Location Northeast of Balmora
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Morag Tong

Ashur is a Dark Elf member of the Morag Tong initially met in Vvardenfell during the quest Fleeing the Past and later in Northern Elsweyr carrying out a writ in the town of Hakoshae.

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Fleeing the PastEdit

Ashur when you first meet him in Vvardenfell

As you approach the area north of Balmora while looking for Ashur, you'll hear the following:

Othloth Salavel: "You killed one of my gang, s'wit. No writ will protect you from us."'
Ashur: "Feeling left out? I'm sure I can procure a writ for each of you."

Once you're spotted, you'll then hear:

Othloth Salavel: "That's it! Kill the Morag Tong and any witnesses!"
Ashur: "I'll just take my leave. No use getting my axes bloody again."

Speak to him and he'll say:

"I had that situation under control. Just needed them to make the first hostile move.
Still, I cleaned enough blood off my axes for one day, so thanks for lending a hand."

If you meet him earlier in Hakoshae he will say instead:

"Fancy meeting you here. Been a while since Hakoshae, hasn't it?
I had that situation under control. Just needed them to make the first hostile move. Still, I cleaned enough blood off my axes for one day, so thanks for lending a hand."
I was told to meet you out here.
"You were, were you? Was it Milesa? I told her I'd close out my tab after I completed another contract. That woman has the patience of an anxious nix.
Well, tell her I'm good for it. I'll stop by and we can conclude our business cordially."
No, I'm here about Veya.
"Veya? The new apprentice? Now why in Oblivion do you care about Veya?"
I'm trying to find her.
"Are you now? And why do you want to do that? Never mind. I don't really care. I was asked to pass along some notes, but I'm not really the messenger type.
I suggest you talk to Veya's mentor. Last I heard, she had a job in the western ruins."
I'll look for Veya's mentor in the ruins to the west.
"Make sure you don't anger Veya's mentor or even look at her the wrong way. She's grown surprisingly protective of that young woman and if she thinks you pose a danger ….
Besides, I'd hate to see you wind up on the wrong end of one of our writs."
Why were those townsfolk trying to kill you?
"You know, the usual buyer's remorse. I see a lot of that in my line of work.
Turns out, I had to kill a bad man who did bad things. The writ was legal and above board. Unfortunately, his brother didn't see it that way and was looking for revenge."
You're some kind of assassin?
"You make it sound so … obscene. Still, that's pretty much an accurate description. But it's not like I work for the Dark Brotherhood or anything. I don't kill anyone without a sanctioned writ.
Keeps the Great Houses in line. It's a calling."
Tell me more about Veya's mentor.
"I'd rather not. She's particular about her secrets and I don't want to get on her bad side. You should keep that in mind, too, if you plan to continue on this course.
Veya's mentor usually sticks to the rules, but I wouldn't turn my back on her."

Of Faith and FamilyEdit

After completing Fleeing the Past and exiting the Redoran Kinhouse in Balmora, Ashur will be waiting with a message:

Ashur: "Well look at that! Naryu said I'd find you here and damn it all if she wasn't right."
"Did I mention how much I hate being a messenger? Makes me wish I had a writ so I could kill something.
Anyway, Naryu wants to talk to you. Said you'd know what it was all about."
All right. Where do I need to go?
"Here. This should explain everything. Sort of. It's a map. We change locations every other day, for security reasons. Just in case it falls into the hands of House Redoran or someone else with an ax to grind with our organization."
What do I do with this?
"Never had to use a map before? Amateurs! This one leads to a key to one of our safe-houses. And another map.
The first map? It depicts a particular town. Kind of like this one, hint, hint. The rest? You'll have to figure that out on your own."
I'll try to decipher the map.
"Look. I know you're helping Councilor Eris. But if that map falls into House Redoran hands, I'll probably have to kill you.
Nothing personal, mind you. We're already having a bit of trouble with the house and we'd rather not make matters worse."
Do you always carry messages for Naryu Virian?
"What are you implying? Can't a person do something nice to help out an ally every now and again?
Oh, who am I kidding? I hate playing the messenger! Haven't you ever done something you hate because it was the right thing to do?"
All the time.
"Then you understand what I'm talking about. Being noble. Doing the honorable thing.
It can be a real pain in the arse, but a favor given becomes a favor returned. Eventually."
"Well, not all of us can afford to be so cold and heartless. I'd say I envy you, but that would just reward you for bad behavior.
Why are you still talking to me? Don't you have a map to puzzle out?"
You're part of the Morag Tong too, aren't you?
"Well look at you! You're a practical genius!
Look, Naryu seems to trust you, so I suppose I have to trust you, too. But that's a powerful secret you've been given. Betray us and you'll find my blade in your back. Unless Naryu kills you first."
You mentioned trouble with House Redoran?
"The Morag Tong has the authority to accept and carry out writs of execution. We keep the Great Houses from engaging in all-out war, but they rarely appreciate the work we do on their behalf.
House Redoran in particular wants to shut us down."
Why does House Redoran want to shut down the Morag Tong?
"The other houses have used us to take Redoran down a peg or two of late. To be frank, for all their vaunted honor, the house cries foul whenever someone gets the better of them.
Our status is tenuous enough without Redoran's constant harassment."
Your status is tenuous?
"As I understand it, the Morag Tong made mistakes in the past. Grew too arrogant. We had to lay low for more than a century. Now we're taking select contracts, working to reestablish our reputation.
It's not our fault most of them concern Redoran."

A Purposeful WritEdit

"Naryu told me what you found in the Ashlander mine. I can't imagine what Veya must be going through right now, but she shouldn't be alone. That's why I came looking for you."
Why me? Isn't Naryu with her?
"Naryu has responsibilities to tend to. Morag Tong responsibilities. Understand? She left me to keep Veya company, but I'm not very good at spouting words of comfort and solace.
Unless I can kill something. I'm very good at that."
So you want me to talk to Veya?
"You do understand! And Naryu implied you were as dense as the ash storms coming off Red Mountain. Good to know even the Mother of Blades can be wrong.
Veya's upset, and not just about her brother. She wanted to go with Naryu."
All right. I'll go talk to Veya.
"One other thing. Naryu's job concerns House Redoran. That's why she didn't want Veya to accompany her on this one. Veya's grief-stricken, angry, and ready to lash out at anyone and anything. So keep your head low and try not to upset her."
Sounds like you had some experience getting on Veya's bad side.
"I have experience getting on a lot of people's bad sides. Women, especially, find me exasperating. Irresistible, but exasperating. It's a gift."
Why does Veya want to go with Naryu?
"Something about who Naryu's target is. Thinks the target may know something about what happened to her brother.
Look, I'm not even sure how Veya found out who Naryu's target is and I don't want to know. Just go and talk to her. Please."
Any advice on how I should approach Veya?
"Carefully and with your hands empty and clearly visible.
She's in the safe-house beneath Balmora. Or at least that's where I left her. But I didn't lock the door, so I suppose she could be anywhere by now. I suggest you hurry and get down there."

Family ReunionEdit

Back at the hideout (Save Veya):

Ashur: "How many times have I told you not to stick your blade in your apprentices, Naryu? She'll live, but she can't stay here. Not after what she's done."
Naryu Virian: "I've got that covered. Veya won't be staying in Vvardenfell."
"This goes against every protocol, but I couldn't let poor Veya bleed to death.
I patched all the holes you people put in her and she should recover, given time."

Northern ElsweyrEdit

Descendant of the PotentateEdit

As you approach the village, you'll hear Ashur talking to himself, "Perhaps a direct approach would be the best?"

If you have previously met Ashur in Morrowind, he'll say:

"Well, look at that. If it isn't Naryu's little hero. Who'd have thought we'd meet again, in Elsweyr of all places.
Hmm. You wouldn't happen to be traveling to the town of Hakoshae, would you?"

Otherwise he'll just say:

"Hmm. You wouldn't happen to be traveling to the town of Hakoshae, would you?"
Why do you ask?
"I'm investigating a rumor about the town's leader, Magnate Feina-Darak. Word has it that she's a descendant of the Akaviri Potentate.
A rather curious rumor, given that the Potentate's bloodline should have been wiped out over a century ago."
And why are you investigating this rumor?
"It's a personal matter, pertaining to my grandfather's legacy. Painful as it is to say, my family's reputation depends on proving this rumor false.
You wouldn't happen to be looking for work, would you? I could use a lending hand."
I can help you investigate this rumor.
"Why don't you begin by speaking to the lady in question? The magnate should be in the town square. Strike up a conversation and see what she reveals.
In the meantime, I'll begin my own investigation. See what I can dig up."

You can then ask him some questions about the town and its people's history:

Can you tell me more about the town of Hakoshae?
"Hakoshae was built after the fall of the Akaviri Potentate. It's been, let's see now … a little over a hundred years now? Yes, right around that.
The town was founded by the Akaviri refugees who fled during that time."
Tell me more about the Akaviri.
"The Akaviri come from the land of Akavir, a continent east of Tamriel. They first invaded Tamriel in the First Era, but were ultimately convinced to join the Empire.
Hakoshae is populated by their descendants."
And you said the Akaviri who founded Hakoshae were refugees?
"Yes. The Akaviri took the fall of the Potentate as a rather obvious sign that they were no longer welcomed in Cyrodiil. Many of them fled to Elsweyr.
Hakoshae is but one of the settlements that was founded."
So the people of Hakoshae are all Akaviri?
"I suppose that's a matter of perspective. After all, generations of Imperial marriages have considerably thinned the bloodline.
Still, Hakoshae does strive to maintain Akaviri culture and customs, starting with the town's rather distinct name."
What exactly is the Akaviri Potentate?
"Potentate Versidue-Shaie began his political career as advisor to Emperor Reman III. When the emperor was assassinated, the potentate stepped up as Cyrodiil's leader.
Very fortunate for Versidue-Shaie, of course. He was emperor in all but name."
Did Versidue-Shaie plot the assassination?
"So goes the rumors, though nothing was ever proven.
Unsurprisingly, an Akaviri on the Ruby Throne created conflict. The Potentate was eventually assassinated himself. A few decades later, his heir was similarly slain."
Who assassinated them?
"The Morag Tong, of course. Who else would be so competent?
Following the death of Potentate Savirien-Chorak and his heirs, a large number of Akaviri and their followers left Cyrodiil. Many wound up here, in Elsweyr."
I'd like to hear more about your grandfather's legacy.
"As an agent of the Morag Tong, my grandfather had the honor of executing the last remaining heir of the Akaviri Potentate.
But here's the tricky bit; my grandfather and the heir both disappeared during the attempt. The Morag Tong presumed them dead."
But now you have reason to think otherwise?
"If Magnate Feina-Darak truly is the descendant of the Potentate, it proves without a shadow of a doubt that my grandfather failed. And such failure would be a grave dishonor to my family name.
That's why I'm keen to prove this rumor false."
How have things been, Ashur? (If you have met previously in Vvardenfell)
"While I would just love to give you all the torrid details of my last few writs, I'm afraid that secrecy comes with the job description. Suffice it to say, I've kept myself busy."
Do you often visit Elsweyr?
"Decided to come for a bit of sightseeing. After all, I heard Hakoshae is lovely this time of year."
And you don't happen to have a writ, do you?
"Perhaps. After all, the Morag Tong does like to keep me busy.
But right now, what I need to do is gather information. Prove yourself useful, and I may be willing to share some further details."
Any ideas about what Naryu is up to lately?
"Oh, you know her. Probably up to the usual; a little wine, a little murder.
Honestly, I generally find it in my best interest to not know exact details . 
[sic] Especially after all that trouble we went through in Balmora."
Investigating the CellarEdit

After visiting the village and participating in the trials, Ashur will appear and ask:

Ashur: "Enjoying the festival, are we?"

He will want to know if you learnt anything about the Magnate:

"I'm sure you've heard a great deal about Akaviri culture today. But tell me, did you learn anything about the magnate herself?"
Her family has led Hakoshae since its founding. She's well-respected and scholarly. Does that help?
"Hmm. Everything you've learned seems to support the rumor. A descendant of the Potentate would certainly be given such privileges.
However, my investigation calls for more concrete proof. A document would be best."
Where would we find such a document?
"I've made some inquiries of my own. It seems that Magnate Feina-Darak has quite a few records in the cellar of her home.
We'll need to break in and search her documents."
And how do you propose that we break in?
"We need a key, and I'm positive the captain of the guard carries one. If you would do me the kindness of chatting him up for a bit, I'll do my best to obtain the key.
Should all go well, we'll be in and out before anyone notices."
"Who knows what misfortune would befall me?"
All right. I'll distract the guard.
"Very well. Let's get moving, then."

After you have successfully distracted the guard, you can meet Ashur near the cellar entrance.

Ashur: "Glad you could make it. Quickly now, let's head inside."
"Well? Head on in, before anyone notices."

Inside the cellar you'll see a doorway barred by magic.

Ashur: "Well, that's certainly odd. There must be something here to take down that barrier."
"I've generally found that most doors have a way to be opened, magical barriers not excluded. Let's have a look around and see if there's some way to take it down."

Gather the tablets and read the "Tale of the Elements" and Ashur will point out:

Ashur: "Hmm. I'm willing to bet those tablets would fit rather nicely into these sockets on the floor."

Misplace the tiles and he'll say:

Ashur: "Well, that certainly wasn't right. Care to try again?"

Do it correctly and he'll say:

Ashur: "Looks like that did it. Let's head in."

Inside the History Vault, he'll comment:

Ashur: "The magnate left a letter on her desk. Interesting, don't you think?"

After you read the letter, it seems to confirm her as a descendant of the Potentate:

Ashur: "Seems this letter confirms that the magnate is descended from the Potentate. What a pity."

The Magnate will enter and demand you and Ashur leave, but before any action can be taken an Akaviri Spirit whisks the Magnate away:

Magnate Feina-Darak: "Just what are you two doing here? Get out at once!"
<Ashur draws his dagger.>
Avaviri Spirit: "Traitor! How dare you claim to be of my blood?"
Magnate Feina-Darak: "What? What's happening? Please, no!"
<The Magnate is dragged in a portal.>
Ashur: "Oh, fetch it all."

You can then talk with Ashur about what just happened:

"Well, it seems we've confirmed that Feina-Darak is a descendant of the Potentate. Just in time for her to be whisked away by some vengeful spirit.
Just my luck."
Why would a spirit abduct the magnate?
"Isn't that part of the Akaviri's beliefs? Disrespect your ancestors, and they'll have their revenge. And, given the spirit's armor, he was definitely Akaviri.
Hmm. Makes me wonder what the magnate did to deserve such a fate?"
So you believe that spirit is one of Magnate Feina-Darak's ancestors?
"I'm not sure, but it's as good a guess as any.
Given the turn of events, we'd best go after them. Perhaps the local tombs? If I know ghosts, they don't often wander far from their graves."
Given the turn of events? What do you mean by that?
"Some Akaviri is so upset with the magnate that he's returned from the dead. And if I'm to see this investigation through to the end, I need to learn why.
Lets head to the tombs. It's just east of the town square, can't miss it."
All right, let's head to Hakoshae's tombs.

You can then confirm that this is official Morag Tong business:

"At least we have somewhere to search. Not much, but I'll take it."
Are you working under the orders of the Morag Tong?
"Clever. No wonder Naryu likes you so much.
I will say that it is in the Morag Tong's interest that this matter be settled. We take great pride in the fall of the Akaviri Potentate. Best not to have that history tarnished."
But there's no way the magnate could take over Cyrodiil now.
"That's not the Morag Tong's concern, now is it?
My investigation is still ongoing, however. Speaking of my investigation, shouldn't we be going? Who knows what sort of misery the magnate is going through as we dither on."
The Hakoshae TombsEdit

Meet Ashur outside the tombs and he'll remark, "Glad you could make it."

Inside, he'll say, "I see them, just up ahead!" just as the spirit and Magnate disappear in a portal again, with the spirit seemly recognizing him:

"This disappearing act is getting very old very fast."
That Akaviri spirit seemed to recognize you. Any idea why?
"He seems to think that I was the mer who assassinated him.
Could be a simple case of mistaken identity. After all, my mother always did tell me I bear a striking resemblance to my grandfather, Methas Daram."
So your grandfather assassinated the Akaviri we're chasing?
"As a member of the Morag Tong, my grandfather executed a great number of people. But given the location, and the armor the spirit wears ….
Let's move ahead. I have a feeling we'll get our answers soon enough."
All right, let's move ahead.
"Keep your wits about you. After all, you're no use to this investigation dead."

After you speak with him, you will split up:

Ashur: "Best if we split up and go our separate ways."

Once you deal with the Shade of the Founder and enter the Founder Chamber, the spirit will deign to talk to you. Nearby the Magnate will be restrained:

Ashur: "Proconsul Beloren-Kaie, I presume?"
Proconsul Beloren-Kaie: "Very good, assassin scum. You and your companion have been most insistent. Come, let us speak."

Once you've convinced the Magnate to tell the truth about her ancestry, Ashur will tell you:

Ashur: "Well, seems like it's time to get going, then. I'll meet you in the town square."

After leaving the tombs, you will find him in the town square, watching Feina-Darak and the gathered crowd:

"It seems my investigation has come to an end. The rumor was false, my family name is cleared, and no one even needed to be executed.
A happy ending all around, wouldn't you say?"
Someone was going to be executed?
"The Morag Tong isn't one to leave loose threads, even one that's been dangling for over a century. Luckily for Feina-Darak, my grandfather was able to complete his writ.
Here, a reward for services rendered."

Ashur will decide to stay to watch the announcement and you can take the opportunity to ask him some questions before leaving:

"Now, despite our daring rescue, I'm certain the magnate doesn't want a member of the Morag Tong hanging about. Though it does look like she's about to make her big announcement, doesn't it?
Well, perhaps I'll stick around long enough to watch."
Tell me about the Morag Tong.
"The Morag Tong is an organization of assassins. Agents are assigned Writs of Execution, perform said executions, and then go along their merry way.
That's the long and short of it, in any case."
Like the Dark Brotherhood?
"I'd ask you not to compare us to those lunatics. Our practices, morbid as they may seem, are perfectly legal and keeping with Dark Elf traditions.
I kill only who I am sanctioned to kill."
Were you really going to kill Magnate Feina-Darak?
"If I had to. My preference was always to prove this rumor false, of course.
Still, a writ is a writ. If my grandfather failed to do his duty, then I would have done it for him. Simple."
But you grandfather's writ was for Proconsul Beloren-Kaie, not Feina-Darak.
"My grandfather was following a writ which called for the death of Potentate Savirien-Chorak and all his heirs. Had Feina-Darak been a descendant of the proconsul, her execution would also fall under this writ. Naturally."
That seems like a technicality.
"I'll let the Morag Tong know your feelings, soon as I'm back in Morrowind. I'm sure they're just dying to hear your opinion."

The Heir of AnequinaEdit

If you helped him in Hakoshae, he can be found in the Rimmen Palace, attending the coronation:

"Last time I was in Rimmen Palace, it was on … business.
Well, it certainly seems you've sought out bigger game since our time in Hakoshae. A Dragon, I believe? Or several, if the stories I've heard are true."
The stories are true.
"You'll have to excuse me if I don't trust you to get rid of all the beasts. The sooner I'm back in Morrowind, the better.
I don't say this often, but it would be best to stay on your guard."
Is that a threat?
"Not this time. I just doubt this Dragon business has been entirely dealt with. Best to be prepared for what lies ahead.
Besides, it would be awful if you wound up dead. You were marginally helpful, after all."