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A Varla Stone on its pedestal.

Varla Stones are glowing white stones found in many Ayleid ruins, each worth 1000 gold. Varla Stones can be used to recharge all enchanted weapons in your inventory at once; however, the stone is destroyed in the process. Many Varla Stones are contained in "cages" that must be opened to retrieve the stone. Some Varla Stones are out of reach on high pedestals; see Welkynd Stones for tips on how to retrieve such stones.


  • The word "Varla" means "star" in Ayleidoon.[1]
  • Varla stones are crafted from meteoric glass: fragments of Aetherius that fall to Nirn as shooting stars.[2]
  • The Console object id for Varla Stones is 00000194.

List of Varla Stone locationsEdit

Without any mods, there are a total of 56 guaranteed Varla Stones to be found, with additional ones possible in Vahtacen. They do not respawn, so use them wisely.

* It is theoretically possible to find as many as 15 Varla Stones in Vahtacen, however, you will actually be lucky to find even one Varla Stone. Varla Stones in Vahtacen will only appear if you are level 9 or higher, at which point each of the 15 stones you can possibly find has a 10% chance of being a Varla Stone instead of a Welkynd Stone.

Additional Varla Stones are added by some of the official plug-ins: