attack? You dare!"
<Tribune Alea uses her shield to bash into the Shardmarshal and drives them both through the portal.>

Going through the portal to Mirrormoor, you will land in a sandy area, on the cliff above you, you will see Tribune Alea and Shardmarshal Alea grappling with each other:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Give me that blade, Vargas."
Shardmarshal Vargas: "Take Abolisher if you can, mortal. Ah! No!"
<Tribune Alea manages to get Abolisher out of Vargas' and hands and it lands in the sand below.>
Shardmarshal Vargas: "Kill them, my Shardborn! Recover Abolisher!"

You will fight waves of Shardborn with Tribune Alea's assistance. If you manage to talk to her, she will say this is not the time:

"No time to talk. We need to defeat these Shardborn and secure the blade that Vargas dropped!"

After enough deaths of her soldiers, Shardmarshal Vargas cuts her losses:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "She called the blade Abolisher. It's all yours, comrade."
Shardmarshal Vargas: "Abolisher will be mine again, mortals! We shall definitely meet again!"
<Shardmarshal Vargas leaves through a portal.>

You can then take Abolisher, is there conversation dialogue where Alea says to use sword?. Speaking with Alea after taking the sword missing conversation?

"I have no idea where we are or when she'll be back. Maybe we can use the blade she called Abolisher to get back? Grab it and see if you can make it work like Vargas did."
"It seemed like she sliced the air to open a portal. I don't know a thing about magic so I can't advise you on how to use Abolisher.
Maybe just think real hard about the keep when you make the cut? Couldn't hurt."

You can attempt to mimic Shardmarshal Vargas movements and successfully open a portal back to Nirn. Commander Merian and some of his soldiers will be there when you exit the portal:

Commander Merian: "Perhaps I'll ask about the portal later. Right now I want to know if the keep is secure."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "You give the report, comrade."

Speaking to Tribune Alea before Commander Merian:

"Remind me never to leap into strange portals again. Is it normal to feel queasy?
It looks like Commander Merian wants to speak with us. You talk to him while I concentrate on not losing my lunch."

Once you have reported to Commander Merian you can talk to the Tribune to complete the quest:

"You didn't hesitate to leap through the portal after me. You do this sort of thing pretty regularly, don't you?
Shardmarshal Vargas got away though. That's on me. I swear I'll get her next time. But that place. The sky looked like cracked glass."
I heard Shardmarshal Vargas call it Mirrormoor.
"Mirrormoor. What a desolate place. Do the Shardborn come from there? Maybe Beragon or Leramil can tell us more. We should also have them examine the blade. What did Vargas call it? Abolisher. Huh.
Would it be all right if I took the sword to them?"
Of course. Take the blade.
"Mirrormoor. What a desolate place. If that's where these Shardborn come from, we need to learn more.
And the blade we took. Vargas called it Abolisher. I know someone trustworthy who might be able to identify it. Would that be all right with you?"

If you leave an return to the conversation at this point:

Started Relics of the Three Princes:
"You didn't hesitate to leap through the portal after me. You do this sort of thing pretty regularly, don't you?
Shardmarshal Vargas got away though. That's on me. I swear I'll get her next time. But that place. The sky looked like cracked glass."
I heard Shardmarshal Vargas call it Mirrormoor.
"Mirrormoor. What a desolate place. Do the Shardborn come from there? Maybe Beragon or Leramil can tell us more. We should also have them examine the blade. What did Vargas call it? Abolisher. Huh.
Would it be all right if I took the sword to them?"
Of course. Take the blade.

If you leave and return to the conversation at this point:

"Mirrormoor and Shardborn. Two words I never knew existed before all this. We should tell Beragon and Leramil what happened here. I expect one of them can tell us more about Abolisher. I'm headed to Skingrad. May I take the blade for them to examine?"
Take Abolisher. What's next for you, tribune?
"I'll help bury the dead and then take Abolisher to Skingrad. Maybe Leramil or Beragon can make sense of it.
I want you to know I appreciate your help here, comrade. Take this and consider your commission with the Legion over. For now."
"You didn't hesitate to leap through the portal after me. You do this sort of thing pretty regularly, don't you?
Shardmarshal Vargas got away though. That's on me. I swear I'll get her next time. But that place. The sky looked like cracked glass."
I heard Shardmarshal Vargas call it Mirrormoor.
"Mirrormoor. What a desolate place. If that's where these Shardborn come from, we need to learn more.
And the blade we took. Vargas called it Abolisher. I know someone trustworthy who might be able to identify it. Would that be all right with you?"
Of course. Take the blade.

If you leave and return to the conversation at this point:

"Mirrormoor and Shardborn. Two words I never knew existed before all this. I have a lot of questions and not a lot of answers.
I'd like to take Abolisher to Skingrad to have it examined by an expert I know. Is that all right with you, comrade?"
Take Abolisher. What's next for you, tribune?
"I'll help bury the dead and then take Abolisher to Skingrad. I know someone who might be able to tell us more about it.
As for you? Your service to the Legion is done. For now, at least. Here's the pay I promised. Take it with my thanks."

After you have completed the quest, you can speak with her some more:

Started Relics of the Three Princes:
"Let's keep news about Abolisher between us until we're back in Skingrad. I don't want thieves or Recollection agents to get any ideas while I'm traveling.
Return to Beragon's townhouse as soon as you can. I have a feeling this is far from over."
"A good officer gives credit where credit is due. You did good, comrade. Feldagard Keep needs to rebuild and do some cleanup, but we repelled an invasion and gained a valuable tool.
Not bad for a day's work. If only I could shake this feeling …."
Tell me about this feeling.
"A sense that things are going to get worse before they get better. Recollection cultists prowling the region, Daedra boldly attacking the keep, magical blades that open portals as easily as I can open a door.
Something bigger is coming. I know it."

King Nantharion's GambitEdit

After your experiences in Hoperoot, Beragon will begin the deciphering of the Recollection Map of West Weald you recovered. When you speak with him, he will ask you to do some more investigation and asks you to check in with Feldagard Keep and the Outcast Inn. This leads you to the Hold the Line and The Many Paths quests respectively, and you end up obtaining the Lamp of Clarity and the sword Abolisher.

Once this has been done, you will explore the Niryastare ruins with Beragon and recover the Skein of Secrets, with the assistance of the Lamp and Abolisher. With all three relics in hand, you will need to turn your attention to King Nantharion and find out where he is. If you started the quest from Legionary Caepio, Tribune Alea will say the following:

"I see Legionary Caepio delivered the message. Good!
Beragon thinks he's found a way to locate Nantharion. I won't try to explain. Beragon can do it better. Talk to him, comrade."

When you use the Skein of Secrets, a distorted map of West Weald will appear. There will be two locations marked by spiders, if you talk with Tribune Alea afterwards:

"Even if we can see where Nantharion used the staff, there's no guarantee we'll still find him at those sites. I'll confer with my scouts and get help from Vashabar. The more eyes out there helping us look for the Recollection, the better."
You're willing to work with the Wood Elves now?
"It's clear the Recollection are everybody's enemy—and the Shardborn, too. I'd be foolish to turn down help wherever I can find it.
Besides, I might have been too quick to assume our new neighbors were behind West Weald's troubles."
What changed your mind?
"I don't have a problem with Wood Elves. I have a problem with squatters and conquerors! I can be hardheaded, but Beragon's proven himself to be a loyal ally. And the people of Vashabar were tricked by Nantharion.
I can admit I was wrong about them."

Speaking with Beragon, he will suggest you investigate Terthil Farm and Hastrel Hollow. After this, Beragon and Tribune Alea will have a conversation:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "When we find Nantharion, we'd better be ready for a fight. I'll muster the Legion—and warn Vashabar, too."
Beragon: "We might be able to avoid a pitched battle if we find a clever way to sabotage his plans."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "I doubt it will be that easy. And I intend to make sure Nantharion doesn't escape again."

When you go to Terthil Farm, you will find the Recollection killed the landowner and put up a warning on their door; Warning to the Weald. After following some clues you can enter a small cave from the well and discover a Wildburn seed and a place to use the Echonir. It will show you Shardmarshal Vargas talking to her Shardborn her mention of placing a seed in that location.

When you reach Hastrel Hollow, you will find Aengelor a sole survior of a group from Vashabar that was hunting the Recollection. He says the Recollection are inside the nearby shrine ruins. The Echonir will allow you to see a vision of King Nantharion giving orders for a seed to be placed there and a mention of a well in Miscarcand.

After telling Beragon about this, he works out what the map in showing and asks you to do it again. The map shows the Fort Dirich ruins and when you and Beragon investigate you find a memory of King Nantharion and Ithelia, which confirms Nantharion is heading to to well of Miscarcand. Viewing the Skein again, you are shocked to find is shows Nantharion is back in Vashabar.

When you arrive in Vashabar you find Beragon and some legionaries outside a newly opened door. Apparently King Nantharion and Ithelia walked into town and created a entrance and Tribune Alea took some of her soldiers and chased after them. You and Beragon enter Miscarcand and soon find Tribune Alea and her soldiers, their way to you will be blocked by a Mirrormoor portal:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Comrade! You need to find a way to close that portal!"
Beragon: "Tribune Alea's trapped by that portal! Careful, no telling what might emerge!"

Using Abolisher and the energy of the Daedra you slay, you manage to destroy the portal. With that over, you can approach the legionaries:

Beragon: "Now we know how to use Abolisher to close Mirrormoor portals!"
Beragon: "Tribune Alea! You're safe."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Safe? We were pinned between a Daedra-spewing portal and a blocked passage before you came along."

You can then speak with Tribune Alea:

"Glad you found us, comrade. I was meeting with Greenspeaker Darolith when Nantharion walked into the village like he still owned the place. Marched straight to these ruins.
He had a strange cloaked woman with him. I think that was Ithelia!"
You charged down here by yourself? What were you thinking?
"I was thinking I was performing my duty as an Imperial tribune. And I wasn't alone. I had legionaries with me. We fought our way through an army of Recollection until we reached this dead end—and got trapped by that portal.
How did you find me?"
The Skein of Secrets. King Nantharion and Ithelia are looking for the Well of Miscarcand.
"That doesn't sound good. Shardmarshal Vargas is here, too. I was hot on their heels, but they stepped through a portal at this blocked passage. I couldn't follow.
We've got to find another way to reach the deeper halls."
I've got Abolisher. Maybe I can open a portal.
"Abolisher? We saw Vargas use it to open portals. And we just watched you use it to seal portals as well. All right, cut us a path through this collapsed passage, comrade. We'll catch up to those bastards yet!"

At this point, Tribune Alea will become your follower once more while Beragon stays behind to help the wounded. If you talk to her again she will say:

"Go on. See if you can use Abolisher to open a portal. We need to get moving again!"

Once you create the portal:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "You made another portal! Let's go!"

When you enter the portal, you can continue to explore Miscarcand. Speaking with Tribune Alea at this point:

"I'll stick with you, comrade. We need to locate Nantharion before he reaches that well. I just hope Beragon can find us again."

Further along Tribune Alea will note enemies further ahead:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "More Shardborn and Recollection ahead."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Why are they just waiting around? What are they guarding?"

Another portal will open nearby:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Another portal! Slay those Daedra and charge Abolisher!"

Once Abolisher is charged:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Abolisher is charged! Strike the portal!"

Striking the portal a second time:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Now! Strike the portal with Abolisher!"

Once the portal is destroyed:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Good work, comrade! Hang onto that blade in case we run into another portal."

Along the way to the Deep Halls Tribune Alea will make the following comments:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "How big is this place? You could hide half of Tamriel down here!"
Tribune Alea Idolus: "These halls go on forever. We need to keep searching."

When you are in the Deep Halls, Tribune Alea will notice a place to use the echonir ahead:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Look! Didn't we see something like that in Hoperoot? Use the Echonir."

Speaking with her before using the Echonir:

"Another lingering memory? We should see what the Echonir can show us here. It might be something we need to know."

When you use the echonir it will show Ithelia's forces fighting against invaders:

Torvesard: "Guard the door! They must not reach the well!"
Tribune Alea Idolus: "The memory of a great battle? Who are Ithelia's forces fighting?"
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Up there! It's Shardmarshal Vargas!"
Shardmarshal Vargas: "Warriors of Mirrormoor, stand fast against Mora's minions!"
<Suddenly the past version of Vargas is replaced with her present version.>
Shardmarshal Vargas: "If this memory interests you so much, allow me to send you there!"
<Golden threads of light surround you and you hear Tribune Alea's voice trail off.>
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Comrade? Comrade where are you?"

Somehow Shardmarshal Vargas will have sent you into the memory and you will have to fight your way out. You have to destroy the portals until you reach the place you can use Abolisher to escape the memory. Tribune Alea will run up to you:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "There you are! You just … vanished."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "That memory showed Shardborn fighting other Daedra. Ithelia was defending something in this place."

Speaking with Tribune Alea here:

"That was strange. Vargas appeared and threw you into that memory with a wave of her hand! I'm glad you found your way out, comrade.
I chased Vargas but she escaped me again. Let's keep going."

You soon find abother place to use the echonir:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Another memory? We might learn something. Go ahead. I'll watch for Vargas."

Using the echonir, it will show Hermaeus Mora and his forces facing down Ithelia with Torvesard at her side, two crystral atronachs will be guarding a passage:

Hermaeus Mora: "Why continue this futile struggle, Ithelia? Every fate before me says you cannot win."
Ithelia: "But you do not see everything, Mora. In the Many Paths, all things are possible. I will write my own fate!"
<A portal is opened.>
Torvesard: "Go, my Prince! You must escape!"
Hermaeus Mora: "Ithelia, wait!"
<Ithelia goes through the portal and the vison ends.>
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Is this where Ithelia lost her ancient battle? Hmm. Her minions remained to guard the passage behind her."

Talking to Tribune Alea afterwards:

"Interesting. Was that the moment Hermaeus Mora finally crushed Ithelia's defenders? Is that what caused Miscarcand to fall?
The memory showed Ithelia's servants guarding the passage to the north. Let's see where it leads, comrade."

At the end of the passage will be a place to open a portal to the Darkened Home:

Beragon: "Hello? Anyone? Tribune Alea, where are you?"
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Beragon! He's somewhere beyond that gate. Use Abolisher!"

After creating the portal:

"I'm getting entirely too comfortable with stepping through magical portals. It's just not natural.
Well, no point in stopping now. Let's press on."

Once you go through the portal you will find Ithelia and King Nantharion have reached the Miscarcand well:

Ithelia: "Your foes destroyed your seeds, but do not fear. My very presence has awakened the well."
King Nantharion: "Then draw power from the well, my Prince. You will be restored and I will create a wildburn that transforms the Weald!"
Shardmarshal Vargas: "Reward the mortal if it pleases you, my Prince, but greater victory awaits us in Mirrormoor."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Down there! Ithelia and her servants. They reached the well!"
Beragon: "I can't wait any longer. I need to stop Nantharion!"
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Beragon! Damn. He's charging ahead without us!"

Talking to Tribune Alea at this point:

"There's Beragon! Come on, comrade—we can't let him confront Ithelia and her servants all by himself. We need to hurry!"

When you reach the end of the passage, you will need to open a portal to get through:

Beragon: "Friends, the gate closed behind me. Hurry, use Abolisher. Nantharion is just ahead!"
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Beragon, wait for us, damn it!"

Once you enter the chamber of the well, you will see Beragon run towards King Nantharion:

Beragon: "Nantharion! Stop! A wildburn unleashed with the power from that well will destroy West Weald!"
<King Nantharion uses the staff on Beragon which traps him in golden light.>
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Beragon! You'll pay for this, Nantharion!"

During the fight, Tribune Alea will call out Mirrormoor portals when they appear:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "A Mirrormoor portal! Ready Abolisher!"

After King Nantharion is slain, Shardmarshal Vargas will take charge:

<Shardmarshal Vargas kneels before Ithelia.>
Shardmarshal Vargas: "The Staff of Many Paths was never meant for mortal hands. Witness it's true power!"
Shardmarshal Vargas: "Ithelia! Unweaver, Mistress of the Many Paths, let your glory be restored!
Shardmarshal Vargas: "Remember your true self and free us from the chains of fate!"'
<Ithelia rises into the air and transforms into her glass-winged form.>
Ithelia: "I am whole! Come, Vargas. It is time to go home. With the Loom I will restore all that was lost."
<Ithelia opens a portal and she and Vargas walk through.>
<Beragon is freed from the trap.>
Beragon: "I'm all right Tribune. You stopped Nantharion from unleashing that final wildburn on the Weald. Thank you, my friend."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "We stopped one threat, but did you see? Ithelia … changed."
Beragon: "Let's talk about this back in Skingrad, friends."

Speaking with Tribune Alea outside the ruins:

"I may never get used to fighting Daedra and magic-users, but at least we put an end to Nantharion and his plot to destroy West Weald. That should finish the Recollection.
Now is it too much to hope that Ithelia will take her power and just go away?"
You think the Recollection is beaten?
"Nantharion is dead. Hoperoot is destroyed. The Recollection has no leaders and no friends. Some diehards might linger for a time, but they won't pose a significant threat to West Weald.
No, I'm more worried about Shardmarshal Vargas and her Prince."
What do you think Ithelia and Shardmarshal Vargas are going to do?
"I have no idea. Maybe they'll never give West Weald another thought now that Ithelia has her power. But she wants vengeance for what was done to her. That might lead to very bad things.
I don't think we've seen the last of them."

When you return to the Townhouse, Leramil will have finally returned. If you talk to Tribune Alea before Leramil:

"We need to figure out what happens now that Nantharion's dead and the Recollection is scattered.
But first, the strange High Elf has returned and wants to talk to you, comrade. You'd better see what she wants. And pray it's good news for a change."

Talking to Leramil, she will explain that the Threads of Fate appear to be fraying at an alarming rate due to Ithelia, though due to the choices she makes not her mere presence. She asks you to conclude your business with Beragon before you proceed. You can talk to Tribune Alea before completing the quest:

"With Nantharion dead and Ithelia back in her own realm, the Recollection have scattered. Still, I'm worried about Shardmarshal Vargas and her Prince. We didn't beat them. They just … left."

The Untraveled RoadEdit

With the return of Leramil the Wise, you will need to find a way to Ithelia. Speaking with Tribune Alea before talking to Beragon:

"I don't know what our enemies are planning next for West Weald. But whatever it is, I'll meet it blade in hand. We're not defeated yet."

Beragon suggests using the Skein of Secrets to see what it shows. The marker will have moved to the northern part of West Weald. Beragon will recognize the location:

Beragon: "Wendir? Does that mean anything to you, Leramil?"
Leramil the Wise: "There are many hidden paths between the planes. I suspect the Skein of Secrets has showed us one. Prepare yourselves."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "How exactly do we prepare ourselves for Oblivion?"
Leramil the Wise: "A good point. There is no telling what we may encounter. Still, that is our course."

Talking to Tribune Alea afterwards:

"Not sure how a location in the Weald gets us to Oblivion, but I'd like to hear if Leramil can tell us anything about the place."

You will need to talk to Leramil before you leave, Tribune Alea will say she'll meet you at Wendir:

"We'll meet you at the Wendir ruins, comrade. We'll follow you wherever Ithelia's trail takes us."

When your group arrives at Wendir, there will a place where you can use Abolisher to open a portal. You can speak to Tribune Alea before you do so:

"I can see the Legion is going to have to clean up these ruins … later. Right now the mission is to find Shardmarshal Vargas, wherever she's hiding. Open a portal with Abolisher, comrade. I'm right behind you."

Once you have used Abolisher and opened the portal:

Leramil the Wise: "This is what the Skein wanted us to find. A portal recently used by Ithelia and reopened by Abolisher."
Beragon: "But a portal to where?"
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Does it matter? Wherever it leads, that's where we need to go."

Speaking to Tribune Alea before entering the portal:

"We've come this far, comrade. Wherever that portal leads, It's time to finish this. Let's go."

Entering the portal, you will arrive in the Fargrave Outer Ruins, a previously unvisited part of Fargrave. You will have been seperated from Beragon and Tribune Alea, with only Leramil at your side. After discussing your whereabouts with Leramil she will suggest following the new crystal growths through the ruins. When you reach the other end of the ruins, you will encounter Beragon and Tribune Alea on the level above you.

After you go through the door to the Inner Quarters, you will find Shardmarshal Vargas was waiting for you and launches an attack on Beragon and Tribune Alea, sending them to the Many Paths. Leramil was only able to protect you in time. With nothing else you can do for them, you follow the crystal path until you reach a portal gateway and a set of mirrors. Viewing the echonir memory in this location reveal a conversation between Torvesard and Vargas from before they regained their memories.

After speaking with Leramil, you use the Lamp to find out how to open the portal and open the way to the Loom Quarter. While exploring this area you uncover another memory which provides the reason why Ithelia has come to this place. When you reach the end of the path, you will try and use the Skein of Secrets only for it to fail. Leramil then opens a portal but Shardmarshal Vargas redirects it to take you to Ithelia's Prison instead. After viewing a memory of Ithelia and Hermaemus Mora from after her imprisonment, you will find a place to us the lamp which reveals an entry to a mirror maze.

After you find and free Beragon from one the mirrors, you can explore the maze and come across Tribune Alea:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Can you hear me? Get me out of here!"

After you free Tribune Alea, the Lamp loses power:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "I thought I was never going to get out of there!"
Leramil the Wise: "The Lamp! Its power is … gone. At least we saved Tribune Alea."
Leramil the Wise: "Now that we are together again, let us find an exit from this place."

Talking to Tribune Alea afterwards:

"When Vargas attacked, I saw a flash of light and suddenly I was somewhere else. It looked sort of like Fargrave, but everyone was gone—including Beragon. I wandered until I found those mirrors.
Thanks for getting me out of there, comrade."

At the end of the maze, there will be place where you can use Abolisher. Despite the risks there is no other option:

"That looks like a place you can use Abolisher and make us a path out of this accursed maze. Go ahead and open it!"

Lucky for you, Abolisher still works and creates a portal. If you talk to Tribune Alea before leaving:

"Good work, comrade! I have a feeling our adversaries weren't expecting us to cut our way out of this strange prison. That means we have a chance to surprise them.
Through the portal!"

Entering the portal you will reach the location of the Loom of the Untraveled Road. Tribune Alea will comment if spoken to:

"I know nothing about Daedric machines or magic looms, but our enemies are down there. And whatever they're planning, it can't be good for West Weald. We need to put a stop to this, comrade."

Nearby you can look over the ledge at the full scope of the Loom:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "What in the name of all the Divines is that thing?"
Leramil the Wise: "A Daedric apparatus of unimaginable power. What the One Who Knows feared."
Beragon: "I see Ithelia, Shardmarshal Vargas, and Torvesard down there."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "What are we waiting for then? Let's finish this."

Various Shardborn will teleport in to halt your progress, while this happening you can listen to Ithelia as she explains what she plans to do. When you reach the Loom, Shardmarshal Vargas will lead the defence and is at first heavily shielded:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Now! Give them no quarter!"
Beragon: "Watch out! The Shardmarshal's waiting for us!"
Leramil the Wise: "Defeat Shardmarshal Vargas so we can reach the Loom!"
Beragon: "Vargas is shielded, friend! Use Abolisher to destroy the portals!"

After you destroy the portals, Vargas will join the fight and eventually turn into a Shattered Remnant. Once she is slain, Ithelia will be dismayed which is further compounded when you shatter the Loom with Abolisher:

<As the Loom shatters, all the amassed energy is drawn into Ithelia and turns a sinister red.>
Ithelia: "Arggh! My Loom! But the power! Such terrible power!"
Torvesard: "The Loom is destroyed, my Prince! We must leave this place!"
Ithelia: "I am the Last Tomorrow, the Unweaver! I am filled with the power of the Many Paths! Come, Torvesard, away!"
<Ithelia and Torvesard disappear.>
Beragon: "You did it, friend! But what's happening to Ithelia?"
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Ithelia has become … something else."
Leramil the Wise: "Abolisher is depleted, but it did its job. The Loom has been destroyed. I shall open an exit. Let us leave this place."

Speaking to Tribune Alea before you enter the portal:

"Well done, comrade. I don't know about you, but I'm done with broken mirrors and Daedric monsters and old ruins. A flagon of Colovian red to wash the dust of this place from my throat. That's what I need now."

When you arrive back in Skingrad, Tribune Alea will greet you in Beragon's home:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Good to see you, comrade. Beragon's waiting for you in the relic room."

Talking with her once you arrive:

"Our esteemed guests want to speak with you, but you should check in with Beragon first. He wants to compare notes before we start handing out the laurels of victory."

After placing the relics in the relic room, Beragon will explain he has convinced Count Calantius and Greenspeaker Darolith to work out an agreement and asks you to talk to them both. Speaking with Tribune Alea at this point:

"Nantharion's actions ensured that relations between Skingrad and Vashabar started on the brink of conflict. But you and Beragon have shown me that West Weald has room for all people. I think Count Calantius knows that now, too."

Once you have spoken with the Count and Greenspeaker, you can return to Beragon to complete the quest. Speaking to Tribune Alea after this:

"We shared some strange adventures. I never imagined I'd find myself wandering a forgotten plane of Oblivion. Or erased from reality, for that matter. But we finally beat Vargas and her Shardborn.
I'd fight by your side any time, comrade."

Ithelia's FuryEdit

After you have completed both of the Shadow Over Morrowind and Recollection of Ithelia story lines, you will have unlocked the epilogue. This starts with Scruut arriving and announcing everything is doomed.

If you talk to Tribune Alea she will realize it is back to work:

"That didn't take long. Now we've got little Daedra popping in with warnings of impending doom?
I told you we had unfinished business."
Unfinished business? What do you mean?
"We haven't beaten Ithelia. Can you even truly defeat a Daedric Prince? We broke her toy and stopped her for now. But she seemed very angry and determined to settle old scores at the end. She'll be back.
Let me know when you need me, comrade."

Speaking to Scruut, she explains that Hermaeus Mora has detected several instabilities across reality, where the threads of fate fray. You will be asked to gather the relics and investigate the reported West Weald instability with Scruut and Leramil. Once you have spoken with Scruut, Beragon will spring into action:

Scruut: "The relics are this way … gathering dust on the tiny mortal's wall."
<Scruut heads to the Relic Room.>
Beragon: "Greenspeaker Darolith, Count Calantius. I'm afraid our friend has urgent business to take care of."
Beragon: "Tribune Alea, will you escort the greenspeaker and the count home safely?"
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Consider it done."

You can talk to Tribune Alea before you leave:

"Back out of the stew pot and into the fire. We won't let Ithelia get away this time. Let's get those relics and head out."

After you have gathered the relics, Scruut will open a portal which leads to outside Faro's Cavern in northern West Weald. The nearby man, Levus Livonius will describe what he witnessed. A dark crevasse appeared in the air and his friend was sucked into it and disappeared. Your little group go inside the cave to investigate, Leramil will confirm it is a tear in reality and Scruut will say it the fault of Ithelia.

Scruut then tells you to take the relics to various locations around Tamriel where the reality tears have been detected and use them to restore the relics. One of your companions will meet up with you when you arrive in the area. When you travel to Haldain Lumber Camp in West Weald, Tribune Alea will be waiting for you outside the delve:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Over here, comrade! Perhaps you can make sense of what the Watchling told me."

Talk with her to explain things:

"The friendly Daedra, Scruut, sent me to meet you, comrade. She and Leramil told me some strange things, but after everything that happened in West Weald ….
Anyway, I'm here to help."
Did Scruut tell you what we need to do here?
"Indeed. Apparently, the workers in this camp discovered an ancient shrine to Azura before they were overwhelmed. Leramil suggests that if you hold the Lamp of Clarity close to the shrine, Azura herself will restore its energy."
Sounds easy enough.
"The shrine to Azura should be on the east side of the lumber camp. Let's go find it."

You can ask her a few more questions before you continue:

Decided you needed to fight more Daedra, Tribune Alea?
"What, after everything with the Recollection, you think I wouldn't want to see this through to the end? When Leramil summoned me and Scruut explained things, I readily agreed to help.
Now, let's get moving before reality breaks down around us."

If you talk to her inside the lumber camp, you will be able to ask her about the shrine:

What do you know about this shrine of Azura?
"The loggers found the shrine while clearing the area. It's apparently very old.
I don't care much for Daedric Princes, but if restoring your lamp will help defeat Ithelia, I'm all for it."

Tribune Alea will comment on the area as you progress:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "The wildburn was not kind to this place. Let's locate the shrine, but remain vigilant."

Once you reach the shrine:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "The shrine of Azura! Hold the Lamp close and let's see if this works."

Speaking with her here:

"We've reached the shrine. Hold the Lamp close and Leramil says Azura will restore its energy."

When you use the lamp, a golden light will surround it and the Lamp of Clarity will be restored:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "The Lamp of Clarity looks restored to me!"

If you speak with her before you leave, she will say she will meet you at the townhouse:

"The Lamp of Clarity's energy has been restored. I'll see you back at Beragon's townhouse."

Once you have travelled around restoring the relics, and had a last minute conversation with Torvesard you can return to the townhouse. Leramil will ask you to accompany her back to the Loom to look for clues, Curate Gadayn will show up and accompany you. At the remains of the Loom, you will witness a memory of Ithelia and Torvesard where an enraged decides to crush Apocrypha and build a new realm ontop it. After discussing an idea you have with Leramil, you return to the townhouse.

You can speak with Tribune Alea once you return:

"Scruut told us you went back to the Loom. I'm glad to see you all returned unscathed. Go, tell Scruut what you found there."

After explaining Ithelia's plan to Scruut, you put forward your idea to do something that can allow Ithelia to change once more, using her Many Paths reflections as a basis. Scruut gets an idea about creating a special mirror, but asks you to retrieve a shard from the Primordial Shattered Titan that Ithelia created to use as a basis. Beragon, Tribune Alea and Curate Gadayn will accompany you to Ceyond:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "I know those ruins. They're west of Skingrad."
Beragon: "Then let's not waste time. Let's go get this shard!"
Curate Gadayn: "Agreed. We'll meet you there."

If you talk to Tribune Alea before you leave:

"The ruins of Ceyond lie to the west of Skingrad. I'll meet you there."

The trio will be waiting for you once you reach Ceyond. Tribune Alea will acknowledge when you arrive:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "The ruins of Ceyond lie within this cave. Let's proceed with caution."

Speaking to Tribune Alea before you enter:

"Stay alert, comrade. There may be more than the Primordial Shattered Titan to deal in these old ruins."

Once you enter, the group will split:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Scruut says the titan is somewhere in these ruins. I'll accompany our comrade. Beragon, Curate Gadayn, guard the entrance."
Beragon: "We'll make sure the path behind you remains clear!"

Tribune Alea will accompany you through the ruins. Speaking with her at this point:

"Stay alert. We have no idea what we're going to encounter in here."

She will comment when you encounter a reality tear:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Is that a reality tear? It looks as dangerous as Scruut described."

Tribune Alea also hopes Beragon doesn't follow you:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "I hope Beragon doesn't get bored and decide to follow us. He really wanted to explore these ruins."

When you reach the chamber containing the Primordial Shattered Titan it will be surrounded by crystal growths:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "That must be the titan! Let's destroy it and gather a fragment."

Once you have defeated the Shattered Titan, the following will happen:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "An excellent battle! Gather a fragment of the titan and we can return to the others."
<Curate Gadayn and Beragon run up behind you.>
Curate Gadayn: "Friends, we need to get out of here!"
Beragon: "Tears are opening up throughout the ruins. We barely made it here to warn you."

If you talk to Tribune Alea before collecting the fragment:

"Check among the debris of the titan and try to find a good fragment."

However, once you pick up the large crystal fragment, something unexpected will happen:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "What's happen—"
<Torvesard will appear out of a mirror nearby.>
Torvesard: "I warned you against interfering, mortal, but you refused to heed me."
<A reality tear appears in the air nearby.>
Torvesard: "A reality tear? How fortuitous. Let this be the end of fate's chosen!"
<Torvesard uses his magic and somehow moves the reality tear directly in front of you. Your vision will be filled with black cracks and become monochrome.>
<Gadayn leaps between you and the reality tear.>
Curate Gadayn: "Friend, look out! Agghh!"
<Curate Gadayn is sucked into the reality tear and Torvesard leaves through a portal.>
Beragon: "Curate Gadayn! He's … gone."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Mourn later. We must get this fragment back to the others."

Talking with Tribune Alea afterwards, she will try and keep everyone on task:

"Torvesard somehow directed that reality tear right toward you. If Curate Gadayn hadn't leapt in the way ….
We won't let his sacrifice be in vain. Let's get that fragment to Leramil and Scruut."

When you return to the townhouse, you will have to break the news to Leramil, and she is understandably distraught. Speaking to Tribune Alea afterwards:

"I don't know Leramil well, but the loss of the curate has hit her hard. You should talk to Scruut and find out what we're supposed to do with the fragment we recovered."

Scruut will be focused on the bigger picture and takes the fragment from you. She then explains you and Leramil will have to work together in the ritual to create the artifact. Before the ritual is started:

"A Daedric ritual? That's not something I get to see every day."

Leramil will create the ritual circle and pump power into it. You will first add the relics around the circle and then join your power with hers. The floating shards in the circle will become the Mirror of Truth which hovers in the air. Talking to Tribune Alea afterwards:

"Is that it? Do we have what we need now to … how did Leramil put it? Save all of existence?
I can hardly comprehend the threat we're facing, comrade."

Fate of the Forgotten PrinceEdit

After the discovery of the reality tears, the death of Curate Gadayn and the creation of the Mirror of Truth, you now need to confront Ithelia. Leramil will get you to collect the relics before leaving and opens a portal to Apocrypha. You can speak with Tribune Alea before leaving:

"I don't understand magic and I know next to nothing about Daedra, but I do know war. This is war, comrade. And there's no one I'd rather face it with than you, Beragon, and Leramil.
For whatever good it will do, my sword is yours."

When you enter Apocrypha, you and Leramil will use the Skein of Secrets, and enter the Orphic Tunnels to find a secret entrance to the Mythos, Hermaeus Mora will call to you for assistance as you reach the portal. Once in the Mythos, you will find Ithelia's forces doing battle, and the surroundings changing to reflect Ithelia's realm. You will have to use the Lamp, Abolisher and the Skein at various points to get through the maze and reach Mora's Sanctum.

Within Mora's Sanctum, you will find Ithelia and Torvesard have bound Hermaeus Mora and are attempting to drain him. Ithelia herself will come down to fight you, and you will have stay alive long enough to use the Mirror on her. Ithelia will be stunned and stops fighting for a moment. Speaking with her, she remembers that as she was originally being imprisoned, that at the end she realized that Mora had been right. Afterwards, she tries to return Mora's power to him, but Torvesard refuses this outcome and takes the power of both princes for himself and means to finish things himself for his Prince and Mirrormoor.

During the fight with Torvesard, your companions will be brought to the arena by Leramil to assist you in the battle to fight the multiple copies of Torvesard. Tribune Alea will appear on the third platform:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "For Skingrad! For West Weald! For Nirn!"
Leramil the Wise: "Beragon, Scruut, Tribune Alea! Lend your might to fate's chosen!"

As you go to each platform, the people that had already arrived will follow to assist you. When you finally defeat Torvesard, he will appear before Ithelia as his Vestige and tells her he will not stop fighting to complete the task he had been given, no matter how many times it takes. In response, Ithelia gives him a permanent end, scattering his essence and returns Mora's stolen power. Hermaeus Mora opens the gate to Ithelia's Prison and tells her it is time to go back.

At this point, you are able to talk to your companions:

"When this is all over, you must remind me how you convinced me to get involved in a war between the Daedra."

When your group enters the portal, Beragon and Tribune Alea will not arrive at the same location as you and Leramil. Within the prison, both Princes agree that imprisoning Ithelia is a temporary measure at best, as her power would find it's way back to her. They ask you for your thoughts, and you suggest Ithelia go to a reality with no magic or Daedra and stay there. The Princes agree to the banishment option and work together to find a path to it, and after a brief moment between Leramil and Ithelia, the Daedric Prince leaves and you destroy the path back with Abolisher.

Afterwards, Mora will create a portal back to Beragon's Townhouse, Tribune Alea will want to know what happened afterwards:

"I'm not sure I appreciate being whisked through Oblivion portals without so much as a by your leave!
Still, it appears our efforts were successful. Talk to Leramil, then you can fill the rest of us in on what exactly happened."

You can speak with Leramil to complete the quest after saving reality again.

In Memory OfEdit

After your victory, Scruut will arrive saying there is one more task to complete before your contract with Hermaeus Mora ends. If you talk to Tribune Alea before Scruut:

"Well, the little ball of eyes certainly seems flustered. Not that I've ever seen her particularly calm, mind you. I suggest you see what she wants."

Scruut explains that despite you stopping Ithelia, the reality tears are still there and need to be dealt with. She will have you take the relics, along with a specifically created ritual from Mora to the locations most effected. The ritual will use the energy of the relics to mend the tears. If you speak with Tribune Alea afterwards:

"Once more into the breach, eh comrade? I still can't quite wrap my head around the end of reality, but if our actions will spare us from that fate, you can count on me."

Leramil will ask you to speak with her before you leave. If you talk to Tribune Alea:

"I've decided to assist you here in West Weald. I'll meet you at the location Scruut marked on your map."

Tribune Alea will meet you outside Faro's Cavern:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Here, comrade. This is the spot Scruut indicated."

Speaking with Tribune Alea:

"I stand ready to assist you, comrade. We must place the Lamp near a reality tear before you cast the spell. There should be one inside this cavern."

When she sights the reality tear:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "I'll never get used to those tears in the air. Place the Lamp of Clarity beneath it."

Talking to her before placing the lamp:

"Go ahead. Place the Lamp of Clarity near the tear in reality. Just do so carefully."

After you place the Lamp of Clarity in front of the tear:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Now use the spell scroll Scruut provided to release the Lamp's energy!"

Speaking to her before using the scroll:

"Use Scruut's spell scroll to release the Lamp's energy and repair the tear."
<You use the scroll and the tear disappears.>
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Look! The tear! It's closing!"
Still more Reality Tears to repair:
All the Reality Tears fixed:
Tribune Alea Idolus: "I think it worked, comrade!"

Speaking with her before you leave:

"Well done! I'll return to Beragon's townhouse. Good luck at the other locations, comrade."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "That was the last of the relics? Then let's head back to Beragon's townhouse."

Speaking with her before you leave:

"All the relics are secured and activated. Hopefully this puts this business behind us, comrade. Let's head back to Beragon's townhouse."

When you return to the townhouse, Tribune Alea will be waiting for you:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "Comrade, Beragon waits for you upstairs on the balcony. Go talk to him."

Speaking with her:

"Go on, comrade. You'll find Beragon on the balcony off the upper level. He told me to send you up there the moment you returned."

When you arrive on the balcony there is a small gathering over various people from around West Weald and beyond. You can mingle with the guests before speaking with Beragon, Tribune Alea will be near Count Calantius:

"Don't look so surprised, comrade! The people of the Weald know how to throw a celebration!
We did good work, but I can't imagine what would have happened without your involvement. So allow us to sing your praises. You deserve it!"
I didn't do all this by myself, you know.
"Sure, I helped. But I was doing my duty. I serve count and country. You have no vested interest in West Weald, but still you risked everything to save us.
And you figured out how to exile Ithelia. That's impressive from where I'm standing, comrade."

After you have spoken with Beragon, Scruut will call you over and tells you that Hermaeus Mora wants to talk to you one last time and creates a small portal. When you are ready to go, you and Leramil will head to Apocrypha. Leramil will talk to Hermaeus Mora first, and asks for his assistance in retrieving Curate Gadayn with the knowledge Ithelia provided to her. Mora agrees, but says that he will take his price from her at a future time.

After Leramil agrees to the terms, she will asked to leave and Mora will speak with you. He reveals that his last act for this matter will be to remove Ithelia's memory from the world once more, though Mirrormoor and its forces will be remembered but altered. However, as a final boon, you are the only being other than him that will retain their full memories of Ithelia and what happened.

Once he has cast the spell, he allows you to return to the party. Upon your arrival, Curate Gadayn will appear out of nowhere and is very confused about what happened. If you talk with Tribune Alea, she will be trying to remember something:

"Hmm. Something … something … I'm sure I'm forgetting something ….
No matter. I think Curate Gadayn wishes to speak with you, comrade."
You're forgetting the Daedric Prince Ithelia. Don't you remember anything?
"Daedric …? Oh, of—of course I remember. Torvesard and Vargas. The rogue Dremora working with the Recollection. But we took care of them, comrade. We're celebrating our victory. Those vile creatures should be the last thing on our minds."
What will you do next, Tribune Alea?
"What I always do—my duty! My service to the Legion and Count Calantius never ends. And West Weald still needs a protector.
You were a great help, comrade. Indispensable. But I'll rebuild my cohort and we'll take it from here."

Speaking with your other companions, they will have similar memory issues and responses when you mention Ithelia. You can talk with Beragon afterwards to complete the quest.


After completing In Memory Of, Tribune Alea can permanently be found in Count Calantius' Office in Skingrad:

"Comrade! Don't suppose you decided to enlist? The Legion could use you! No? I understand. Still, I'm glad you decided to stop by.
You're lucky you caught me. As usual, the count has me running hither and yon. Sometimes I barely have time to eat."

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

While she accompanies you during certain quests, Tribune Alea may use the following abilities while in combat:

Imperial Protection
Golden light will surround you during combat, providing protection.
[Unknown ability name]
A trio of spectral Imperial war horses will run in the direction of the enemy, similar to the scribed Trample skill.[verification needed — Unknown spectral horse attack]